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Huge College Apartment Haul // Michigan State University

hey my dudess it’s Kaitlyn and today
we’re going to be doing a college apartment haul this is my second time
filming this video because the first time it was out of focus for the whole
video so please excuse me being short and sweet with products because I don’t
think this hall needs to be super in-depth anyway it’s just going to be
giving you guys a look at what maybe you want to buy in this video I’m going to
be showing you guys the stuff that I bought and then linking the price on the
screen for you guys in case you want to buy it and there will also be a 20% off
discount code in the description for The Container Store if you guys want to buy
any of the products that are mentioned in the video I also wanted to mention
that I’m going to be having a complete college packing list video coming up so
subscribe and turn on notifications if you want a printable full college
packing list for an apartment or dorm I’m going to spend a lot of time on that
video and it’ll be coming out in the next month for you guys I really wish
that I had a complete college packing list so I wanted to give you guys one
and with all that being said let’s just get into the video so the first thing
that I got is this white board it’s nothing special it’s just going to be
used for studying organic chemistry so my roommate and I are going to use that
next I got this cute little wicker basket from the back of our toilet
we’re gonna have some toilet paper in here some poo pourri and it’s just gonna
sit like this on the back of the toilet and just hold some things that are
necessities for the bathroom and I just love the color I think it’s so adorable
next we’ll move on to some kitchen items the first thing that I got for my
kitchen is the silverware tray it is expandable so it fits any drawer size
and I just thought that this would be convenient because it would perfectly
fit our drawer no matter what and this holds a lot of stuff when the expandable
drawer comes out so I think that this will be perfect and I just love to the
colors the green and the white next I didn’t buy this but I got some
silverware from my mom for free if you’re in a dorm or an apartment you
will need silverware if you plan on eating anything it is not fun trying to
stir ramen noodles with like something random in your room so um I recommend
getting silverware to see if your parents will
give you some for free we luckily just got new silverware so I got all the old
silverware next for my kitchen I got this paper towel holder to hold paper
towel and it’s super sturdy and I really like the feel of it um not much to say
about this but it does hold paper towel and that’s what I need it for next I got
oven mitts from the brand oxo and they’re really good brand so I know
these will work perfectly fine and do their job and we really needed oven
mitts for baking next I got a decor baking what’s the word baking pan
basically how this works is you can put this part in the oven and cook something
and then you can use the lid to store it after you bake it and I just I like
putting things in the fridge after I bake them and just saving them that way
and instead of putting like plastic wrap on top or using a container that’s not
oven safe this will work perfectly and it’s literally the cutest color ever the
next thing is pretty cool because I had never really thought about this before
but under our cabinet is just open space so the pots and pans and lids are just
sort of stacked in like a ready to fall pyramid so this is to organize lids and
pans and I think that this will be really useful because Leste pot
avalanches will happen this way so this was not very expensive it is not rocket
science and I think it’ll work really well the next two things that I got are
these storage container things they’re like shelves if you look at the label
it’s a shelf one is for under the bathroom sink and one is for under the
kitchen sink so this will be for like extra shampoo extra razors extra face
products and then this will be for cleaning supplies sponges soap things
like that and I am excited to have underneath our sinks organized
really it’s just like throw everything in there deal with it later and now
they’ll be nice and organized and it’ll look so put together so we’ll finish the
kitchen stuff like the little kitchen stuff and then move on to stationary so
I got some lemon potpourri for the bathroom it’ll go in that little basket
behind the toilet I got this over a cabinet towel bar so this will be for
the kitchen to hang the washcloth or the kitchen towel and the drawer won’t or
the cabinet door won’t be like hanging open because we hung a towel over it so
I think that this will be pretty useful and the color will go with our kitchen
really well as well next I got a little spatula for cookies or eggs or whatever
we’re gonna need a spatula for I got a butter keeper thing because I usually
keep my butter on a plate on the counter I don’t know about you guys but I like
my butter to be spreadable so this will hold my butter for the year and I’m
actually really excited about this as you guys know I gets excited about like
the stupidest kitchen items and I’m just easily excitable I guess next is a soap
dispensing dish brush and these are essential for if you’re in a dorm or an
apartment it holds the soap in this little barrel
here and then when you’re cleaning the dishes it dispenses it as you’re
scrubbing the dishes and this scrubber nothing will get past the scrubber so
this is from the big brand oxo again and this brand is just the best for these
little dispensers so I highly recommend this they’re not expensive and they will
save you so much time they’re not disgusting like a sponge and I highly
recommend these next we’re moving on to stationary miscellaneous items okay so
the first thing that I got doesn’t really fit with the rest I’ll just say
it first it’s a little jewelry folding box it like folds and stores all of your
jewelry basically I thought that this would be essential because when I go
back from my apartment to my house how are you gonna bring jewelry like you
just sort of throw it all together and hope that it doesn’t get tangled so this
will ensure that it does not get tangled I always have a place to put my jewelry
I’m gonna store it in here all the time I’m not only gonna use it for travel
next I got some white board markers for the white board and a dry erase cleaning
cloth these have a ton of colors because they’re dual tipped and then this is
just really self-explanatory it’s to wipe off the dry erase board so I don’t
have to use my hands or the little tiny erasers on the tips of these next I got
a buttload of command hooks whether you’re an indoor man Department if
you’re in college you will need command hooks so stock up on those and stock up
on the sticky refills as well because these are going to be essential for you
then I’m really excited about this I’ve got some wire keepers like they organize
your cables and they stick to the side of your desk and I think that this is
just the coolest little invention ever I’m so excited to use it and it was not
expensive at all next I got some stickers for my art journal this is not
really a necessity for college but I got it for my art journal then this is so so
cute I got a little shopping list notepad that’s magnetic so it’ll stick
to our fridge and we’ll be able to write out a little shopping lists when we go
to the grocery store this is from rifle Paper Company which is one of my
favorite stationery companies and I was so thrilled when I found out that The
Container Store carried this then I got some paper clips in a little paper clip
holder to organize my papers during the year and then I got a white stapler and
then some staple refills the brand is called poppet and I just think that’s
really cute but anyway you will need a stapler for college clearly had a class
last year that required a stapler and I just used my neighbors old timers pretty
inconvenient and now I won’t have that issue again I’ll be prepared if a class
requires a stapler now and then lastly I don’t have it with me it’s down in the
basement gave but I got a daily journal so the container store carries moleskin
notebooks as well which are my favorite notebook brand so I bought a little
journal that was like medium sized and it has lines in it I started it on
the 9th and it’s now been like 20 days and I already filled almost half of the
notebook so you can say that I really like it with the discount it’s not as
expensive as it would be if you bought it online or anywhere else so I highly
recommend getting one I think that daily journals are a necessity for college
because it is one of the craziest wildest times of your life and you
really want to record that so you can look back and see all those crazy crap
that you did and just really have those memories forever I’m a huge advocate for
daily journaling and I will have a how-to daily journal video coming up in
the next month if you guys want to see that okay guys that is it for this video
I am sorry if I was out of breath or if I went too quick I already filmed this
entire video like I said and had to re-film it and now my camera is about to
die so we’re just not thriving today and I’m like losing my voice so I hope that
you guys enjoyed the video and make sure you stay tuned for the
complete college packing list video and how to daily journal video and don’t
forget to use that discount in the description if you want to go shop at
the Container Store and get some of the stuff that I got oh and if you go in the
community tab you will see all the videos that I’m planning on posting for
the next month so go check that out give it a like and tell me what you’re
excited for and with all that being said I will see you guys next week in another
video peace out guys

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