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How we downsized || One Bedroom Apartment Tour

– Hey everyone, it’s me, Hallease, endeavoring to persevere as always. If you’re new here, I make weekly videos about my chaotic good life. So consider subscribing. (soft music) Today I am coming at you from the dog park with the every furry, every poofy Dakota. We are out here for the morning letting her run around
and get some moves in before we start our day. So for all of 2018 my husband and I were displaced from our home and living in my childhood
bedroom at my parent’s house. Now as we’re figuring out the final stages of this whole home buying fiasco we currently rent an apartment
in downtown San Antonio that is around 600 or 700 square feet. And we love it. Poochy, are you ready to play? The first thing I really
love about this new space is the location. We are right in the heart
of downtown San Antonio, so Mister Hallease and I can
finally experience the city in a way that we’ve always wanted to and walk everywhere. Anyway, I wouldn’t necessarily
say that we’re minimalists, but we are trying to do more with less. So here is a tour of the apartment and some of the pieces we have that have helped us downsize. (toy squeaking) And my dog, Dakota, can you not? Dakota, quackers may need to be retired, ’cause yeah. So this is like 80% of it. This is 80% of the apartment. Living, kitchen, dining, here we go. Let’s do it. The biggest thing I love about this space is how much we have
simplified the kitchen. It’s the right combination I feel like of aesthetic meets function for us. One of the extra purchases we
did make moving here though was this sort of flex
table that’s to my right. I don’t do much of the cooking, Mister Hallease does the bulk of it. I know how to, I just, he, it brings him more joy, so I just let him do it,
you know what I’m saying? But the table also acts
as additional storage. Since it’s made out of metal we purchased these little magnetic hooks that can hold up to 25 pounds each. And we have then hooked all
along the bottom of the table to hold the different pots and pans, so that way it gets
them out of the cupboard and onto a space where
they can be easily reached. We also have the hooks holding to the sides of the table as well for a few extra utensil items and whatnot that you’re gonna need at the oven. So I really love that we
invested in that table. I actually wish we had
bought the bigger one, but Mister, I don’t know why, but when I first saw this
place empty I was like, I don’t know if the bigger
one’s gonna fit in here. And he was like, it will. And I was like, I don’t believe you. And so we bought the little one and we got here and I was like, dang it, we should’ve got the next
size up, you were right. The other thing too is,
again, we simplified a lot of our appliances,
which I’m really happy about. Now we only have the Keurig,
which we really love, ’cause we use it pretty,
I use it almost every day for tea and coffee. The other big appliance that we use a lot, like a lot, Mister Hallease
is in love with this thing, is the Instant Pot. And I feel like everyone
knows what Instant Pots are, I don’t need to explain them, but they’re basically like everything you could ever need in
an appliance in one. And so he’s completely obsessed with his and that got rid of a lot
of appliances for us too. We have my standing mixer. As you all know from my sans-gluten days I was really on my
gluten-free baking grind. Especially now that we
have our own space again I will hopefully get back
into gluten-free cooking and baking for y’all from time to time. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see
more sans-gluten stuff. The other pride and joy I
have is our kitchen table. So I’m literally gonna
turn the camera around. Hello. So if you watch The Beast
Cast you’ll know that this is where we actually usually shoot it. This kitchen table is actually from IKEA and it’s a really cool table, because it folds down. So the table can literally fold down if you want it to creating just a standing spot. The other thing that’s really
cool about this table too is that it also has
storage on either side. So we have our dishware, or we have our silverware on one side and then placemats and other things that you’d probably need at the table area in the other side. The other thing that’s cool about this is that, so this side folds up and we usually keep this side folded up to have dinner with each other, ’cause it’s usually just the two of us. But if we wanna have more people then the other side folds up too and can seat four people comfortably. I think it can seat six, but you might be pushing it a bit. The chairs we use are basically these simple,
foldable picnic style chairs from IKEA as well. The table’s IKEA, this is IKEA. Along with these extra
cushions on them as well. We usually leave them all folded. Also, when I’m working from home I work here at the table. I just set up my run and gun setup, which y’all have seen in a previous video. I’ll link to all of that gear if you wanna have a mobile
setup for your computer. And yeah, I just work
