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I Spent 24 Hours Shopping with My Girlfriend & It Was HORRENDOUS (24 Hour Shopping Challenge)

– We’ve not done a 24 hour video for a while you know So…. And I mean you all like it when we go shopping So we’re going to do 24 hours Shopping (Moon screaming with excitement) – Shopping, we’re going shopping Oh yeah – Alright, so you all know
we do these 24 hour videos, these spend the night ones, but before we go, we
always go to the shop, buy all the stuff, and… What’s happening? – [Moon] You always say different angles. – We always go to the
shop to buy the supplies, to do the thing for the
spend the night thing. And you all love it
when we go to the shop. So we thought, why not spend 24 hours in a shop? It’s a bit distracting, I can’t. – [Moon] You just have to go with it. – Oh okay. So we’re gonna spend 24 hours in a shop! If you know who we are, we do stupid stuff like this, we’re gonna be smashing it this New Year. So make sure you go subscribe in the link, in the press the button below. And if you’ve already
subscribed, why not press that little bell right next
to the subscribe button, and you’ll be notified
every time I upload. This is easy as that! I don’t wanna do it, Moon! No, I don’t want to do this, no. – [Moon] You’ve got your card. C’mon, you’ve got your card. C’mon, let’s go. – Here we go Moon. We’re on our way. I’m so tired. Can’t we just forget this? Just go, go back? – [Moon] No, we’ve got your credit card so we may as well go. – Alright, so we’ve decided we’re going to a shopping centre. It’s got loads of different shops. And it’s got a restaurant in there, so we can have food as well. – [Moon] Do they have a Build-A-Bear? – I dunno. – [Moon] Build-A-Bear? – I dunno. – [Moon] Oh, please, I’ve
always wanted to do that. You can customise it. – We’re here. – [Moon] You ready? – I’m ready, are you ready? – [Moon] I’m always ready. Don’t ask a woman if she’s ready. – What shops we going in? – [Moon] H&M, and (mumbles). – Are these all clothes? They’re all clothes. – [Moon] Yeah. – So what shop we really
going in first, then? – [Moon] Boux. – That’s even worse than
that lady perfume and makeup. – [Moon] Go H&M, c’mon. – No. – [Moon] Oh look, should we go in Lush? Create the first fit in the morning. – No, we’re going to a game shop. No, I’m not going clothes shopping, Moon. – [Moon] I’m going. You do whatever you want, then. – [Moon] You like shopping, then, Thomas? C’mon then. C’mon there’s more. Thomas. How’d you like that? Thomas, oy. Do you like that one better
than the other one, then? – This shop? There’s just clothes again. – [Moon] Yeah, but it’s a different one. – It’s exactly the same. – [Moon] It’s different,
complete different shop. – No, we gotta go in
my shop sometime soon. No, Moon, no. C’mon no. – [Moon] No, gimme that. Where’s he gone again? I keep lookin’ and lookin’
and he’s always gone. I’m fed up. Okay, can’t take it anymore. Pathetic. – Jesus Christ. – [Moon] It gave me a thingy. – You get an electric shock!
– Electric shock. – C’mon. – [Moon] Oh no! Not that nerd junk. – Oh yes! Now, you hold these. You hold these now, Moon. C’mon, c’mon. Oh, Rick and Morty t-shirt, oh yeah. I love these ones! (laughing) – [Moon] We discovered
them in Germany, didn’t we? – Oh, what’s these? Moon, Moon, Laser Tag! – [Moon] It’s tiny. – We could do it out there, now. We can’t do that, can we? – [Moon] No, you don’t
do this in the mall. (space wars music)
(blasters shooting) – So, the music in this
shop is really loud. I don’t want to get (mumbles) I’m trying some clothes on. Just look at this. It’s absolutely beautiful. Look at them trousers. They are so cool! Anyway, Moon didn’t like them. But look at these ones. Who remembers them from the nineties? They’re so cool. I think they called them
poppers, I’m not too sure. But anyway, look at that hat. I did buy the hat. I kinda regret it, but that’s a hat. Are we doing it Moon? – [Moon] Should we do it? – Let’s do it. We thought on a game, right? We both got one hour. – [Moon] No, you thought on it. – Alright, I thought on a game. We both got one hour. We go separately. We find the funniest thing we can find. We meet back here, outside Disney shop. One hour, with the funniest
thing we could find. And buy it. – [Moon] Alright. – Alright, let’s go.
