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HUGE Large Family $620 Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping Haul!

– You all will not believe this, I am heading out on a rainy
Sunday evening to actually get in a once a month
grocery shopping haul, sorry I saw a large shadow in that tree and I thought maybe it was another bear. So Jayden and Zion and I are sneaking out to go to a nearby city
to hopefully hit an Aldi. Aldi is gonna close in less than two hours but I’ve got my, just a super list, you will be so proud of me for how planned out this month is. So we’re gonna go shopping now. Don’t mind me, just
getting 30 leaves of bread. Looking for two, this
cart that’s fillin’ up. There they have a fourth
of July deal on ground beef so it’s only 2.29 a pound which is great, ’cause I have a lot of ground
beef recipes this month. So we are just going through,
and re-bag and everything now. Well friends, we did it,
we went out, we snuck out to go do a once a month
grocery shopping haul. Actually everything that I needed at Aldi, and when we checked out of
Aldi we had four carts full, it only took me about
30 minutes this evening to get everything we needed. Again I had a really nice tight list, and it just everything cooperated. So in about 30 minutes
all the shopping was done, it is a holiday weekend
and it was raining, so actually the store was not
that busy, that helped also. Now it probably took
us as long to checkout as it did for me to do all my shopping but again got everything
that I needed at Aldi and then what I didn’t get at Aldi, I went over to a Walmart and finished up the rest of my list there. So what I’ve done, if you’ve been around here for a while you know that I have not done a large once a month grocery shopping haul with a full monthly meal plan
in place in quite a while. I’d say at least a good six months. We’ve had our first major move in 10 years and so much going on, now since we have moved I
am really close to an Aldi so I’ve had to do weekly
grocery shopping trips which those videos are
all on this channel, I’ve had to do those weekly trips to really get to know the store, and I started to think after
about my third or fourth trip, you know my grocery hauls
were coming in anywhere from about 120 a week to 180, sometimes a little over 200, but in the middle there
I’d say I probably had an average of 170 don’t you think? So that’s what my grocery
hauls were coming in at Aldi, now again that’s not household products but that was all of our food
for the week for nine people and that’s for most of our meals at home and all of our snacks, all of that. And so that was really good and I thought, I bet that shopping at Aldi mainly is going to save several hundred dollars a month off my grocery budget. So now this month that I
have my nice plan in place and my monthly meal plan in place, and boy if you like my food
hauls and my cooking videos you are gettin’ ready for a big treat. Because we are gonna cook all this up and you’re just gonna be so thrilled with me and all my food. So let me tell you what happened, quick overview is that when I was at Aldi and I’ll just start
showing you around here. When I was at Aldi I spent $400 at Aldi, now I thought that my total
was gonna be a little higher, but by that checkout it came in at 400 and then I went over to Walmart and at Walmart I spent about another 220 so this table is largely from Aldi and some Walmart things mixed in, so that means I spent $620 today on my one huge trip for the month and the way that once a
month grocery shopping works for me is that I
got everything for all of our breakfast, lunches,
dinners, and snacks upfront now and in about 2 1/2 to
three weeks I will go back to the store for a
small trip with anywhere from $100 to $150 cash just to fill in any other perishable
items that we may need. I got 20 pounds of bananas today, but in 2 1/2 weeks I’m sure
we’ll need some more bananas, maybe a few more gallons of
milk, those kind of things. So I will of course video and share that little fill-in trip with you too. So that trip is again, it
just fills in the gaps, and what I’m thinking at
least what’s on paper, is I’ll probably need
$100 in fill-in food-wise, and then I might need up
to $50 for household items. My household items budget is separate. I also spent an additional
little bit over $200, we’ll have to look at my receipt, for the bulk of our household
items for this month and that’s going to be a separate haul video that’ll be up tomorrow. So today we’re just gonna
talk about the food, again all of this food
came in $620 mostly at Aldi and I’ll just start here. Now you’re like, woman what is
the deal with all this bread? Well another video that’s going
to be coming out real soon is I am doing a ton of
in-advance freezer cooking and I might as well just turn the camera back around and let you know about that. What I’m gonna do, now
I’m not going to tell you all my meals today,
