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HOW TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN JAPAN // Private vs UR Housing (Part 4)

Hello! Today’s topic is: Private apartments versus
UR Housing. Let’s jump straight into it! Private apartments are owned by individual
landlords whereas UR Chintai or UR housing is a corporation formed by the Japanese national
government. From what I’ve seen, UR Housing is generally
bigger complexes and tend to be further away from the station. They also involve fewer fees so lets talk
about that!. Some of the fees usually involved with private
apartments include Key Money, Agent Fee, Guarantor and Renewal. I explain more about these fees and others
in Part 2. Now with UR Housing, they require no key money,
no agent fee, no guarantor, no renewal and the cleaning fees also usually cheaper. So that’s a lot of savings. Some other positive points about UR Housing
are garbage disposal. Every complex has their own garbage room with
separate areas for different types of trash. This means you don’t really have to wait for
specific days to throw out certain types of rubbish. I talk more about garbage collection in Japan
in this video. Next, discounts. When I was searching for a place in January/February
this year, UR Housing were one of the agents I approached to have a look at some of their
properties. Now at the time they didn’t have any special
deals on or anything but a couple of months later, when my friend was looking for a place
through UR Housing, they had a campaign of one month free rental. Now a colleague of mine who used to work in
the real estate industry and has been renting through UR Housing for quite some time now,
said that they have these campaigns once in a while so that’s definitely something you
could ask about or look into. Another thing is, if you have kids, it’s worth
asking about any possible discount rates because I remember the UR Agent saying something about
for families with children under the age of 16, they do a special discount rate on the
rent. Finally if you are interested in an apartment
after an inspection, the UR agent can actually put it on hold for you for 2 weeks. That means no one else will be shown that
property during that period which gives you more time to think things over and get your
finances in order. Now having said all that, we’re actually currently
not renting through UR Housing. The main reason why I moved from my previous
apartment was because after 1.5 years of long distance (with some catchups during that period)
Torii was finally going to join me here in Japan. We both wanted to be close to a particular
station and since there were no UR Housing near that station, we ended up going with
a private apartment. We also prefer smaller buildings than large
complexes and we’re super happy with our current home so everything’s worked out really well. Alright, so that is private apartments vs
UR Housing. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe
if you haven’t already, and I will see you in my next video which will be about the actual
move and settling in process. Until then, bye!

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Can I rent a independent house has a international student ?

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