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I SAID YES TO THE WEDDING DRESS!? Shopping at Kleinfeld Bridal | Lucie Fink

hey everyone welcome back to my youtube
channel! click here if you haven’t yet subscribed, and if you’re curious as to
where I am right now, this is my mother’s art studio in the house where I grew up.
so I’m back visiting my parents. I actually want to show you what the
camera setup looks like right now… there you go, it’s a red Solo cup with some
blue powder paint and you got my camera and there’s me! hey! Janky setup we’ve got
going on. anyway it’s 2019! I know it’s already
been 2019 for quite a while but this is such an exciting year because this is
our wedding year! it’s still not that close, I mean, you know the months are
creeping up, but it does feel exciting every day to wake up and say, “This is the
year that’s going to be our wedding year!” wedding planning is going pretty
smoothly. I think if you look down a list of to-dos for planning a wedding, we’ve
pretty much tackled almost every item so things are going really well. and I think
probably the most fun part for me so far has been choosing my wedding dress! I
mean, I just don’t know how to describe the sensation of finding that dress,
laying eyes on it, and then putting it on and laying eyes on it while you’re in
it! there’s something just magical about that moment. when it came time to look
for dresses, there was really only one shop that came to mind and that was
Kleinfeld. I don’t know if it’s because I am obsessed with “Say yes to the dress” and
that’s where they film the show, or if it’s because my future mother-in-law
actually got her wedding dress at Kleinfeld in the 80s…whatever the reason, Kleinfeld was just the number one place that I thought to go, so I went for
my first time. and I already showed you some of the dresses I tried on there. it
only took me two appointments at Kleinfeld before I found my dream dress.
and this is what happened: so the first time I went I tried on a whole variety
of dresses and truthfully I liked almost everything I tried on. I don’t know how
common that is for a bride to try stuff on and to like almost everything but I
really did…I mean I didn’t know what I was looking for. I had some ideas of
certain designs and styles that I was gravitating towards, but I really liked
everything. and when I went back for the second time I was like, “I guess I’ll try
on some of the same ones and maybe add some new ones.” but what I really thought
was gonna happen is that I was gonna walk away and pick the one that I just
liked the most. I thought I was gonna be like, you know, “I like everything here, so
I’ll go with this one!” I felt fine about that but at the end of
the day when I really think about it, you don’t want to just LIKE your wedding
dress… you should LOVE your wedding dress. I
mean this is the dress that a lot of young girls dream about for their whole
lives (if they plan on getting married), so I really wanted to love my dress. and it
wasn’t until my second appointment when I had tried on a few of the same dresses
from the first one that my Bridal stylist at Kleinfeld (Debbie) came out and
I remember she specifically said, “Hmm I think I’m gonna go grab one new dress
for you, it just came in from Milan. let me go get it.” she ran away and she came
back with this dress in clear wrapping and she unzipped it…I looked at it. my
jaw dropped to the floor. I remember reaching out and touching it and then I
remember lifting it off the hanger, looking at it, and then turning it
towards the mirror and stepping into it… in that moment, as I was stepping into it,
I was looking at myself in the mirror thinking, “wow I’m putting on my wedding
dress for the first time. this is really exciting, I want to remember this moment!”
and you know what?I didn’t remember this moment because I’m telling you about it
now! I’m taking you right now to find my family and we’re gonna see how they felt
about my dress trying on experience. all right mother, what was it like when your
daughter Lucie (me) tried on her dress for the first time? she was in another room
and I heard a scream. what did I say …so I stepped in. my family was in the
other room and I yelled to them…”Guys, you’re gonna die!” and they were all like, “Okay.” so I went into the other room – silence – no one said anything. I was like
uh … do we like it? do we hate it?why is nobody talking here? and then finally
they started talking and they, just as I felt, were blown away and they thought it
was perfect. Hey Dad, how did it feel when I picked out my wedding dress and you
saw me in it for the first time? oh my god it was magical! it was so magical! you
were like a fairy princess. did you like the dress better than all the other ones
I tried? it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, even better than the
socks I like a lot! Allie – how did it feel? It was a magical
experience. it was? and so like, as the maid of honor, did you approve of the
bride’s dress? yeah I loved the bride’s dress! didn’t compare to any of the
others. It was totally the right decision, and we’re thrilled! so yeah, Michael, what do you think my
dress looks like? I don’t know every time you show someone a picture of it they just say, “Wow, that’s really beautiful.” Based on all the
reactions, do you think it’s white, black, red? something white, not too short but on
the short-ish side, and….what do you mean short? like showing my knees?
I don’t really know! He thinks it’s showing my knees! You know most gowns are to the floor. Are you talking about a train?
totally. when I first was trying on dresses I called the train the trail. I
said — oh, the trail’s showing! Everyone was like, “It’s called a train.” So one more question… yeah …are
you ready to get married? Yeah. you are? yeah let’s do it now. We have the dress, what else do we need? we just need you and me and a white dress baby! WOO! in addition to
actually liking the dress, I think they loved it so much because they could see
how much I loved it, and at the end of the day it’s about the bride and how
comfortable she feels in the gown — and I was truly feeling comfortable. and that’s the
story of how I found the dress, but I am NOT gonna show you the dress in this
video. but I am gonna give you an inside look at my time at Kleinfeld and show
you some of the beautiful details on the other dresses that I tried on. my
personal approach to being a Kleinfeld bride was going in and trying on a whole
range of dress styles. as someone who was not that familiar with dress styles
before I went in as a bride, it blew me away
how many different styles you can try on. there’s like a princess dress, there’s a
mermaid dress, there’s halter tops, there’s spaghetti straps, deep cuts, no
cuts — I’m using all the wrong terms, just letting you know! every single piece of
fabric in that store is drop-dead gorgeous, so I’m just gonna disappear
because truthfully, it’s way more beautiful than I am. I’m gonna go away
and show you the montage. we found my mom’s wedding gown! It has
discolored itself in time but anyway, I’m gonna put it on. I’m in the Dress. oh
that’s tight hmm will you button these hand buttons? so this is my mother’s
wedding dress from 1973 and it fits me like a glove! the details…this is very
pretty. when my mom got married in this gown she was also wearing a hat and my
dad just found the hat. so I’m throwing it on my head now. let’s
go see what Michael thinks of this beautiful look. what do you think? *laughs* it’s
great, it does fit you very well. so what did you think? I hope you loved those
dresses but none of those are my actual dress so you’ll have to come back tune
in to my Instagram account @LucieBFink around September time and you’ll
be sure to see the actual dress that I chose. oh! one other exciting fact is that
Kleinfeld has a new feature where they actually offer dresses for your
bridesmaids, so all of my bridesmaids are getting their dresses at Kleinfeld as
well, and it’s really fun! I mean not all of my bridesmaids live in New York but
if they did, we could all actually go into the store at the same time and, on
the second floor of the store, there’s a whole bridesmaids dress section so you
can have like a little party with champagne! every one of my bridesmaids is
actually doing it online at home which is also really easy, but it’s just great
because we’re all gonna be Kleinfeld Brides together! well I’ll be the bride,
and they’ll be the maids! and it’ll be great! thank you for coming back to my
channel! I have lots of fun videos coming for you be sure to subscribe, give this
video a thumbs up, comment below if you liked any of the dresses that you saw,
even though none of them are my wedding dress – I just love to know what styles
you guys love! all right and that’s it! catch on the flip side mother**** thanks for watching my Bridal video!
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