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HOW TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN JAPAN // 6 Things to Consider (Part 1)

hello welcome to the first video in a
series of five that I’m going to make about moving in Japan now everything
else share is based on my personal experiences from having moved here from
overseas as well as my more recent move earlier this year okay
let’s begin today’s topic is six things to consider when looking for an
apartment in Japan number one location now location is
super important to get started think about what place or places you will
likely frequent because the time and money that you save on transport and
travel will be so beneficial in the long run once you’ve worked that out have a
look at the areas around those places and if you can try and check it out in
person and get a feel of what it’s like there is it too busy or quiet are you
comfortable are there amenities that you’ll likely
use nearby like parks or gym is there a branch of your bank is there a station
nearby and so on if you kind of get there in person just use Google Maps I
did that when I was looking for a place while still in Australia and it really
helped me just to get a feel of what is around and what the area is like number
to transport so Japan’s railway system is pretty well known for its convenience
and reliability however don’t forget about the other methods of transport as
well for example some place is actually easier to get to by bus than it is by
train so you may actually be better off living close to a certain bus route than
train stations also living close to a bus stop or a train station doesn’t
necessarily mean travel convenience depending on your route some buses and
trains may not actually run that frequently so you if you miss one you
may need to wait awhile before the next one arrives or you might need to do many
transfers before you get to where you actually need to be so definitely work
out your commute time and cost first because they do add up speaking of cost
number three finance what is your budget how much can you actually afford to
spend on rent and don’t forget about the other fees that are usually involved
when renting a place in Japan like agency Kimani guarantee insurance
repair cleaning renewal and so on I will talk about these more in a teach video
also bear in mind that when you actually start renting your place you will need
to pay around two months rent in advance number four
size so if you’re living alone you probably don’t really need that much
space but if you want to live more spaciously
or perhaps you have more people in your family or maybe just a lot of stuff then
think about how much room you need or want and write it down just as a
reference a lot of places in Japan is actually measured by how many tatami
mats can fit in each area so when you’re looking at floor plans you might see
something like this in this example it means that six tatami mats can fit in
that room and one tatami mat is equal to around 1.6 square meters number five
floor plan and design my favorite. I love looking at interior design and floor
plans I just think it’s so much fun so when I was browsing for a place online I
made myself a checklist of needs and once because I will get so excited about
all these different places and having that checklist really helped me to stay
focused and narrow down my options more realistically and then I would arrange
my inspections from there are some examples of my needs where the building
can’t be more than 20 years old Japan is an earthquake prone country and
I know there’s lots of opinions about what’s best or better in terms of
construction and year and date but for me just at least knowing the building’s
not too old gives me a bit more confidence in ease of mind and another
example was no deaths or accidents in the apartment and preferably the
building at all and also note itami I really did not want to Tommy because I
had a in my previous apartment I had a room with tatami mat and just the whole
maintenance and cleaning of it was for me I just it was too troublesome so I
really did not want that in my new play you saw about some examples of my wants
I wanted a place that was close to shops and supermarkets I wanted to have lots
of natural sunlight and I also wanted no wasted space so the the design of the
home has to be I guess there’s no weird angles or anything like that okay final
point to consider building facilities these are things like your elevators
security door can anyone just walk in or do you need a key or code to do so
delivery storage locker so this is a facility that some buildings offer where
it’s a place for the postman to put your parcel or something bigger if you’re not
home to receive it so you don’t have to worry about rescheduling a delivery a
storage is very designated garbage collection area in the building so this
is something I do miss about my old place they had a designated garbage
collection point just our stairs whereas where I’m living now that collection
point is around the block so it’s not too bad but it’s definitely not as
convenient as before also if you have pets or you’re thinking of getting one
then it may be a little bit harder for you to find a place because a lot of
places here do have pet restrictions but having said that it’s not impossible you
just may need to put in a bit more time and effort alright so that’s my list of
things to consider just a few tips if I wrap things up
start planning and searching as early as possible the more time you allow
yourself the less pressure and stress you’re going to feel also try to avoid
peak moving season which is March April because then the agents will more likely
give you bit more attention and will also help you to reduce the moving costs
such as the removals fee and finally make your own check with what’s
important to me may not be so important to you so write down your list of needs
and once and go from there okay hopefully this video has been
helpful and I will see you in the next one bye


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Thank you! This was really helpful!

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OMG thank you so much you are awesome me and my 3 friends are planning on moving to Japan in the future so thank you ?

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