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Yes is this a recording? We are here on
the half duplex Reno. Hello my friends here is Bahiano in this video we’re gonna
show you how to install a shower base, we had a bathtub in here just remove the
bathtub and now we’re gonna just install a shower base, just gonna show you nice and easy. First I want to put some more insulation
behind these pipes, because this is a exterior wall and we didn’t have other
option, so I just gonna loosen up the pipes a bit, we just had a little bit of tiles on the wall, we remove it and now we’re gonna install the shower base, and patch up the drywall. This one in here I just loosen up I gonna put the Polly behind
the pipes the polly and insulation behind the pipes that way protect it from
freezing, this is an exterior wall I just want to put some extra
insulation in here. We have another video how to install the faucet for the shower
will link it to to this one. Yes which includes all the connections for the faucet
for the shower. Thermos insulation this is R14 because the wall he is 2 by 4 old wall.We are here in Vancouver the new code is a little bit different but this
one is the old-timers. yes we’re doing this some insulation here just to
protect it against freezing as much as we can, we had the old tub here never
had a problem before I just want to do the extra precaution, here
Vancouver doesn’t get that cold, but sometime just get cold enough to
freeze, like I say this bathtub being here for years never had a problem before. Yes I’m just put polly, this is the water pipe, we have the insulation in here, that the old one we didn’t have and we have more insulation behind it and now I just put the vapor barrier, you
can see that the pipes are on the outside of the vapor barrier. Yes we put the vapor barrier like behind the water pipe the water line. That way it prevent of
any freezing and this protect against the moisture from come to the pipe
freeze it. I want the poly to go on to the floor 2.” like you can see it is going past the floor little bit. This is a tacker or a hammer stapler, this
is very good one to have, except I don’t have staples inside of it. I’m just gonna do some thermos acoustic caulking in here, just to seal for the moisture not to come in and for
the noise too. This is good stuff, don’t get your hands
messy, I’m just gonna put some more in there to make sure that it’s gonna be sealed. I’m just gonna cut a little bit bigger
than this and what I need whatever I have the 2×4 just gonna make the cut in
there, push in as much as I can. Now we put some tuck tape, this is the tuck tape, it is a vapor barrier I just just gonna put wherever I cut the polly like here, Just make sure you’re gonna have this sealed, nice and tight in there. Hello, yes we have all this o place we
sealed very thing off, we put some clips on the pipes so everything is nice
and doesn’t move Now I just gonna make some holes because, once we install the shower base I just gonna use some foam from the
underneath to give extra support, I’m just gonna make a few holes here on the
floor that way I can go from underneath and great spray this expandable foam that way it support the shower base, instead of put concrete, I’m just gonna use the
foam. I’ve done this many time and works very good. I just made the six 5/8 holes
here on the floor, it is big enough to go in the nose of this spray can and I
could twist a little bit, it should work good, next I just gonna clean up a little
bit. I’m just here with a shower drain just a regular drain and you can see
it has just have the rubber in there and this paper gasket it would go very
much this way, we put the drain and then we pop this paper gasket, make sure to
just go behind this one the reason is you guys don’t use this when you tighten
up this thing gonna make some curves, so this one is just to make sure it’s gonna run
a smooth, that way you’ll be able to tighten up and no problem. Okay you guys
can use plumber pudding, I just gonna use silicone here sealant, yes we can use plumber pudding, I gonna use silicone. I gonna use the silicone on this one.
See I just gonna make sure that I use generous amount of 100% silicone right there just to make sure everything is nice and tight because,
this part is very important, you have this part here sealed the water would
just go in and doesn’t go under neat. This is very important now we’re gonna go this section this one gonna go to rubber and the paper gasket,
I’m just gonna show behind the shower here where the drain gonna go, not all the time this is straight so in this case, just to make sure, that is not necessary to put some silicone or anything down here I’m just gonna put it because this
looks a little bit rough I just do not wants to go back and redo it.
