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HOW TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN JAPAN // Property Inspections and Things to Prepare (Part 3)

hello welcome to part 3 of my series
about moving in Japan today’s topic is property inspections
and things to prepare okay so when you found some properties that you’re
interested in the next step is to contact a real estate agent and try to
arrange inspections now properties in Japan aren’t restricted to one
particular agents so you don’t necessarily have to go through the one
from the property listing that you found it on. You can approach the real
estate agent of your choice show them your list and they should be
able to make arrangements for you this also means that if you don’t feel
particularly comfortable with a certain agency you don’t feel like they’re being
honest with you then you can change to someone else
some things I’d recommend for you to prepare are one Zairyu card for
foreigners this is your residence card with your personal information so it’s
pretty important that you have this Two personalized stamp now this is not
compulsory but it can be pretty useful It’s quite common practice here in Japan
for people to use a personalized stamp as their signature in lieu of signing
with a pen this way you can maintain consistency across all documents like
when you sign out the bank or when you rent a place etc they’re pretty cheap
and easy to make I got mine made at a stamp making shop and from memory It only
took around half an hour or so for them to actually make it number three make
sure you have your finances in order as I said in the last video you will need a
whole lot of cash to begin with so just make sure you’re in a position to be
able to pay all of that and number four if possible if you don’t speak or read
Japanese try to bring a trusted friend or person you know who has Japanese
language abilities with you because it will just make the whole process a lot
easier and less nerve-wracking okay during the actual inspection it is okay
to take photos in fact I highly recommend that you do this way you can
remember each place more clearly and even share the photos with your family
and friends to get their opinions use your checklist of needs and wants as a
guide of things to look out for in the apartment the building and surroundings
and jot down brief notes about place. also make sure you bring a tape
measure with you this was something that I did not think about but luckily my
colleague who came with me for the inspections did bring one and it
proved to be super handy to be able to measure specific dimensions which is
something that the agent doesn’t necessarily provide lastly ask your agent
any questions you may have and trust your gut sometimes some places can look
really good on paper like the floor plan might be ideal and the photos of the
place looks really attractive but when you get there in person something just
doesn’t feel quite right I had this experience with a couple of properties
during my search so give yourself time to think things over don’t rush into
anything to make sure you can find a home that you can truly feel comfortable
and happy in if you are pretty set on a particular place though be prepared to
sign an application form of interest on the spot this will require things like
your personal details contact details employment details of your working etc
when I did the inspection for my current home the property was brand new and it
was only available because the previous person had for whatever reason pulled
out suddenly so I knew competition was high especially as it is in a good
location luckily though thanks to good planning and preparation I was able to
apply for the place on the spot and from there the agent did checks just to make
sure I can actually afford it and then once things were cleared we arranged a
contract signing to finalize everything okay that brings me to the end of part
three once again thank you so much for watching if you’ve been finding these
videos helpful please like and subscribe and leave any questions you may have
about moving in Japan in the comment section and I’ll try my best to answer
them or you may just want to share your moving experience with all of us so we
can learn from each other I will see you in my next video so until then bye

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so how about for students who coming to Japan. Are they working with that? Is it possible arrange that through websites?

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