from this table as well. Hey (laughs). Yeah, so living room. Here we are in the living room now. As you saw, we were in the dining and now we’re in the living. This couch is also from IKEA and this is the original, this the original couch from
where we used to live before. We got rid of our other couch, so we just have one now. The TV did make it here after all, along with a few movies
and the Xbox as well. You know, technology,
you gotta have it, right? One thing that I really
love about our couch is these pillows. My mother actually made them for me, had them made for me two Christmases ago. And I love them, I just think they’re such a fun accent to the couch. And they just fit with
the overall aesthetic. If you haven’t noticed as well, all throughout the apartment I have a lot of old cameras everywhere, because they were all
owned by my grandfather, my mother’s father. And after he passed away
she gave them all to me. And they’re one of the few
sort of decorative items that I have around. The cameras are a big. Hi, you’re just like bombarding this video. So yeah, the cameras are a
big part of just my identity, what I do, being a video producer and digital storyteller and what not. Excuse you. Excuse, excuse you. Shall we show them the bedroom? Shall we show them the bedroom? So as I said, I was
just sitting over there. The bedroom. Excuse me. Hey, so yeah, if you’re a Patreon producer then you probably already
know this setup pretty well. This is how I usually shoot
myself to check in with y’all during the Monday motivations
that are exclusive to the Patreon producer folks. If you’re interested in that
that’s where every Monday I put out a quick informal video talking about my to-do list and everything I’m trying to
do as a digital storyteller and what do they call us? Creative entrepreneur. That’s where you can ask a
lot more specific questions about what I do and how I do it. So if you’re interested
in that check it out, patreon.com/hallease. They come out every Monday. But yeah, this is the bedroom. It’s very simple, it’s a bedroom. There’s a bed. We each have two nightstands, which are also from IKEA, as well as we used to
have two large dressers, so we have the one dresser now that we still use, that we share, because we actually got rid
of a lot of our clothes. We got rid of so much clothing,
which was really cool. We’re in the bathroom, if that didn’t, if you weren’t keeping up with me. We’re in the bathroom. But something that’s
really interesting and cool about this complex is that the bathroom is combined with the closet and like the laundry area, so it’s all just one big space and the door is right there. I really like this bathroom, because we have a nice,
large counter space, which is cool. Even though there’s only one sink, we finally have like the space
to put just stuff, you know. Something I am still working on is the amount of products I do have. Like I feel like a lot of this stuff that’s under the sink
is just excess products. You know, you wanna try something new, this, that, there, blah. And you just end up accumulating things that you don’t really need. So what I’m focusing on
for the first half of 2019 is just getting through the products. Right now, I mean, the
closet’s pretty well organized and again, y’all don’t know
how much clothes we had before. We really downsized in
regards to how much clothing and attire we have. We keep our linens in just one of the travel boxes that we had before, we just keep all the linens
in there when we need them. And then also we have
just like a few boxes and like luggage that we just keep for when we’re traveling
and things like that, we have stuff to use. Boop. So yeah, that’s pretty
much the whole apartment. Again, I hesitate to call us minimalists, because while we are
trying to do more with less and definitely downsize
and not have too much, I don’t know, we’re not, I don’t feel like we’re
terribly extreme in that regard or I just, I wonder if like
there’s an ideology thing that we maybe aren’t necessarily hitting. Let us know in the comments below. And also, there’s still
areas of the apartment that I’m like, we could get
rid of more stuff there. For example, to my left, camera right, is a bookshelf situation that I’m still trying to work through. You know, like there’s
things in this shelf that we definitely need, but then there’s also knickknacks there that I’m just kind of like, uh. And then it’s also the way it’s organized is a little bit of an eyesore,
but at the end of the day it was one of those
things where I was just, I just needed a space to put some stuff, so we brought it. And then, like I said, the closet is a bit of an area that
I’m still kind of like, there’s room for
improvement there for sure. But for now it’s getting the job done. So yeah, in the comments
below let me know, how are you doing more with less? And would you consider
yourself a minimalist? Would you label yourself with that term? If you’re new here, consider subscribing. I make videos every week
about my chaotic good life. I’m Hallease, I’ll see you when I see you.

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