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– So if you’re looking to earn Airbnb income, passive income, or if you’re looking to start your Airbnb passive income business, without owning property, one of the things I’m
gonna do in this video, is I’m gonna show you how
to find Airbnb property, in whatever area you’re in, where you’re not having to guess, and you’re able to pick out the properties that are going to be the most profitable. So, for instance, if you’re
picking up a property that is renting at $2,000 a month. Then what the expectation
is, based on the formula, you’re gonna be earning revenue of $4,000 a month to $6,000 a month. And after you pay your rent of 2,000, you’re gonna be keeping a
minimum of $2,000 in your pocket. And so, anywhere between two and $4,000 in
your pocket, per month. So just stick with and I’m gonna give you all of that, I’m gonna take you through it
on the screen and that’s it. But before we get started, one of the things I also wanna do is if you’re seriously interested in getting started with
Airbnb, my live training, and mentoring and coaching program, “Airbnb Accelerator Academy”, it’s open, it’s now live and open. That’s where I work very closely and intimately with my students so that within the next 14 to 21 days, you get up and running. Within a week or so following that, you’re generating passive
income with Airbnb, and you’re able to now
start living that vision that life that you have, so
that your passive income, you’re not trading time for dollars and you’re able to spend
that time doing the things that you are most passionate about. Like, again, spending time with family, being a blessing to your
church or your community, being able to help others that you know really need the help, and you just can’t do it now, and/or, just being able to travel and do the things that you’re
really passionate about, really would love to do. Spending time, again, we
talked about spending time with your family, but leaving that legacy. Many of us have kids, and children and one of the reasons I
got started with Airbnb was because I was mentoring my daughter. And it’s about leaving that legacy so that they know, if they
ever have to go to work, if they ever decide to
go to work for someone, it’s not because they have
to, it’s because they want to. So, that’s what this is all about because the passive income
really allows you to, what? It allows you to do those things that you enjoy, without limits. Those things that you’re
passionate about, without limits, ’cause you’re not chasing the dollars, you’re not trading your time for dollars. And so, that’s it. So if you’re interested in doing that, in my description below, I want you go and set up a call with me. Set up a call and we’ll have a one-on-one, I’ll see if it works
and if it’s a good fit. Well, first of all, I’ll
see what your situation is, then I’ll see if I can help. So where you currently are,
where you’re looking to get to, see if I can help bridge the gap. And if I can help, I’ll let
you know how we do that, and see and we’ll decide
together, if it’s a good fit. So, outside o’ that, like
and subscribe the video, like the video, subscribe to my channel and let’s get started, all right? So here we go. So what we’re gonna do now is, basically, we’re on my Airbnb page. And inside of my Airbnb page, I mean, this is current earnings right now for the year, so far. First week of February,
we’re at almost $27,000, so that’s pretty cool, let’s see, not a bad start. So this is one of my accounts, anyway. So we’re gonna switch to traveling and let’s start off in Miami. So if you’re interested in doing Miami, if you’re interested in doing Orlando, if you’re interested in doing New York, if you’re interested in
picking up property in Chicago, in Georgia, Atlanta, and Texas, Dallas, any of those areas, California, if you’re interested
even overseas in the UK, we do a lot there, and India, if you’re interested in doing
things in those areas, Spain, Airbnb is a great platform and it all works the same. So, let me show you,
we’re gonna start off, let’s start off in Miami. How ’bout that, okay? So we’re gonna click Stays, we’re gonna go to Miami, (keyboard tapping) Florida, and so we’ll just click on that. And then what we’ll do next, is this also shows you
what is out there in Miami. And what I’m seeing, just based on this, is that it’s pretty low saturation. There’s not a ton of people
in the Miami area doing Airbnb although, there are a
number of Airbnb’s in Miami. It’s showing right here, live, that there’s not a ton o’ people and this is a great indicator too, why? Because if you look at the reviews, this person has 177 reviews and they’re getting $35 a night. This person has got 921 reviews. This person’s got 198 reviews, 146. So we know that there’s
