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How to purchase real estate in Poland? Answers to popular questions of investors. 18+

Today’s video topic is “Top 5 questions about real estate purchase in Poland” cause
we get so many inquiries and some of the question are frequently asked, so we decided to create
a video to answer your questions. Q1: Is there any limit for foreign investment
There is no limit minimum or maximum for a real estate investment in Poland. A foreigner can purchase as many properties
as he wants in case he or she obtains a real estate purchase permit if applicable. Q2: Can I get a loan to purchase a real estate And the answer is Yes if you meet following
criteria: you should be a resident of Poland and you should have a regular income on the
territory of Poland. Even if you want to mortgage the real estate
you want a bank will most probably will not grant you a loan. We had a client that was rejected to receive
50.000 zloty under mortgage, which is approximately 12 k euro, even though he had 450.000 zloty
in cash. And the property value was much higher than
he had to spend, so bank wouldn’t have any problems to get his money back. Q3: Can I buy a property under the name of
my Polish company You can do that and actually it is even easier
for foreigner to purchase a property under a Polish company’s name because in most
cases you will not need to obtain a real estate purchase permit before the property purchase. Q4: How can I be sure if the property I buy
has clear title without being scammed? Actually that is why real estate due diligence
is necessary if you purchase a secondary market property. If it is a primary market then the risk is
very low. There is a real estate records where you can
check mortgage for example, and there are other legal ways to check on the property
status form different authorities if it s plot for example. Q5: Are there any restrictions from me selling
the property after I purchase? The answer is: There are no restrictions for
the property sales, you can sell it anytime you want after the purchase. Those were top 5 questions about real estate
purchase in Poland. Hope you enjoyed it. If you need professional advisory from our
team of real estate experts, contact us from down below. see you next time. Bye.

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