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How to Make a Bathroom Sink Vanity Unit // Tiny Apartment Build – Ep.1

Hey hey, so…a new series is born on the
channel and I’m going to build a tiny apartment on this space. Let’s get started! The reason I haven’t been posting many videos
recently is because 1 – I’ve been planing, drawing and thinking really hard about this
new space for the last couple months and 2 – I’ve been building a musical instrument
and that is taking a lot of time and effort. Good news is that the ukulele bass is almost
finished and bad news is that I have more than 1 terabyte of 4K footage to edit. But don’t give up on me! I promise you I’m doing my best to bring
you super awesome content, learning and entertainment. So let’s talk about this bathroom vanity. The material I used here is a water-resistant
MDF that typically comes in green color so that it is easily distinguishable from the
regular brown material. Whenever you’re working on pieces for humid
areas, make sure to use water-resistant materials. Most of the pieces were already cut to size
or close to size because I asked the guys on the home center to cut them for me so I
could fit the boards inside the car and make my job quicker. I joined most of the parts using my brand
new domino joiner that basically cuts mortises in both sides to receive a floating tenon
to create a super strong joint. Since I will be building lots and lots of
furniture in the next weeks, I decided to purchase this tool to make everything a little
quicker to build. At least that’s what I hope. But anyway, all this can still be achieved
with screws or dowels like I have been doing in the past projects. I glued the outer structure of the cabinet
and as I was building this on the go, some mistakes came in the way and had to change
my mind about some parts of the process. I ended up screwing the back rails instead
of using the floating tenons and patching the holes with some wood paste. Then I realized I didn’t count for the top
overhang and had to add a little strip to make it a little wider Thankfully none of
this mattered in the end as it wasn’t visible. I sanded the strip flush and started working
on the veneering process. I used some oak veneer sheets and tried a
new method to get freshly straight edges with a router and a flush trimming bit. It’s super hard to get straight edges using
an x-acto knife because the blade always follows the wood grain and it’s almost impossible
to get a perfect line for book matching and gluing. I’m not sure I can find a better contact
glue in Portugal to get this job done, but I must say this high viscosity glue was a
pain to use. After sticking the two pieces together, it’s
imperative to press them as hard as you can with a hard block. I scraped some glue spots and kept working
on the rest of the cabinet. Here I was cutting the mdf to size for the
drawers and assembled them using the domino joiner again. I got to the conclusion that the bottoms were
a little two thin, so I decided doubling the thickness. I pressed them together by placing the vanity
itself and some other weights on top. After cutting them to size, I jumped on the
glue up and did my best to align and clamp everything nicely. I removed all the dust and painted everything
white on the inside faces. I also applied several coats of water resistant
varnish on the top and drawer bottoms. I wanted to create the pulls just so that
they are not protruding past the front face of the vanity. So the idea here is to make a recessed rectangle
and then attach a strip of wood that has an angle towards the inside of the recess so
you can actually grab it with the fingers. I needed to mount the drawer slides before
cutting the final height for the drawer fronts. So I did that using gloves because I really
hate when the drawers slides come full of grease. I then screwed the bottoms and started to
apply the slides plasticky parts. I had to cut the tips of the screws so they
don’t peek inside the drawer but well, it was my first experience with hidden drawer
slides and I wish I can get some instructions for next time. Let me know if there’s any good information
out there regarding this type of slides because I didn’t find much. Here I was creating a groove in several passes
using the track saw to fit the bottom. Now I can finally attach the front pieces
and paint the inside face of the fronts. I am carefully working on this drain pipe
relief on the top drawer but I’ll tell you right away that I had to redo this part because
the spacing was too small. To screw the veneered top in place, I decided
to use pocket holes to avoid any visible fasteners. Now I can attach the pulls and start mounting
the vanity in place. So this is a pretty old bathroom with super
misaligned tiles on the walls which makes everything harder and I also didn’t calculate
the plumbing measurements very well. But anyway, I mounted the structure to the
wall and I could put the top in place with pocket hole screws. Of course I will need to apply later a thin
trim around the vanity to mask the inconsistent wall shape. As I explained before, the drain pipe clearance
wasn’t enough to angle the pipe to the wall existing hole so I had to remake this section. Still have to work on the plumbing, connecting
the faucet and try to align the drawer slides a bit better aaaaand so much do to about the
rest of the space! I’m super excited about the upcoming projects
and I’m sure you will be as well. Thank you so much for watching this first
episode of the Tiny Apartment Series and I’ll see you soon with a bunch of new furniture
projects! Oh yeah, but first, the ukulele build! That is going to be a long one but really
really fun. A big shout out to all my Patreon supporters
that have been patiently waiting for all this new content and kept believing and supporting
my work. I’ll catch you guys later!