a huge demand for Miami. So we already know that,
people going to Miami. What it’s telling me, because
it’s a low saturation, is that there are a lot more people wanting to go to Airbnb, to Miami, and use Airbnb to stay, but there’s not a whole lotta
people that have Airbnb. So the people that do have ’em are hosting a ton o’ people. And because there’s also
very low saturation, what it’s also telling me is that most of those people
that are looking to go, are not finding places and they’re ending up having
to stay in hotels, anyway. And so, what we’re gonna do, is I’m gonna show you two things. One, so I just showed you
what you’re looking at, so when you’re looking at that, that’s a good indicator,
if it’s easy to break in or if it’s just oversaturated. And in this case, it’s
definitely not oversaturated and in most cases, you’re gonna find that it’s not oversaturated, why? Because Airbnb hasn’t
yet gotten to that point, although, they’re in 100,000
cities across the world, throughout the world,
it’s not oversaturated. A lot of investors don’t
really know how to use Airbnb to generate a passive income. So the majority of the
people that are on Airbnb are just your basic mom and pops that have extra space in their house and they’re looking to just
earn some additional dollars with that free space in their house. They’re not people lik me and my students that have 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 listings and are earning six
figures a year, on Airbnb. So, in any case, when we
slide into this market, or when one of my students
slides into this market, their ability to begin generating income from their Airbnb listings, it happens (fingers
snapping) pretty quickly. Because the other thing is, they copy my optimization, and do exactly as I show
’em what to do, and as I do, and the Airbnb algorithm
begins to love them. It loves them, it shows them a lotta love, and they push them way
ahead of everyone else, even those that have
been there for a while. So, I’m gonna show you, real quick, so right now, as we look at Miami, what we’re seeing is
that the, oh, I’m sorry, we’re gonna look at type of place. So right now, when you first go on Miami, you’re seeing all these prices but these are just prices for everything. But what we do, just so you know, is we only do private rooms. So when I pick up a place, if I pick up a four bedroom home to rent, or five bedroom, the
more bedrooms the better, I’m not hosting that whole space to one person, or to one family or group of people. What I’m doing, is I’m hosting the rooms and this is what my students do, as well, we host the rooms, individually, as private rooms, private listing, and then they share the area. And our niche is business clients so we don’t have a whole lot of issues relating to people
coming, and having parties and doing all kinds o’ things. We’re dealing with professionals that are coming to lay their heads, have a nice, warm, clean, safe, quiet place to stay where they can, again, sleep, while they’re in town for business, or visiting family or different events and shower. And so, there’s also the opportunity in our places, obviously,
to cook if you want. Some people do that when
they have extended stays but people that are coming
just for a short while, they typically do everything outside. So, that’s how this works. And the thing is, it generates beautiful,
beautiful cashflow. And so, with that, let me show
you, let me show you this. Well, when I talk about cashflow, this is not really necessarily
part of this process but I wanna show you something real quick. I wanna show you transaction history. One thing I love about Airbnb, is that so far, for the year, we’re at almost 27,000,
we’re in the first week of, we just finished the
first week of February. And with cashflow, the
beauty of the cashflow, is that Airbnb transfers, does electronic funds transfers
into my account, every day, for the most part. And so, in this case, what you’re seeing is you’re seeing that yesterday they deposited,
today’s the 8th, yesterday they deposited $50.44. And the day before that,
they deposited $117.37. The day before that,
they deposited $1,000, actually, made two deposits
that are totaling about $1,900. The day before that,
they deposited $658.44. The day before that,
they deposited 550.41. The day before that,
they deposited $1,158. The day before that, they
had a couple deposits totaling about $300. The day before that, $81. So, it’s pretty much every
day and the beauty of it is it happens, regardless of where I’m at. If I’m traveling, if I’m spending time
