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HOW TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN JAPAN // The Actual Move and Settling In (Part 5)

hello welcome to the last video in my
series about moving in Japan today’s topic is the actual move and settling in
step 1 preparing for the move when I first came to Japan from Australia I did
not bring a lot with me so most of the stuff that I did bring I just packed
into boxes and searched by Australia Post the second time I moved from a
previous apartment into our current place I use a company called ART moving
center and I was very happy with them I don’t know if it’s just with this
company but ART gives free quotes so I just had to arrange a time for them to
come tell them exactly what I wanted them to move and they gave me a quote on
the spot once I decided to go ahead with ART they provided me with three boxes
packing tape and paper to wrap breakables if there are items you want
to get rid of but you don’t want to pay the oversized garbage removal fee then
you’ll have to try and give it away or sell it
there are secondhand stores all over Japan a big one is called book off which
is a chain store or you could try secondhand buy and sell groups on
Facebook like Tokyo sayonara sale Sayonara Sale nationwide Kanto
foreigners classified mottainai Japan etc a colleague of mine also used a
moving company could recycle boy this is a moving company and recycle shop
combined so apparently they can take away your unwanted items for free or for
a fee depending on what it is and of how much you should be to them I will leave
links to recycle boy art and book off in the description box below for your new
place your agent will give you a checklist to go through the property and
write down any existing problems with it do this process really thoroughly and if
possible bring someone with you as a second pair of eyes because when the
time comes for you to leave you don’t want to be blamed or made to pay for
anything that wasn’t actually your fault so there are existing issues or damages
take notes and photos as evidence for your own record in terms of setting up
utilities this does not take long at all water and electricity can be set up
online you just need to specify what day as would gas and internet someone needs
to be home for that but gas only takes around 5 to 10 minutes and a little bit
longer for internet step to the actual move
on the day of the actual move I just had to tell ART where I wanted everything to
go in my new place so have a good idea of where you want things to be so then
the movers can put it there for you or at least in the room that you want it to
be in which will be less work for you later I also have to make my own way to
the new apartment so just check with your moving company about whether or not
you have to arrange your own transport step 3
settling in as I mentioned earlier I did not bring a lot with me from Sydney so
all my furniture appliances etc were purchased here in Japan the main stores
that I used were IKEA Nitori which is like a Japanese IKEA yodobashi camera yamada denki and Aeon I will talk more about all these doors and others in future
videos finally if you’ve made fun with in Japan make sure you get a change of
address form from the post office so then all your mail can be redirected to
your new home you also need to go to your local ward office to have your
address updated there and of course don’t forget to update your details with
other important places too like the bank your workplace if you have one etc so
that’s it thank you so much for watching my series about moving and renting an
apartment in Japan if you found my videos helpful please like and subscribe
and feel free to leave me any questions you may have in the comment section
below or suggestions on what you’d like to see
in future videos I will see you next time bye

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Hi anita! Great series about renting in apartment in japan, can you also do how to open a bank account in tokyo and how can you send money to japan from your home country? Thanks a lot!

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