Oct 10, 2018, 2:35 am Reply

Very nice build. What kind of paint is that white paint, please?

Crafty Little Maker

Oct 10, 2018, 3:26 pm Reply

Very cool. Did you consider using the iron on edging or is that something that isn't available to you?

Aldous Yelxuh

Oct 10, 2018, 4:29 am Reply

excited for this! great work on volume 1. =)


Oct 10, 2018, 9:06 pm Reply

The materials you used are gonna hold up to the moisture of the bathroom.
I saw a similar Cabinet at the bathroom showroom for about $650-$850 USD
And that is without the sink which adds only another $100 to $200 USD
With your skills and shop you saved a ton of money!

Jude Katter

Oct 10, 2018, 5:18 am Reply

Gorgeous item. Way to go.


Oct 10, 2018, 9:17 pm Reply

Seus projetos são incriveis! Você é Brasileira ou passou algum tempo por aqui?

Hey I’m a Maker

Oct 10, 2018, 11:49 pm Reply

The drawer pulls are so clean!

Nice work!


Nov 11, 2018, 4:56 am Reply

Measure none, cut twice.

Rob Pittaway

Nov 11, 2018, 12:22 pm Reply

Hi Cris, nice little unit! And well done for doing the veneer, I would have wimped out and used solid timber ha! Can I ask which countersink you used seemed to be two different ones in the video, but I have had so many terrible countersinks ha! Looking forward to the next video today!

Joseph Clatterbuck

Nov 11, 2018, 6:00 pm Reply

Those drawer pulls are amazingly gorgeous!

Makarov Fox

Nov 11, 2018, 9:36 pm Reply

the human eye see lees of 4k

Korben Dalas

Nov 11, 2018, 3:11 pm Reply

Nice work but unnecessary. This Bathroom Sink or alike you can buy in shop like www.siko.cz


Nov 11, 2018, 11:50 pm Reply

what paint type you were using for the cabinet ?

Stelian Miclaus

Dec 12, 2018, 12:55 pm Reply

Greatings, your project end up very beautiful. I realy like it.


Dec 12, 2018, 6:43 pm Reply

You make it look so easy. Superb work

Cleo Madra

Dec 12, 2018, 7:58 am Reply

Great video, and shirt!


Dec 12, 2018, 9:33 am Reply


Boris Banjac

Jan 1, 2019, 11:16 pm Reply

Nice job!!

For drawers sistems l think you can find everything you need here:

EASY ASSEMBLY by Julius Blum GmbH https://itunes.apple.com/si/app/easy-assembly/id1033433371?mt=8


I mean FOR ME the Blum is the top of the top.

Ps: love your videos

pichdara pichdara

Jan 1, 2019, 7:08 am Reply


Salvador Nobre Veiga

Jan 1, 2019, 10:50 pm Reply

Ola Cristiana @Get Hands Dirty …porque usas MDF e nao contraplacado macico por exemplo de carvalho ao inves de ter que colar o "veneer"? Somente por diferenca de precos? Qual o preco de uma placa destas em PT vs contraplacado? Pergunto mesmo por desconhecimento e por ver outros videos, o pessoal dizer sempre que contraplacado e melhor etc. Se puderes dar a dicas, sobretudo, vou comecar agora a construir uma adicao para a minha cozinha e estava a pensar em contraplacado – vai ser pintado por isso se carvalho ou betula ou outra coisa acho que nao importa muito.

Jose Manuel h

Jan 1, 2019, 12:20 pm Reply

¡what machine!