with my wife and kids, if I’m doing things in
my homeless ministry, if I’m spending time with my students, all the things that I really enjoy doing. Like I haven’t been to one
of my Airbnb’s, in months. I don’t have to do that
because it’s all set up. And no matter what I’m
doing, where I’m traveling, shooting videos like this or
whatever, to help you guys out, the money just flows,
it’s just flowing in. So that’s one of the
beautiful things about Airbnb. And, again, it’s easy entry. First month’s rent security deposit, that’s all it takes, typically, to get in. The other thing is you don’t
have to own the property, you don’t have to own it and it happens, you could do it quickly. So, anyway, (chuckles) I wasn’t really trying
to get into that part but I wanted you, at least, to know. So, what it’s showing me
here, with private rooms, is that the average cost I’m seeing, I typically throw out
the highs and the lows, so you got a $50 here, and you got, well, 56 here, oh, 89, actually, that’s the high. And then, typically, you have something that’s really, really low. In this case, you got a 25. So on average, it’s showing me,
people, on average, in Miami are getting, they’re hosting for, you got 30s, you got 40s, you got 50s, 35, it’s kinda all over, but it looks like mid to upper 40s is probably the number we
would wanna fall in at. In this case, this guy’s got 177 listing reviews at $35. This guy’s got 921 at $28 a night. Here’s a 10, you’d definitely
throw that one out. But I guess what’s going
on, a lotta times, I guess what people are doing, is depending on the time o’ year they start changing their
prices a little bit. But I have an idea, in
Miami, what’s going on. So, again, this one’s 431 reviews at $40 a night, this one’s $45 a night at 243 reviews, this one’s got 648 reviews at $56 a night, this one’s got 169 reviews at $40 a night, this one’s got 342 reviews at $52 a night. So, I know what’s happening above where they’re coming in real low, they’re really just
trying to undercut people to start getting more bookings so I’m seeing what’s happening there. But it looks like our rate, typically, it looks like our rate’s gonna settle in somewhere in the mid
40s, mid to upper 40s. So let’s do the calculation, real quick. So our calculation, when we do it, we go, we grab our calculator. And if I have a four bedroom and I’m hosting that at $45 a night, so I go four bedrooms
times 45, that equals $180. So if every property that I have, every bedroom that I have, is
listed, then it’s showing me that I’m getting $180. And so, if I’m gonna get
$180, then what I do, I wanna see what’s the most I can make for that home for the month,
if it’s 100% occupied. And so, we’re gonna multiply that by 30. And it’s telling me,
for that four bedroom, I can bring in $5,400, per month. So that one’s gonna
generate $5,400 a month. Now, in most cases, you’re
not gonna have 100% occupancy but I use that because that’s
our base, that’s our base. We know how much we can
get, max, for that house. And that’s even a little skewed because those numbers
that I’m looking at there, that’s really for single occupancy. When I do double occupancy, then there’s typically a 10 to $15 fee per night for the extra person, so that’s one of the things we do, but we always try to stay conservative. So what we’re looking
at is $5,400 a night. Then what I do, is I take a look at, I look at a 40% occupancy. And with that 40% occupancy,
that’s what’s gonna tell me what I can get, what I’m
willing to pay for a house. Like if I wanna be really conservative, so that in worst case scenario, as long as I’m optimized properly, the way me and my students optimize so that the Airbnb algorithms,
again, just love us and show us everywhere and all the time, I know at 40% occupancy, whether you’re in season, out season, if you have those seasons, if
it’s seasonality in your area, you’re still gonna be
able to pay your rent without going into your pocket. So as long as you have a pulse,
as long as you’re breathing, if you do the optimization
the way I teach you how to do that, then you’re gonna be able to pay your rent without ever having to worry
about going into your pocket. So 40% occupancy is the
number that we look at. So, I’m looking at, for a four bedroom, I don’t really wanna pay more
than $2,160 in that area. So that’s one, so now let’s
go back to my baseline; my baseline is $5,400. So I have $5,400, what
I also wanna look at is with the optimization that we do, you should, typically,
be tracking anywhere between 80, 85%, on a
normal, regular basis. So if I multiply that times 85%, 85% occupancy, it’s telling me that I’m
