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How to Market Your Home For Sale in 100 Different Ways With The Inner Circle Team

SACHA: This is Sacha Blanchet and Sam Pratt here
with the Inner Circle Team in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley
area, and today, we want to talk about the hundred different ways that we actually
market your home when you’re choosing to sell the house with us. SAM: A hundred is
a lot! SACHA: A hundred is a lot! And most people think that, you know, real estate
agents, usually most of them that I want, same as anyone, but we’re doing a lot
more than just taking pictures and putting it on the MLS. So we’re actually
working very, very hard to market your home and in over a hundred ways!
So tell us a little bit, a few ways, that we’re actually doing? SAM: One of
the things that always has struck me tremendously that Coldwell Banker does,
when you list with us, you immediately go on nine hundred websites–it’s
international! So instantly, the word goes out about your house, your
little, old house all over the world! I love that idea! SACHA: It’s a lot more than just
the, the Zillow and the Truly app that we have over here, but there’s so many
different websites in China and Coldwell Banker, its global! And it has offices in
so many, so many different countries, and so it goes to all these websites as well,
and it’s, it’s not uncommon to see that we hear, you know, Chinese buyers coming
and buying homes here and in the Arizona market. SAM: You know we get a lot of interest
from all over the world which i think is remarkable. Aside from that of course, we
have the normal print postcards, flyers, open houses, but we also have those
special events which we’ve talked about before, but I think it’s worth bringing
them up again because they’re really important on getting things, getting the
house out there to the right people. SACHA: Exactly. SAM: And it’s not just the right
buyers, but the right Realtors who are in that work, work in that area, work in the
echelon of house. SACHA: Absolutely. And I really love also that we we also
advertise on television as well we have our CW advertising every Sunday
morning, that we we put our new listings on as well. If you want to know the full
hundred ways that we’re marketing your home, feel free to reach out to us, we’ll
be happy to meet one-on-one with you and go through that full list! This is Sacha
Blanchet and Sam Pratt with the Inner Circle Team here in the Phoenix area, see
you later!

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