Vladimir Georgiev

Jan 1, 2019, 8:44 am Reply

Great job. I rather destroy the current bath and renovate it from scratch. Seems very crappy.

Mostafa Shaalan

Jan 1, 2019, 11:20 am Reply

I love it ❤️

Angga Black

Jan 1, 2019, 9:07 pm Reply

Particel board?

Marco Pereira

Jan 1, 2019, 12:59 am Reply

Muito bom! Keep up the good work!

Ashen River Ferraro

Jan 1, 2019, 8:10 am Reply

One thing I learned by watching your videos is that you can never have too many clamps 😀 lol ! .. joking aside.. you are awesome!

Alonso Junior

Jan 1, 2019, 12:10 pm Reply

adoro seu trabalho

hector ibañez

Feb 2, 2019, 6:12 am Reply

OMG! In my dictionary you are the definition of: awesome, patience and perfection.

Abokr Omar

Feb 2, 2019, 4:49 pm Reply

my favorite youtube channel

Folasko Music

Feb 2, 2019, 8:04 am Reply

That domino joiner thingermajig is nifty AF.

Richard Haggarty

Feb 2, 2019, 1:03 am Reply

Just a quick tip when test fitting domino's. Have 4-6 spare domino's that you have sanded down lightly. This makes them easier to remove when test fitting. I mark them with a black marker so I don't use them on project. Keep up the great work and video's!

Samir Bari

Feb 2, 2019, 9:27 am Reply

Good job ….

C Silva

Feb 2, 2019, 4:10 am Reply

❤️?? Rio de Janeiro , Brazil


Feb 2, 2019, 4:22 pm Reply

You're such a bad ass, loved your final work.


Feb 2, 2019, 1:41 am Reply

I haven't tried this, but wouldn't the Titebond glue (I, II or III) be easier than contact glue for the veneers ?
-At least you'd only need to put glue on one of the parts you need to glue (both is always better, though, but for veneer, I think it'd be enough with glue on one of the parts).

As for the drawer slides, I recently came across this video, which may be helpful:
-Remember if your drawers do not slide easily, it may be due to that the drawer itself is too wide or too slim.
-But it might also be because the slides are mounted slightly twisted.
If you want the drawers to "want to close", then you can mount the slides slightly elevated at the front (both on the cabinet and the drawer itself), but most of the time you wouldn't want that.

Shawn Chamberlin

Feb 2, 2019, 3:00 pm Reply

Love your builds, this should be a really great series to see you build out this small apartment. Was this for a client or are you moving?


Feb 2, 2019, 2:00 am Reply

soft closing the cabinet , how you made it? is there the spesial rail?

regard from indonesia

Possi N

Mar 3, 2019, 4:00 am Reply

1:36, veludo cotelê spoted!

Donald R. Stewart

Mar 3, 2019, 6:16 pm Reply

Is that new tiny apartment next to your work studio or far apart??

Ayaz Mullick

Mar 3, 2019, 11:41 am Reply

me loves it

Edvaldo. jose

Mar 3, 2019, 3:48 pm Reply


Karl Harris

Mar 3, 2019, 6:45 pm Reply

Doing the top oversized and always giving yourself plenty of wiggle room is a great idea ??


Mar 3, 2019, 8:53 pm Reply

nice work lady

mendokusai ryuu

Mar 3, 2019, 4:38 am Reply

Are you from Portugal? I'm half from Lisbon!

Perilous Wisdom

Mar 3, 2019, 6:48 am Reply

Everything you make is just beautiful and I'm so jealous.

Eric Ho

Mar 3, 2019, 5:18 pm Reply

Hettich manufacture slide rails and their online catalog has some installation instructions, link to an example:



Ad V

Mar 3, 2019, 9:52 pm Reply


Ravenswood Games

Mar 3, 2019, 2:09 pm Reply

Like the series – but you should look into reversing the order on your playlist so it starts with the first in the series and moves forward 😉


Mar 3, 2019, 8:29 pm Reply

I love the drawer pulls. So stylish

Mohammed Sadiq

Mar 3, 2019, 11:31 am Reply

Great ?
I love your work

Mandrax PL

Mar 3, 2019, 7:41 pm Reply

Someone could tell me what kind of this the clamps are. I'm thinking about a brand and where I can buy them. Thx for answer


Mar 3, 2019, 12:20 am Reply

The flush fit handles are a great idea. I agree that handles sticking out are a pain.
The thing with almost all houses being out of square with nothing straight seems to be a problem everywhere in England as well. Perhaps it is a universal problem. Whenever I look at the tiles in my bathroom I feel embarrassed for the person who did it.

