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How To Thoroughly Inspect A House Before Paying Rent

Hello Everyone. My name is Yemi Kuti and today we are going
to be talking about a topic that literally hits home. Jiji.ng is going to be teaching you on how
you can thoroughly inspect a house before paying rent. This is so that you don’t end up with a
house that is nothing to write home about. Nothing beats the excitement of moving into
a new apartment but for most, this excitement quickly turns sour as they are left with a
lot of avoidable problems which cost a lot of time, energy and money. So what is supposed to be a Home Sweet Home
situation always then turns out to be a Haunted house situation. We at Jiji.ng want to change this though. Being the number 1 source for the purchases
and leases of property in Nigeria, we consider it a moral and civic obligation to educate
Nigerians on the 7 important aspects to inspect in a house before signing an agreement and
paying your rent. Please note that you do not necessarily have
to overlook an apartment that falls short in any of these 7 aspects. What it helps does is that it helps provide
you with information so you know what you are getting into and which you can always
use as a bargaining tool. Please be reminded that you can search for
the most affordable apartments on Jiji.ng. So now let’s get into our list. So number one, you need to research the area. This is very very important. You need to know the neighborhood you are
getting into. Is it safe and secure, is the route to your
office or school, is it against or towards traffic, when it rains, do the surrounding
environments get flooded? This last question is why is it highly advised
to inspect an apartment during the raining season. Other important questions you need to ask
is that is the government planning a huge infrastructural development which could affect
the house? How good is electricity supply in this area? You don’t want to move into an area where
you need to be running your gen 24/7. Number 2, check the plumbing works: This is
also very important. Plumbing tends to be one of the major sources
of frustration for new tenants. You need to make sure that all the pipes are
in perfect working conditions and there is water of supply. Preferably, there should be a working borehole,
a pumping machine as well as an adequately-sized overhead tank. Make sure all the taps are running and also
that the drainages are not blocked. Be sure to also check the structural integrity
of the toilet seats, the kitchen sinks as well as the wash hand basin. Number 3, check the walls, the flooring as
well as the roofing: Some would-be tenants tend to overlook this. But you need to check to ensure that there
are no holes or cracks in the wall that can make rodents pop up on you unexpectedly. The same goes for the roof. Ensure that there are no holes in the roof. There is nothing more embarrassing than looking
for buckets anytime the rain falls. No Nigerian deserves to live this way. Also whether it is terrazzo, marbles, tiles
or just cement, you need to ensure that the floors are in perfect condition. Number four, check the electricity supply
as well as the bills. The most important question you can ask your
landlord is to see the last bill. Trust me, you do not want to be surprised
with an over-estimated electricity bill in your first month. Ensure that all past bills have been cleared
by the past tenant so don’t end up carrying the cross of another man. Also depending on your preference, you can
look to ensure that it is a prepaid metre as opposed to a post paid meter that’s in
the house. Another important aspect is the wiring. It is always wise to bring a trusted electrician
to help you inspect the wiring of the house. Trust me, any wrong electrical setup can be
disastrous. Number 5, check for cross ventilation and
access to sunlight. A lot of tenants tend to ignore this but it
is very important. In a nation that cannot brag of 24-hours electricity
supply, direct access to sunlight as well as access to cool breeze is an important aspect. You do not want to waste all your money buying
fuel for the generator. Number 6, check for parking space. If you own a car, you do not want to be in
a situation where you have to wake up half of the entire building just so you can drive
out in the morning. So you need to ask your landlord, it there
a dedicated parking space for you to park your car or has he made arrangement for where
you can park it elsewhere. Number 7, check the surroundings. It is not enough for the interior of the apartment
to be top-notch. The outside also needs to be just as good. So you need to ensure that the surrounding
is clean, free from stagnant water and the generators are as far away from the building
as possible. It will be a big plus if the outside floors
are cemented, also if there is a bit of horticultural work going on. And so there you have it! The seven most important aspects to inspect
in a house before paying rent. So if you like this video, we would like for
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