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Hyland Ridge, Charlottesville, Virginia neighborhood tour with Realtor – Pam Dent

This is Robert Newman I’m here with
Pam Dent and we’re here at Hyland Ridge. but we are actually right outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Pam is being nice and giving us a tour of a lot of
the communities that are out in this direction. She already has a website that is ranking very well so you will already find her on the first page of many of these communities. And Pam, actually one of the things we’re gonna ask you is if you’re gonna get some good information, saving you a little time, perhaps we saved you a journey within your own car, or if
you’re from out of state and you really don’t know what these communities look
like. Do us a favor hit like, or give us a comment. Let us know how we can better help you. This is a relatively new community within probably
about the last five years. You’re gonna see homes that were built primarily by
Craig Builders and by Southern Development. There are three homes
currently on the market right now and the I think the median price is about $799,000.
Then one half sold last year in the $800,000 So that’s kind of the price point in the area. You can see a lot of these good-sized homes. They are, you know four – five-bedrooms there are a couple of smaller three bedrooms and again we are
extremely close to Charlottesville. Were right through behind Fontana. You know you’re five minutes outside of town. And so are there actually any
listings available in this market? There are three listings right now on
the market. Which is we’re in the early part of 2020 so whenever you’re watching
this video it’s important to mention that If you are at the point where you’ve got questions or want to find out if some of these are available. You can have access to the MLS with Pam. She can create some saved searches for you.
Get notification sent about some of these communities but some of these inventory
at the time that we’re filming the video can be limited and can go fast in some
of these areas we’re looking at. So you might want to reach out and as questions about what may or may not be coming up or what’s recently been removed from the marketplace. It may not have caught up with the MLS. that’s my personal experience. I’m not making about Pam or her MLS. I’m just saying that my personal experience is that some of the times. in busy markets the data transfer isn’t accurate.
That’s correct and obviously you know properties in here will go quickly just because it’s an extremely
convenient location and you can see out the back of some of these there’s some
mountain views and there is quality construction popular popular builders I noticed that there was, on the way up which I don’t know if we managed to catch on vide that there was a trail that leads behind these houses and there’s a sign that said there’s a walking trail. interesting community Well we’re just going back down the same road. Do you have any other details that you’d like to share? No, I don’t think so just we’re also very close to
Darden Towe Park and not far from the Right Banner River Trail – which is a local
trail that winds around quite a bit of Charlottesville.
So there are plenty of opportunities for exercise and getting out and enjoying nature.

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