Ruben Cid

Mar 3, 2019, 1:44 pm Reply

I love it

Pengamat Indonesia

Mar 3, 2019, 4:56 pm Reply

wow awesome…………


Mar 3, 2019, 9:48 am Reply

Hi, I've been watching some of your episodes, and I have to wonder – When using MDF material, aren't you afraid of formaldehyde? I don't see you using breathing protection when cutting or doing jointery. I don't know much about MDF myself, just heard that it contains formaldehyde and that one should be aware. Thanks for taking time answering 🙂


Mar 3, 2019, 4:41 pm Reply

You are amazing!!! I like your job!!!

J Santos

Mar 3, 2019, 7:46 pm Reply

Congratulations on the excellent work and the fantastic canal.
I really like your channel and I'm impressed with the tools and materials you use, I think most people do not know how to value you being in Portugal, an extremely difficult country to find specialized tools and materials (I'm tired of looking). One day you have to share where you get the materials, so I can use in my modest projects 😉

xirui wang

Mar 3, 2019, 3:38 pm Reply

非常喜欢你的视频 我也正在装修我的新家 看了你的视频很有启发 来自中国的粉丝

Michael Lawalata

Apr 4, 2019, 3:22 pm Reply

hello, can i know what kind of paint did you use on that mdf ?*the white one
and thanks for the video! love it.

Дмитрий Воробьев

Apr 4, 2019, 3:36 pm Reply

Hi!! Your videos are fascinating from the first minute. The first time I see a girl who is engaged in carpentry business, and even so professionally. We immediately see that you love your business. Bravo!! More interesting, what kind of green stuff do you use?

Javier Suarez

Apr 4, 2019, 5:54 pm Reply

Saludos desde España y felicidades por tu gran trabajo. ¿Qué equipo de grabación usas?

peter petrenko

Apr 4, 2019, 6:22 pm Reply


Alexis Tosta

Apr 4, 2019, 10:55 am Reply

Tens uns projectos muito porreiros. E tenho de conhecer o Porto. Já tive ai muitas vezes mas só no aeroporto e trocando de comboio pra Aveiro, Braga e Lisboa. Sou da Madeira mas conheço pouco do nosso país. Tenho conhecido mais o Algarve porque minha irmã vive lá e o Algarve é uma desilusão pelo menos para mim mas o Porto…nunca ouvi ninguém falar mal do Porto e tenho muitos amigos aí.
Bom, continua com teus projectos e felicidades

Daniel Medina Herraiz

May 5, 2019, 2:32 pm Reply

I havr some questions about your table saw, firstly, is your table saw an aeg ts250k and how much accurate it is?? Thanks by attention 🙂

Anderson Antunes

May 5, 2019, 3:15 pm Reply

Gostava de saber quanto gastas com os materiais para um projeto destes.

Billie Jean

May 5, 2019, 5:34 pm Reply



May 5, 2019, 6:54 am Reply

Man, I wish I had your skills! So gifted. My husband is pretty good with general woodworking, but I'd love to have cabinetry-making skills like you! Well done.

maarten schultze

May 5, 2019, 3:39 pm Reply

I'm late to this video, but good luck if you aren't already done!

Silverback Gorrilla

May 5, 2019, 9:51 am Reply

Oh, man, those crisp edges on the drawer handles… pure wood porn!

Bernadette Pagnoux

May 5, 2019, 10:04 am Reply

Great job, I like your work.
I watch you from Paris and it’s always a pleasure to see your news ideas and projects.

Veb Cloud

Jun 6, 2019, 2:18 am Reply

The handles are amazingly beautiful

Sama Doors

Jun 6, 2019, 11:43 am Reply

Good job CNC panel work

Markneil Salinas

Jun 6, 2019, 7:28 am Reply

Using MDF for Bathroom wtf?

