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Hyde Park Arlington VA | 4141 N Henderson Rd – Ballston | Arlington VA Real Estate

Hyde Park is located at 4141 Henderson Road, right
next door to the Harris Teeter grocery store. It stands 12 stories tall and is home to 322
units. Hyde Park was built in 1973 making it the
first high rise condo in Ballston. Officially it converted to condos from apartments in
1980 right after the Orange Line opened. It’s not as convenient as other condos to the Metro.
It’s a whole 4 block walk, but it’s still right in Ballston. Amenities at Hyde Park include an outdoor
pool, 24 hour front desk staff, a party room, and a picnic area. Alright let’s take a look at the top 3 things
you need to know about living at Hyde Park Luxury condo. It seems like every condo is
either billed as luxury high rise or a boutique smaller building. Why is that? It’s 2014,
they can’t all be luxury. If a building was built in the past 10 years, okay it might
pass as luxury, but what about one that was built in the 1970’s? Calling Hyde Park a
luxury building is a massive overstatement. Look at it from the outside. Or walk into
the lobby. It’s just not a luxury building. Now there might be luxury units. I’ve seen
some nicer units in Hyde Park. They can be really nice, but calling the building a luxury
building is a huge exaggeration. Laundry. Laundry is on the floor of each level.
These days a lot of renters and owners are looking for in-unit laundry as must-haves.
So if this is you, then Hyde Park is out of the question. With older buildings if you
are OK with common laundry, you know you will get the benefit of a larger floor plan than
literally anywhere else you look and a huge balcony which brings us to our next point.
Balcony. Look at this. Ok we are out here on the balcony and these things are huge.
It’s nice to come out here, get some fresh air. All the new builds have these small tiny
balconies. They knew how to make em in the 1970’s. Yeah they look kinda 70’s from
the outside if you’re driving by, but the people that are driving by are driving to
their condo in Alexandria, or their house in south arlington, or springfield, or down
95. And you just walked home from the Metro and are sitting on the top
of Ballston. It’s probably not a postcard
view, but at the same time the alternative is looking into an office building or another
high rise unless you get lucky and get DC views. So Hyde Park, huge balconies a great
plus for those who need to get outside or like the fresh air. There you have it the top 3 things you need
to know about living at Hyde Park just to recap number one is luxury condo, number two
is laundry, and number three is balcony. If you found this video helpful or useful,
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