but you’ll get an idea, it’s going to be a lot of my favorites and it’s going to be some new recipes too, plus it’s gonna be peanut butter and jellies for the freezer, it’s gonna be turkey and cheese
sandwiches for the freezer, I know a lot of you
who’ve loved doing PB&Js in the freezer have asked me if you can do meat and cheese and you can. So we’re gonna do meat and
cheese for the freezer, we’re gonna do some quick and easy beef, bean, and cheese
burritos for the freezer. We’re gonna do a lot of muffins, I’m doing applesauce muffins, I’m doing blueberry muffins, I’m doing cinnamon muffins. We’re also, we’re doing french toast, we’re doing pancakes, we’re
doing a lot for the freezer and again that’s gonna be another video that’s gonna be up shortly so you’re gonna see a lot in bulk here. But a lot of this we are gonna cook it up and get in the freezer ’cause we’ve got a busy month ahead and I would
rather take a few days now at the beginning of the
month and have most of it off my head for the
next four to five weeks then have to fool with
it every single week. So again, a lot of these
loaves we will probably end, let’s see I got 30 loaves, so a good 15 loaves to maybe even 20, are gonna be sandwiches and french toast and other bread needs in
advance for the freezer, and then we’ll have about
another 10 loaves left. And what I do is I freeze bread, so we’ll have 10 loaves
that are just frozen that we can pull out when we need ’em and then again about another 20 loaves that are made up between
sandwiches and french toast. And if my family has
French toast for a weekend, that can be three or four
loaves to have it twice if we did it like a Saturday or Sunday. So anyway, that’s the bread,
only 99 cents a loaf at Aldi, just love it, over here I’ve got some blueberries from the freezer, I also have some broccoli because I’m doing chicken
broccoli rice casserole twice this month, I got a ton of cheese. Let’s see right here we got 10 pounds. We got five pounds mozzarella, five pounds mild cheddar, again, all of this is gonna be for various slow cooker meals, freezer meals, those burritos, and also we have tacos
that we’re gonna have, we’re having tacos every Tuesday,
Taco Tuesday, this month. So we’ve got some cheese for that. Watermelons, these seedless watermelons were only 2.99 so I got two of those. Strawberries, you know
strawberries are in season so these were like $1.29 a pack I believe, and so I got a whole case. And then again with once
a month grocery shopping I know people ask, well
what about fresh fruits and vegetables, well we eat our fruit, our fruits and vegetables
that are gonna perish quickly, we eat those in the beginning. And then other fruits and
vegetables, like let’s say apples, well an apple that could be
good in a week and a half or two weeks from now, so obviously the strawberries and the
bananas and the watermelon, those are going quick, other things can stand the test of time a little bit in the refrigerator. So I’ve got some Cool Whip too because I thought it’d be a fun treat for the kids to have some strawberries and Cool Whip, it’ll still be healthy with
Cool Whip, right, haha? So what we have here, let’s see two, four, six, eight, 10, 10 gallons of milk, I’m gonna do a lot of baking and cooking, I’m gonna use, I don’t know, probably two gallons of
this at least tomorrow, so we are gonna go through
this milk fairly quickly and this is one of the items
I will need to fill in. Going over here I’ve got
two tubs of sour cream, this is from Walmart, two
tubs of Country Crock, these, this American cheese, now I know this is processed cheese you just have to pick your battles, and this is what I was
able to pick up tonight, so I’m just gonna keep
on moving on with that. I’m gonna do turkey and cheese sandwiches and those will be quick for lunches. I love to go to a store in Virginia called Sharp Shopper, and there is no way I could have fit that in to
this month’s grocery haul. I don’t think it really
would have saved me that much this month plus I
just didn’t have the time, so my energy is worth more
than the savings on cheese that I could have had at Sharp Shopper. So I got some garlic, this was 69 cents, I got four packs of mushrooms for spaghetti sauce and various, oh spaghetti sauce and
then I’m also gonna do beef stroganoff in the slow cooker, it’s a real easy version I like to do. I got two things of
celery, some more onions, and then goin’ over this way, doot-doo-doo-doo-doo, I got a bunch of applesauce and I’m gonna also do
some applesauce muffins, so that’s the main reason why I think I’ll use about four
maybe even five of these it just depends on how my recipe goes and how many I’m able to actually do. So some applesauce to eat, some applesauce for the muffins, 20 pounds of bananas, hello. Lots of bananas, I have bananas, some bananas in the freezer, for banana bread and banana muffins, so these will just be quick scarf downs. I got ten pounds of apples under there. I got a bag of red potatoes, I got one head of lettuce, this will be for our upcoming taco night. I got, it was actually