– Now. – Let’s go.
– Alright, go. What shall I get? That’s some funny t-shirts. – I can’t find anything funny. I can’t find anything. I don’t know what to get. I mean, I want something funny. I know Moon’s gonna get
something really good. Alright Moon, one hour is up. What’ve you got?
– I’m sweating. – Same time, no me first.
– I don’t want to. It’s quite stupid. – It’s funny. C’mon, same time then. Three, two, one, go. (laughing) – [Moon] No way. (laughing) We got the same stuff. – Moon, did you really? (laughing) We got plenty of beards now. – [Moon] I can’t believe it! Who is that man? (laughing) – We’ve spent most of the time queueing. It’s like in a theme park. – [Moon] Yeah, but you got no ride. – Can we go? – [Moon] We can’t. You know we can’t go. – I can’t carry any more. – [Moon] That’s just how it is. We can sit down somewhere if you want. – Yes, please. There was just an
announcement on the thing, all the shops shut in
about a half an hour. – [Moon] What we doing? – I dunno. I thought this thing was open 24 hours, but I guess not. So, we’re gonna have to
go to a different shop. – [Moon] Are we going, then, or what? – Well, we’ve still got half an hour. – [Moon] May as well just chillax a bit. Nice couch, that, isn’t it? – Yeah. All the shops have shut. Shops have shut, and the restaurants stay
open a little bit longer than the shops, so we’re in the restaurant right now. We’re gonna chill out and
eat lousy food right now, ’cause I’m so hungry after
walking all day, Moon, I don’t know if you are. – [Moon] My feet. – My feet hurt. And my belly hurts because
I’m so hungry, Moon. So I’m gonna get refuel time. And then we’re gonna go
off to the big superstore. The 24 hour superstore thing. It’s not gonna be as good, but, you know, let’s go. – [Waitress] A side (mumbles)? – [Moon] Yeah, thank you. – It’s dark already. How long we been in there? – [Moon] What’s going on now? – Now, we cannot fail this challenge. You got our bags, ain’t you? – [Moon] Yeah. – There’s another superstore around here, I think it’s 15-ish minutes’ drive. So we’re gonna drive there. – [Moon] Let’s go. – Let’s go. – [Moon] More shopping! Yay! – Yay. We’re not too far away now. – We had a load of traffic (mumbles) which is mental, how busy it is! Right up until the thing closed, there were too many people there, Moon. And we’ve been walking around all day. I wanna go home. – [Moon] It would just
feel right, wouldn’t it? It just feels like we had
a stressful, but good, day. And now, it would just be right. – No, about three or four hours ago, it would have been perfect. – [Moon] Yeah. – The show must go on! Let the games. Alright, we’re here, Moon. Let’s go! Second shop. It’s not very busy. C’mon Moon, here we go. It’s a big escalator. Alright, ooh, ooh, ooh, cafe. We’re going cafe. I’m full, actually. – [Safety Announcer] Please
prepare to push the trolley off the end of the conveyor. – We could kill some
time reading magazines. – [Moon] Don’t you have to pay for it? Can you just read it? – There’s nothing says you gotta buy it. – [Moon] Isn’t there like a limit? Three pages or something? – No, look. Here’s Miley Cyrus doing
some fashion stuff. – [Moon] Miley Cyrus
doing some fashion stuff? Psychologies. Maybe I can understand you better then. – Shut up, you! – [Moon] Have a look then. – Just looking at cards, look, “On his 18th birthday, Eddie went out, “and got completely hammered.” (laughing) Do we know anyone who’s turning
18 soon so I can buy it? What about this one? (laughing) We need a new pan, don’t we? – [Moon] How do you know? – A wok, we haven’t got a wok, have we? – [Moon] No, not a wok. – Oh, we’ll get a wok. Really, really don’t want (mumbles) – [Moon] We’re not,
I’m not walking around, we’re not walking around with a pan, now. – It’s not a pan, it’s a wok. C’mon Moon. – [Moon] That’s getting silly. – We’re not getting a pan, you said. No, but that’s a pot. – That was a wok. There’s nothing we need, Moon. – [Moon] There’s nothing to do Thomas. – There’s nothing to do,
there’s nothing we need. – [Moon] I can’t walk anymore. My feet are–
– We gotta keep buying stuff. We gotta just keep buying stuff. – [Moon] No, we don’t need to buy stuff. – It’s like a shopping challenge though. You’ve gotta shop. – [Moon] Yeah, but shopping is browsing. We’re browsing. – We’ve browsed everything. – [Moon] I know. It’s basically just killing time, now. So that we’re in here. Just give me a couple