Radu Frumusanu

Jun 6, 2019, 12:01 pm Reply

Hello,what kind of paint do you use ( the white one)? Thank you very much!


Jun 6, 2019, 5:31 pm Reply

I can't wait to see the next episode!!!

Carina Pinto

Jun 6, 2019, 10:25 am Reply

Bem primeiro que tudo, parabéns!!! Adoro o teu trabalho todo, a edicao, a música, os trabalhos em madeira…. Segundo, tens dicas para pintar madeira tão lisinha? Já comprei todos os rolos e pincéis, todos os tipos de primário e esmalte, e fica sempre meio texturado. Tenho a certeza que a madeira estava limpinha. Tks

Hanasumi Niko

Jun 6, 2019, 7:04 pm Reply


Karolis Jukna

Jun 6, 2019, 7:38 pm Reply

about the slides, here is the channel that you might already know, if not, here you are. He doesn`t talk or explain: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRBbCjUgtS7QOGxkD0c89yg

Melissa Burton

Jun 6, 2019, 7:50 pm Reply

Thank you for the mistakes!

Анатолий Хомченко

Jun 6, 2019, 8:03 am Reply

О! Это лучшие мебельные ручки, которые я видел

Joseph Erwin

Jul 7, 2019, 6:11 pm Reply

Absolutely LOVE ❤️ those drawer pulls!

Anaïs Garnier

Jul 7, 2019, 11:11 am Reply

Hello! I am currently building a dressing for my room and was looking for a way to make hidden handles. I am glad your video came into me for the way you did yours ? thank you for this, very nice vanity well done!
Have a nice day

Quake c

Jul 7, 2019, 2:58 pm Reply

I appreciate that you show how to readjust on the go. These aren't mistakes they are design changes.

Quake c

Jul 7, 2019, 3:10 pm Reply

I would just type into YouTube exactly what you are looking for. Chances are pretty good someone has a video about it.


Jul 7, 2019, 5:08 am Reply

How you fix the sink on the top ?


Jul 7, 2019, 7:48 pm Reply

Very nice working ????????

Jesemanuel Ramirez

Jul 7, 2019, 9:22 pm Reply

The drain relief cutout can be flush trimmed with a router and a flush cut bit

Chris Houlden

Jul 7, 2019, 4:17 am Reply

Even & katelyn T-shirt! Love it.

Bia Freitas

Jul 7, 2019, 6:36 pm Reply

???wowww! ?

ro kit

Jul 7, 2019, 12:25 pm Reply

Hey, Great Vid!
You are using a pad for the circular saw
-> what is this exactly? I can't find such a pad oder underlay for saw?!? Thank you!

jardel roque

Jul 7, 2019, 6:09 am Reply

5:15 Como se chama essa ferramenta? Agradeço desde já, a quem responder ♡

Alexander lahsen romero

Jul 7, 2019, 5:50 pm Reply

Excelente trabajo ??????

Николай Бицадзе

Aug 8, 2019, 7:31 am Reply

I'm totally shocked to know you've made mistakes yourself. Like without help of the crew or bunch of experts in making this kind of magic. I take off my cap and bow my head to salut your craft.

Wellington Amorim Jr.

Aug 8, 2019, 6:04 pm Reply

I was just curious to know if you can speak Portuguese.

Engin Kahveci

Aug 8, 2019, 10:35 pm Reply

very good job .

Miguel Angel

Aug 8, 2019, 3:27 am Reply

Good job, greetings from PERU

Víctor Condorcallo navarro

Aug 8, 2019, 12:15 am Reply

Genial ,,, ??????


Aug 8, 2019, 4:51 am Reply

퀄리티 최고입니다~???

Andrew Wood

Aug 8, 2019, 4:58 pm Reply

Loved the edits, camera work, and of course your great work. I especially like how you included the mistakes you did, and corrected it. I'm sure plenty of youtubers out there are not including their mistakes. well done!! btw, your tools are great and what would you recommend to be the most uncommon but most useful tool you have?

Connor Pearson

Aug 8, 2019, 1:52 am Reply

What kind of finish did you roll on the veneer? Also, what kind of wood for the pull handles?

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