three pepperoni sticks, my husband already got one, so that’s for him, he likes pepperoni. The zucchini was just, I want
to say this was 99 cents, maybe it was a little more, click over to the Encouraging
Homeschool Mom blog and I’ll have the price breakdown. I sit down and do that with my receipt so you can see everything that I got. I got these, these are
not on the meal plan, I don’t have any purpose for them but I will use the zucchini in something, I just know I will. We are gonna also do
homemade pizzas this month and I got these pepperonis
I’m hoping to do a homemade pizza, homemade
pizzas one day a week, and I’m gonna try to go ahead and get my dough ready in advance so here’s some pepperonis for that. Here is the smoked turkey
breast from Walmart this is the larger
packs, I got two of these so that I can do the turkey
and cheese sandwiches. I got 16 ears of corn,
we’re gonna probably have most of this tomorrow I would think, that would be lots of fun for the holiday. They did not have a big bag
of brown rice at Walmart. I already have brown rice,
some brown rice on hand, but for 82 cents a pound I went ahead and picked up 10 pounds,
’cause these are good to have and you know if you’re, if you stick around here, I use rice in a lot of things. Now look at this, 20
pound bag of pinto beans, and we love to do beans,
rice, and cornbread, I have it down on our
meal plan for this month to at least do it for two weekends. Now this 20 pound bag this is an example of some of the things
that I buy in this haul are gonna last beyond this month. So this bag of pinto beans, I bet this is gonna be
three to four months worth of beans here, I could be wrong. You will find out in future hauls. But this 20 pound bag I think
it was about 15, 16 dollars and I thought well there we’ll
have extra beans on hand. Now jumping over here,
these flour tortillas, there’s 10 in a pack, I got 10 packs. These are for our freezer burritos. I have a business trip later this month that’s gonna be, I’m gonna
be gone for four days, it’ll be Travis and the kids, and so I want to get some
things in the freezer that are easy for them. These flour tortillas are,
there’s 20 in each pack, I’ve got four packs and
this is for every Tuesday to go along with our tacos. Some like hard shells,
some like soft shells. Also over here I got,
oh if we can get to it, my big ol’ thing of coffee, and then jumping over this way, I got two packs of brown sugar I will probably only use one of these or 1/2 of one in my baking, but I got ’em because they
were a good price at Aldi. I got four of these all-purpose
baking mixes for pancakes I would like to do, get Naomi working on the griddle tomorrow and
have her just make us up a ton of pancakes so we have at least four big pancake breakfasts in the freezer for the month to come,
that would be great. And I don’t know exactly how
many of these we’re gonna use, we will find out when I do that
freezer cooking meal video. I got a big ol’ thing of sugar because that’s the honest truth of what’s going in some of these muffins. I got some stevia for my coffee. I got six or eight, let’s
see here can I count, two, four, I got six of these
syrups from Aldi, maple syrup, and I got this for, again, the pancakes and the french toast that we’ll have at different times of the month. Now what’s up here is I got 24 of these little taco shells from Aldi, and I just, we might only go through one case in the whole month but I just wasn’t sure. Sometimes, my husband will just eat taco shells with salsa as like a snack, so again this is an inexpensive item that I know we’re having tacos every week, so two big cases of taco shells. Over here, six things of peanut butter, six things of jelly, doin’
a bunch of the peanut butter and jellies ahead for the freezer. I also got some honey, this is gonna go in one of the recipes that I’m gonna use for the pizza dough, and then we also sometimes like peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Four containers of oatmeal
so we can have oatmeal at least four times for
breakfast this month. Now over here I’ve got
a whole variety of beans in different cans, we got black beans, we got northern beans, I got kidney beans. Also have some diced tomatoes, we’re doing chili twice
and also with the tacos, I like to with my taco meat I’ll mix in a different variety of beans. So at Aldi, it’s just
so cheap some of these are like 49 cents a
can, 39 cents, 59 cents, so I got a big variety of beans there. I also got a whole case of corn and we’ve got twelve spaghetti sauces. This is from Walmart, this is from Aldi, and hello, 20 dozen eggs,
but you know if you do lots of baking and things like that
at home, that eggs go quick. So between these muffins, and
banana bread, and pancakes, and other things going on, I’m gonna, I bet I’ll use a couple