there goes the drain, all pieces the silicone I’ll put this and I’m gonna put
the cardboard, like you guys can see, we have the ring, i am gonna tight it as much as I can with the hands and I just gonna hold this part of the drain real tight you can use a pliers to
to hold it. Usually with the hand is okay. That’s what we need, nice and tight, we
have the silicone like you can see you having a plenty of it, is just getting out,
like I mentioned it’s not really necessary, but if you have any doubt this
gonna leak, you can still go and seal it. put some silicone around it but I’m sure
we have enough, it just to show, because I believe we have plenty of it right now, plenty of silicone in there, the drain is on place. just gonna clean some excess of
silicone that is in here, and we have it place, should be good to go
no leaking, yes just make sure, if you have the plastic to protect the shower, just make that you remove it, around the drain area. the plastic get be off when you’re doing the drain, otherwise the water would go underneath it and start leaking, very simple this is
good to have a two to work with, to put it on place, but this is pretty much one
man job, It can be done just by one person. I show you how to do by one person like, it is not very heavy something like that, I gonna let it go, they are not very heavy. Oh all we doing in here, just gonna move it out that way that side and we gonna level it up. The reason that I am using self drilling screws in here, because I just don’t want to drill the holes, so I have
the screws I just gonna use them otherwise, if you using the regular screw
it out make a drill hole you could damage the shower base, self drilling
screws, the name already say, it just gonna drill a hole for it, yes we gonna
use this just to screw the shower base to the studs alright, this is what we’re doing here now I just using this level, here okay I have it good in that corner or once I have that in I would go for this side, I see on the side looks not too bad, I just need to
bring this side up a little bit. Right guys, okay we have this in place and
level, we gotta go down to connect the drain, but before I go down I will put
some weight on this shower base, that way I can do the spray foam from underneath. So I can I grab some heavy stuff putting here. that we make sure it’s not gonna be lifted
up. Hello guys we done here with the shower is nice and level, we gonna go
from underneath on the floor below. Since we gonna use the spray foam, I
just gotta put some weight on the shower base, that way the foam doesn’t expand too hard and lift it up, we need it to be level so I’m just gonna put some weight
in here, so you would go down, this one is about 17 kilo each, right now we have a
weight on it. Yes guys we’re gonna go to underneath I need spray some foam and connect the drain . Yes guys we are down here to connect the drain and put the spray foam, we have all cut on place and I just gonna see if it would fit. We are down stairs on the basement underneath the shower base, those holes that I made they are right there you can see one two three on this side and three on the other side so this is
what we’re gonna use for, we’re gonna that how we’re just gonna for the foam
and this is the stuff that we’re using. This is to seal the space and underneath
but tub and give some support, so we’re just gonna spray some amount in there
here six spots that way you have a globe the foam, Guys, if you didn’t see this yet, just gonna show you if you have a gap something like, that is how it looks like,
we gonna show you later how much did it expand. Okay let’s just put a little bit
here and then you guys see how this thing work, make sure you shake it well there it is let’s see how much it’s
gonna expand, we can I show you probably in about 15 -20 minutes, yeah just make sure you shake it well, okay then we go pop it on the hole see I’m already at the
bottom of the shower. So yeah I just gonna make sure, I just have two
containers as soon as I have a small amount from top to the bottom of the
shower we are good enough support, guys you can load quite a bit because it
expands here I just calculate I just gonna hold for about one minute for each
space, but you have to see how tight you are for the floor this when we had about
this much space in the bottom of the shower to the floor, the amount that I count on based on my experience, yes I have a two cans in here the foam in six holes,
okay I’m just gonna finish up here and get back to you once we done thank you
you see you in a bit. we have our shower base in, we put the foam, we have a little
bit to video that way you guys can see the foam, we include it on this video.
Now we just gonna let it sit in here The foam continue to expand, take the next 24 hours to cure, so we’re just gonna leave the weight here, that way it
doesn’t lift up the shower base and then we gonna test it with water, w just gonna be done with it, I’m sure not gonna be any
leaking as we’ve done this many time and works very good. Check our play list we have a progress videos, please subscribe to see those and we also include the link
to the playlist on this video. Thank you very much to watch it, and I love you
guys, see you next time, see you in the next video, if you have more question
about this tutorial please let us know in the comment and we will answer you with pleasure, see you soon. This is the spray foam underneath the shower base, while it expand, made on my old phone

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