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I MOVED TO LONDON ( + Flat Tour)

How the f*ck do you open the door? Hey, Can we
do that again? Hi, welcome to my Airbnb home. Is it? It’s
just Airbnb.. it’s not..okay, one more time. Hi! Is the trash in the shot? What the f*ck? Why are British doors so stupid? Hi! Come on in. Oh, hi I didn’t see you there. So, this is my AirB&B I’ve been staying
in. And I love it so much and there’s like
such a beautiful view. And here’s the living room and here’s
the kitchen. I finally got a teapot, a kettle? A kettle. An electric kettle and look at it! It’s like powder blue, can you see it?
Hi how’s it going? What you doing? Gotcha! Come on. you gotta say it with me. Gotcha!
You know what I mean? No, what are you – hi What are you doing? That’s Sam. Hi, Sam. um… I told you about the the Airbnb tour. But this isn’t an Airbnb. I know but that, but
I told the Internet it was. Why? Cuz it’s funny! How? How is it funny? Because we’re cuz
announcing that we live together now. Why didn’t you just tell them we live together? Because- because it’s funny! Have you been doing a tour in my house? Yeah! It’s not your house! Hey, I live here, too! Yeah, but I mean, in the spare room! I guess I’ll go to my room. I just wanted a cup of tea. This wasn’t a part of the plan today! But you’ve got to say Gotcha! with me. Gotcha! What, I don’t get what your joke is! What do you mean? it’s like “Hey, this
is an Airbnb, no it’s not.” You know? I guess, just American humor is different than…. Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s it. I did just lie to the internet. Why? BecauseI thought it would be funny and
it’s not funny. I think it’s kind of funny. Simultaneously: I literally don’t know who you are! Thank you Sam! Thank you so much! I mean it’s like that’s like this funny How big was that? It’s like about that funny. What I like is we’re still doing a bit but I honest to god still don’t get the joke. I don’t fully understand why we did it but great…. Because I thought the joke was
that you were gonna be like “This is my house.” It isn’t an AirB&B and you were going to be like mad. But that’s just not that funny, is it? That you told the whole internet that was happening. You’re funny. Maybe it’s really funny and I just don’t
get it. Maybe that’s it. So, Stevie what’s happening? Tell us. Okay,
so what is it like living with me? Slash having me stay in your guest room? Wow,
throw me in there. um….. nice. Do you want me to be honest, or? Yes! You are very good
energy for me to have around. Oh my god, this got all genuine and sh*t. Do you want me to be hilarious? Because I can do that. No, it’s fine. You’re basically, uhhh..me. So, I’m fine with it. It’s difficult to describe all of the lovely
things about living with you. Oh, these are really good compliments. But no, living with you is lovely. So, what was it like before I got here and Amazon
boxes kept showing up? oh it was the best time Stevie I had the best time! she just
decided she was going to move here and then in the months leading up do you
didn’t I invited you I invited you to come stay I did. but also it just sort of
happened and before I was even really fully aware that it was happening there
were a lot of boxes turning up but the best part was they all had my name on
them. Cuz I didn’t know how mailing worked and I’d know if they would like
send it back because it was my name instead of hers. so I never knew the
difference between her boxes and my boxes so every day I would open a solar
light for a plant or a cushion for a bath or f*ck knows what, some light bulb, some
really weird specific light bulbs and every day I had to like haul them up. Before I left La, which my Goodbye La video is coming soon, next video I decided that I wanted to feel comfortable as soon as possible so I
started, I asked Hazel to send me videos and photos and everything and floor plans
and measurements and then I just started buying stuff on Amazon. Because we’re so alike none of that bothered me. cuz I love to plan ahead and
I love a floor plan and I love exact measurements. Let’s get it ready I need my vitamins to
get here, I need my light bulbs that change colors to be here, you know. You need some immediately nest and have your little space around you
that’s your space, I totally got that so I didn’t have any problem with that
stuff. oh and then I also um I also made a 3d model of the rooms so I could decorate it. Have you seen this? You have to see this. You need to show them what I saw. You need to show them what you sent to me with the creepy
shadow in the background so I basically got a 3d modeling of the room and
designed it and how big of a bed I should get, also UK
bed sizes and US bed sizes are different, like your queen is our king, or
our queen is your king. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m too tired to make it. The decor items that I brought from LA our
first my shelf my golden shelf that miles got for me. I
loved it so much and I had to bring it because it’s beautiful even though it
took up half of one of the suitcases that I brought, it was worth it. that’s not a shelf. It is a shelf! No! Oh, I did not get that Yeah it actually came with a
glass shelf that goes on top but I didn’t put it up because it didn’t I
just thought it was a vag bust and I was just happy with that, it didn’t need to
perform any other function. You can put a plant on it, you could put
an award on it, I’m still waiting to get an award. Should we get all my awards and put them on it? What else did you bring from LA with you? this sculpture that I got from dr. doe, she gave it to
me as a gift and one of her students made it for her. I just love it so much even though it’s like a million pounds. is it actually? it’s so heavy. Oh when you say pounds, you mean weight. Yes, I do. AN Irish girl and an American girl differences. Also, this little embroidery that Dan gave me for
my birthday and I had to keep these prints that I got from Etsy because my
friend ash said that they made them feel comfortable when they’re in my house
because they have a body like that and that made me feel really good so I wanted to keep them. Then in my bathroom I have this vintage
photo and I really like it because the girls look like they’re awkwardly in
love with each other. I love that picture so much. they’re just owning it as well.
