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i lost the apartment + i’m homeless

I’M FUCKING HOMELESS! (will) Heh I thought he was paying your rent.. he didn’t like my new hair colour it’s not that bad, its not my fault (will) what colour did you ask for? I asked for a soft ombre! I’m having to bundle all my possessions into one I’m pissed off it just makes no sense (will) is that all you own Calum? NO I’m gonna need your help, you gotta get back up to the apartment before the Daddy gets here god, you used to live in a nice place! yeah, don’t rub it in my last photoshoot in Melbourne the sad thing Is I’ve got nowhere to go (will)you’re fucked? (Calum) I’ve got nowhere to fucking go! look at me, do I look like a homeless person? no. (will) well, a little bit at the moment (will) the wind’s not doing you any favours teenage youth, homelessness (will) teenage? you’re almost twenty! right don’t rub it in, just because I’m almost twenty doesn’t man I have my life together you fucking bitch. where do I go will? what do I do? I’m gonna have to start sucking a Fishermans dick for dinner (will) he’ll pay you in fish I’m going to have to start applying for jobs (will) I know (will)do you think grill’d will take you back? no they’re real rigid there (camera click) camera click (will) oh no (camera click) I’m going to need your help getti- (camera click) but be careful, my bongs in there (will) you’re–pfft HA I thought you gave up the bong? (Calum) BE CAREFUL (will)whats inside this ice cream cone? oh hair haha my tracks, you know now that I’m homeless I’m probably gonna have a couple of track marks (will) HAHAHAHA lord knows whats in store for me I always wanted to live the homeless life get that, thats important, get it. (will) free Assange. (Calum) free Solange (will) free Solange? I love solange (will) welcome to lagoon pier. it’s your new home! (random chick) fuck off (Calum) ha bitch you homeless (will) HAHAHA at least they have homes to go to. (Calum) shut up! they’ve got a fucking tour bus ow (will) that is not where that went

(music) so this is South Melbourne, this is where all the sugar daddies live. south Melbourne’s where I first ever got drunk and stayed with a sugar Daddy. I wish I was joking see look at all the old cunts on the street, they’ve all got lots of money (inaudible) I feel bad. for a thirteen year old (will) a thirteen year old? im fullfilling a fantasy (inaudible) I’m pretty good with the crusty bits (will)she likes crusty bits thats so hot, thank you (will) its so pretty don’t get to close, you’ll get my snail trail (will)the snail trail (will) thats so intense. (Calum) why are you making this face no bra no panties no bra, no stop it stop it this is my old hang out (will) oh is it? where did you used to hang out? (Calum) oh, just around. I was dealing drugs and shit (will) oh thats hot, nice. (Calum) Calum Calum I need a gram (inaudible) I don’t know what I would have done if I never left this shit hole and now I;m back. looking like this no bra no panties (music) oh ow, the belly button

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