dozen during all my cooking when I cook ahead for the month and then the rest of these we’re gonna use and the date on these are August 5th so we’re good to go with that. Tomato sauce, I didn’t have
any tomato sauce on hand so I got that at Walmart. Now you’re probably going to laugh ’cause I also bought
refried beans in the can. Now I know that I can make
homemade refried beans with my giant bag of
pinto beans down there. This is honestly just another
little sanity saver for me, these were only like a dollar
and a couple cents a can and so with all the cooking ahead that I’m doing for the month, if it’s one less thing, if I
can have some refried beans since I don’t have any
already homemade on hand, I’m just gonna give myself
grace and open this can and make my family burritos
for the freezer, okay? Let’s see here, more tomato sauce, I got three things of
oil for various baking. I cannot stand it when
I run out of pan spray so I got four things of pan spray. Then hoppin’ over here, I got some yeast for pizza dough and then this yeast had actually a recipe for cinnamon rolls on the back, so I thought, oh well
maybe we’ll try that too, especially for when I’m
gone for those four days. I got two things of whole wheat flour, I also got two things of cornmeal and then I got a big case of
all-purpose flour from Aldi, there’s actually eight in here, it was only 88 cents per pack of it and I want to say, yeah it
was 88 cents for five pounds. And what I’m gonna try to do is do a mix of whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour in various muffins,
we’ll see how that goes. Okay over here, I got two packs of tea because I like to do a pitcher of tea for the evening for dinner when I can. We got two things of ketchup because we are having meatloaf. A thing of Parmesan cheese
and then various spices. So I was out of vanilla, got vanilla. I got another thing of chili powder that was from Walmart, and
then we have garlic powder. Cinnamon, I’ve been out of cinnamon. Onion powder, more cinnamon, more cinnamon, more onion powder. More onion powder, so
just some various spices that I like to have on hand. And then lookin’ over this way, I think I showed you guys this, those are the pepperonis. Oh, also got six thing, no I think I’ve got eight, actually, eight whole-grain thin spaghetti packs here for spaghetti of course, and then let’s see okay and then we have the great tower of meat. So what is happening with
the great tower of meat, is these two packs of bacon, this is two pounds of bacon and I’ll do this in the oven for like a Saturday morning breakfast. And then this is three pounds of bacon and I thought I would
do this up one weekend and we’ll just see if it
lasts beyond one meal, it might last two. The boneless skinless chicken
breast at Aldi this week was only $1.69 a pound but I, really I have more beef on
my meal plan this month, obviously than chicken, so I resisted, now that I know that Aldi’s so awesome and has these chicken meat deals often, I just got, I just got two packs. Let’s see here, how many pounds? Yeah this is 4.3, 4.43, and this is a little over four, so yeah eight pounds is
what I needed chicken-wise, and I’m gonna move the
chicken for a minute, oh come on chicken you can do it, okay and then with all this hamburger. So all my various beef
meals for this month came to about 25 pounds of ground beef. Now that includes, again, spaghetti twice, chili twice, then we’re
having tacos every Tuesday, so that’s eight beef meals there, and then we’re doing stroganoff, so again a lot of ground beef this month and this ground beef it was 2.99, however Aldi had a fourth of July sale where they had it marked down to 2.29. Now they had a limit of
only four at the 2.29 price, but that was fine with
me ’cause I was even happy with the 2.99 price. So I ended up getting
12 packs at a little, at about 2 1/2 pounds a
pack, so well over 24 pounds, but I’m sure I’m gonna use this between everything that I’m
doing for this coming month. So friends, I know that you have, we have come, we have
seen, we have conquered, for this huge large family
once a month grocery haul. Now again in the coming days, there are a lot more videos comin’. There’s my household supplies
haul that’ll be out next and there’s also gonna be at
least one freezer cooking day. I’m thinking, I’m hoping,
that all my prepping ahead and freezer meals take me one solid day, but it might end up taking two with all these muffins
that I have planned out. We will just see how this goes, so be looking for all those videos. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Encouraging
Homeschool Mom newsletter ’cause I love sending out newsletters to your inboxes. And I guess that’s it for now, I’m very tired, we’re going to put only our perishable
items away for tonight, and go to bed and get
the rest of the stuff in the pantry and everything tomorrow. It’s 11:30 here now, we’re not getting all of this put away tonight so I will see you next time friends, with another brand new video, bye bye!

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