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I Buy Rental Property In York PA

Hello my name is Chad Eisenhart. I buy apartments
and multi-family properties in York Pa. I also buy self-storage and mobile home parks
in Central PA. For close to 20 years I have been a buy and
hold investor. I live right here in Central PA with my wife and three children. I will buy your rental properties in York
PA as is, with or without tenants, with trash or even with boards on the windows. I also buy pretty properties too. I can close fast with cash, at the date you
choose. For larger deals such as a recent 240 unit
self-storage facility, I purchased I can use my network of investors partners I work with. You can rest assured if I say I am going to
close on your property, I will. No matter if you are a tired landlord. Had
a financial hardship, moved out of town, had enough of evictions or all our profits are
being eroded by property management fees give me a call today
at 717-814-9289. My goal is to solve your problems and find
a solution that works for both of us.

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