minutes, I’ll cheer us up! Thomas, what you call the security guards outside the Samsung store? – What? – [Moon] Guardians of the Galaxy. You know, Samsung Galaxy. (laughing) Why do cats never shop in malls? – Why? – [Moon] They order stuff at catalogue. Cat-alog. And why does Michael Jackson– – No, no, no! (screaming) – [Moon] This reminds me a
bit of Lion King, Thomas. When he shows you, like, “Up to the shadow it all belongs to you.” – You’ve said that, we’ve
been up here four times, and you’ve said it twice. – [Moon] Yeah, but now I film it. You have to say it again, and pretend like I say it the first time. Thomas, I can’t walk. – We’ll go back down, and come back up. – [Moon] What? (laughing) I’m going to go down now. No, no, I can’t. – I’m so thirsty. We’ve just been walking,
and walking, for so long. There’s not many people here. Oh, yeah. Oh, so good. I’m gonna pay for it, don’t worry, I’m paying for it. I’ve just not paid for it yet. But I’m gonna pay for it. I wanna go. I wanna go home. I’m so tired. I’m so tired, just
constantly walking all day. You can’t sit down. I wanna go. I needed a break. I needed a break. C’mon. I don’t know if you’ve
ever been in the shop really late at night. But they just have these everywhere. It’s a complete mess. Like stacking stuff. (loud crashing) I’m so tired. Where’s Moon? Moon! Moon! Where’s Moon? I’ve just been reading the
History magazine, right? I’ve read almost everything here. I’ve read, like, everything
that’s interesting. I’ve read the football one,
I’ve read the muscle one, I’ve read Men’s Health, I’ve read the history one, I read the baby one, and I’ve done a couple
puzzles in the puzzle, oh, criss-crosses. I’m good at criss-crosses. Yo, no joke, no joke, listen to this, right? A member of staff just came
up to me and Moon, right? And they said, like, “What
are you still doing here? “I saw you six hours ago.” And I’m like, “No, we were here earlier, “but I forgot something, “so we had to go back and get it.” I think they’re catching up to us. I think they’re catching on. – [Moon] I’ve not even
bothered filming anymore. It’s really boring. Literally, I was walking
around looking at baby stuff. – [Both] We don’t even got a baby. – I’m just looking. – [Moon] They’ve got some
delicious stuff here. Prune, look, I like prunes. It’s like plums, but dried. – Let’s just help them by
tidying the shelves up a bit. We may as well be useful while we’re here. – [Moon] You could ask staff
if they need some help. – Yeah, I’ll just do it. Just make it look nice. Bring everything to the front. Pull out of date, like
stuff that was out of date, bring that forward. – [Moon] He’s getting silly, Thomas. – I really don’t want to be here. I can’t do this anymore. I mean, I’ve been shopping
before, with my girlfriend, with Moon, and it’s just
mentally exhausting, man. But now, it’s like, that times a thousand. It’s just never ending. I’ve been up and down
this aisle, like 20 times! This shop is big, it’s a big shop. There must be at least 30 aisles. I’ve been up every one at least 20 times. I’m just like, hiding
out in the clothing bin. I don’t where Moon went. I’m just, I’m alone. Just killing time, there’s
nothing I’m buying. I don’t need anything. I’ve got enough food at home. I’ve got all the stuff I need. I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m talking nonsense. Where’s Moon? I keep losing Moon, we keeps splitting up. (electronic beeping) Oh, this is it. The victory glide down the escalator. Everyone’s coming up,
no one’s coming down. (stuttering) It’s morning. People are just coming in. No one’s here, man. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Let’s get in car, and let’s go home. Which way did I park car? – [Moon] How was it, then, for you? (sighing) You glad you’re out. – Yes. – [Moon] Like, that was it, that’s it now. – I’m done.
– Your shopping, done. – No more shopping. (sighing) Whoa! That’s so bright! – [Moon] Oh, Thomas! We forgot toilet paper! – No, Moon, No!
– Thomas we’re going back! – I’m not going back! (hip hop music)



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