gonna be bringing in $4,590. So, on average, about $4,600 a month. That’s what I’m gonna be bringing in. And if my rent is 2,160,
so I minus the rent 2,160, (keyboard tapping) then I’m keeping $2,400 in my pocket. And so that’s how that works. So now, I’m at over 100%
return on investment because I paid my rent and I’m keeping, at least, the same amount
o’ rent in my pocket. And if you’re in an area where there’s low saturation
but high demand, typically, your occupancy’s are
actually gonna be higher than the standard 80, 85%. So let’s take a peak,
especially, during season, so, on average, it’s gonna be higher. So if I take a look and see what that means if I’m doing 90%, I’m bringing in $4,860. And at $4,860, and I pay my rent of 2,160, then I’m keeping $2,700
in my pocket, every month. And so that’s how this works. And if you are in the Miami area, what does that look
like on an annual basis? Multiply that by 12, that’s $32,000 a year for that one, four bedroom
apartment, or house. And so that’s what you can do. Here’s a nice little tip that all my students know and they use, but people, I’m gonna give it to you ’cause most people that
are thinking about Airbnb, they think about this one thing and they think about it the wrong way. They go, “Well, do I need
to get a place on the water? “I gotta go get a place on the water, “get a place downtown, “like right in the heart
of tourist section,” right? Wrong, you don’t wanna do that, why? Because you’re gonna overpay. You don’t need to do that,
you don’t need to do that. What you’re gonna do
is, you gotta remember, you gotta think about it, the people that are coming in
to Miami, for whatever reason, they’re traveling from all over the world. And so when they come in, whether it’s, again, it’s Miami, or Orlando, it’s Texas, Dallas, if it’s Chicago, if it’s New York, regardless of where you are,
when people are coming in, they’re coming in from all over the world. Airbnb is an international platform; it’s a huge platform. And they just need to be in the vicinity. So if you’re 10, 15 20
minutes away, in most cases, they’re gonna be okay with that. There’s more than enough people coming in that will be okay with that. So you can now, instead
of having to compete with those crazy numbers
that you’re gonna get and right in the center of everything, go a little further out. Get the right number so that you can stay within the formula and, what, you can maximize your revenue, and you’ll still have very happy people, as long as your place is well-done, it’s neat, it’s clean,
it’s safe and it’s quiet. Don’t go in the best ares,
don’t go in the worst areas, ’cause you don’t want people coming in and feeling like they’re unsafe, but go in the areas
that are in the middle; they’re decent areas. And so, that’s it. The next video I’m gonna do, is I’m show you how,
when you go on Zillow, to find these properties. So that way, you can go on Zillow, and you’ll be able to go in, and find and match the two up. So if this was helpful to
you, I want you to like and subscribe the video. I also want you to share it. Like share the video on social media if you know someone that
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mention you in my comments and/or on my platforms. So that’s it. The last thing I wanna say, though, is, again, if you are
serious about starting and growing your Airbnb passive income, you wanna get up to five, 10, $15,000 passive income per month, and you like the cashflow,
the way that happens, the way I showed you,
then book a call with me. Go in the description below, click on the link that says, “Book a call,”
and we could talk about it and talk about how to get you going. I love spending time with my students, I love helping people really begin to live their vision, and stop worrying and stressing about not having enough income,
or running out of reserves, or you’re just spinning your
wheels doing wholesaling, whatever that might be, that’s what I do. I’ve been doing this stuff for 30 years, I’ve been doing real estate
investing, 20 years full-time. I’ve done millions of dollars
worth of transactions, and so now I’m just kinda settled in and just love helping
people share my information, and that’s what I do
and I’d love to have you be my next success story. And so, if you wanna go in, take a look at some more of my videos and my students’ success
stories, I think you’ll see that my simple techniques,
I keep it simple, like I keep it real simple, and it works. So, I hope that I’ll
be talking to you soon but do something, regardless
of whatever it is, like, do something. So, with that said, I’m gonna sign off, I’ll see you on the next
video, God bless you.


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