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How To Learn English – Conversations About Housing – Free English Conversation Practice

Hello viewer! Great to see you here. Buying a house is one of the items on a
lot of people’s wish list, isn’t it? We’d all love to live in our own house, or
even have an extra house as an investment. But, is buying and maintaining a house that easy? Definitely not! This lesson has conversations that discuss housing. Practice the dialog by pausing the lesson and repeating it
whenever you feel like! It will help your English fluency. To increase your vocabulary, remember to
check out the vocabulary section at the end. Shall we get started? Why aren’t we buying that beautiful
house we saw on the beach last week? Honey, that’s really an expensive property. But can’t we afford it? We can just afford to buy it. But, after that we
won’t be left with any savings or investments. But we can save more, right? And
anyway, property values always go up! Not always, and what if I suddenly lose my job?
In this economy, one never knows… Hmmm. I get your point! I suppose we should wait
until we have more cash to put into a house. Where are you going? I’m going to put my apartment on a real estate listing. Are you sure you want to sell your apartment? I don’t see any reason to keep it. It’s a vacant property, and before spiderwebs make
a home out of it, I should do something with it. Listen, that’s a really beautiful apartment. You could rent it out if you’re concerned
about the maintenance and it being empty. Yeah. That’s also an option. I’ll talk to my agent about it. Are you moving to new place? Yup. I’m moving in with my boyfriend That sounds good. Where does he live? He lives on Brooks Street. But, that’s a really plush place. How will you two manage the rent? The place is next to both of our offices. So, we’ll be saving a huge amount on
commuting and we can use it to pay on rent. So everything is working out. I’m impressed! When something is expensive, it costs
more than what you’re comfortable paying. If you can’t afford it, it’s expensive. To be able to afford something is to be able to pay for it. A real estate listing is a directory of places that are for sale. If you want a lot of people to know that your property is for sale
or lease, you should have it listed in the real estate listings. There are many types of agents. An agent is someone who
represents someone else in order to get something done. A real estate agent is the person who will help you to sell or lease your house or apartment
by representing you to potential buyers or renters. Plush means very luxurious and expensive. Thank you for watching this lesson.
We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow. Make sure you come back for it! Did you like this lesson? Please don’t forget to hit the like button! Remember to subscribe to our channel to
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