oh I’m what I’m just on the phone, its not even a thing. once I got here and unpacked all my
amazon boxes and then unpacked my own suitcases with like a few decor items,
things that I needed were makeup storage, a bed, a TV, a TV stand,
lighting, a chair, pillows, and rugs, bathroom storage, and like more decor items. And a partridge in a pear tree. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m not necessary for this bit at all. I’m just here for
moral support. So, being in a new country where everything
is f*cking different I in my head was like I’ll go shopping at like charity
shops and thrift stores and like the markets and like you know people to find
something vintage pieces that really speak to me and it’ll be so quick also
like that’s gonna be really easy to navigate the underground and a whole new
country and then a couple meltdowns at train stations later, I was like f*ck this I’m
gonna buy everything online everything in here pretty sure I don’t think I
bought anything in real life other than the plants. It kind of made it better
though, cuz I got everything done in ten days. Yeah, you did just need it done and
now you can still go to the markets but you can just like Potter or I don’t
enjoy them. Yeah and now I know like Home Depot Home Depot I hope they do. there is
internet speculation it’s my favorite thing. What would our ship name be if people were making fan accounts for us? I think It’d be Stazel. but my ship names
are always st from my name is your name Why does your name go first? that’s always what they are it
just sounds better I like hey V? Havie is better than Stazel? Come on… Home Depot here is called B and Q Who would have thought? it’s not called B and Q,
it’s a different thing Home Depot is called B and Q here Someone will tell us in the comments Yes tell us. I’m trying to sound
extra Irish cuz you’re pushing me into American so I have to keep channeling
Saoirse Ronan I’m trying to get how did you doubt – doubt okay so I actually
planned all my wardrobes on the like packs planner on IKEA before I even got
here and I wanted it to be huge because there’s no closets in this country. I
wanted there’s room to grow or like hide things that I don’t want to show and I
think it worked out really well and also gives me a drawer for my toys from
adamandeve.com which I would see as possible this video, so whoo baby girl what
a nice segue. I’ll tell you more about them later, keep watching. Basically the
first thing that I decorated was the bathroom I just like ordered a shelf to
put it over the bathtub and like my pillow for the bathroom
but then I just had a bunch of shit everywhere until my cabinet but I put
all my junk in came in and and it took so long to put together I’m
just really excited to have a f*cking bathtub because what? in Los Angeles the
tubs are f*cking tiny and I am NOT tiny so I couldn’t fit in them so I love a
good bath you know what I mean? Luckily, here the bathtub can fit my body in it. Who would have thought? so I really wanted to get a TV stand that would work
for charging all of my things in a hidden place and also look not like it
was from Ikea and I found this on Amazon and it had zero reviews so I really took
a risk and I’m in love with it I I actually kept these knobs from Los
Angeles or that I had in Los Angeles they’re like little amethyst sorry it’s
like behind it’s right behind the camera that’s why we’re both staring at it right now. you did such a good job and you’re so good at just finding things. I like I
never would have found this I never would have thought to put those knobs on
it and it looks so good. it doesn’t look like it goes together bit like in the best
way. Like it just looks whimsical. So I knew that I wanted a pink velvet
bed as pictured but it was so hard to find one and I was like so ready to be
done decorating so I can sleep for a week
and also do sh*t with my life other than Well, you were just on a mattress on the floor so you needed a
bag Yeah I needed some stability in my life and a bed was one of the things
that made me feel stable so I had so many options for beds that were either
cheap and would get here in six months or expensive and won’t be here soon. um
and so I found this one which was like somewhere in the middle. Yes so I found it online um and it got here within like I think it was
like eight days. It was pretty quick. and it was like really easy to put together actually this was the last
thing, She sent me a video of her like wearing it She found this in a charity shop. Look fluffy. It’s like fluffy on the edges
anyway it’s a cape but I like to use it as the
foot of my bed. What she’s doing is hiding the red wine
stains her duvet. Oh, I almost forgot about the most important part. My plants. got a bunch of plants from the hardware
store and my most favorite one is this giant monster uh plant I’ve never had
one before but I googled it and all the articles just were dragging me they were
like are you a hipster and you’re over fiddly figs why don’t you try it I was
like f*ck you there it’s so cute they look like little like Swiss cheese
leaves or something are we over fiddly figs? I was never on the fiddly fig bandwagon, so I couldn’t say that I’m over them. more fun to say fiddly I got a few
succulents for my window and a plant I’m gonna call a wandering dude because the
actual name is racist cuz it’s purple and it’s so cute and
like little parts of it drop off and make little babies so soon hopefully
I’ll have little babies much more and it’s like grows like a vine which is
really pretty but right now mine’s just baby and then I’ve got three plants in
my bathroom um I was doing research on plants that survived with no sunlight
because there’s no windows in my bathroom indestructible plant which
hopefully it lives up to its name and then a peace lily which survives in the
lighting and then the other one I don’t on the name of because it’s in every
single in office ever and hopefully there’s survived
I bring them out of the bathroom when the rule is what I’m doing laundry I
bring them out and put them in a window which is like once or twice a week so
that they get a little bit of light gonna put them back so hopefully they
survive will update we stay zl– the new couples Channel hey
V Marc couples channel would be a mess thanks so much Adam eaves for sponsoring
this video I’m gonna make a wind chime out of these glass toys
I’m excited oh that box is so nice I know the box is really pretty open it
splay box how many of the drawers in my wardrobes do you think are full of toys
how many Stevie give me your guests in the comments
below this one has an apple on top you know I do get it Eve’s twisted crystal
got it now check out Adam e-comm and use the coupon code stevie for 50% off any
one single item and free shipping to the US and Canada well it just doesn’t get
much better than that does it Stevie thank you so much for watching and
thanks so much to my wonderful patrons for making this possible what did you
think of this video do you want more home decor videos let me know in the
comments okay Wow also we’re gonna go make a video on Hazel’s channel so you
have to watch oh yeah do that


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