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How to Get the Rental Property of your Dreams when you own Pets

Right now though I’m catching up with
Deb Morrison who’s the CEO for PetCloud to talk about the difficulties in
getting a rental property when you have a pet. She joins us right now – Good
Morning, how are you? I am well thanks Mandy. That’s really
really good. Now Deb, you and I, we love our dogs – you have a dog of your own – is that right? I do – a little toy cavoodle beautiful name Milly – and has Millie
done any extraordinary things in her life because I must say that my pet has
won the most fancy dressed dog at the show two years in a row she doesn’t hold
that title anymore yeah so she’s she’s quite accomplished what about your own
dog well besides being gifted at doing wee handstands which she literally does
she does a handstand and does a wee but she also met the former Prime
Minister Malcolm Turnbull I think she’s just out done my dog now look you know what it’s like having to find a property with a dog finding a rental and you’ve even had
to give up your dog before yeah yeah previously many years ago before
anything like PetCloud existed I actually struggled to find a pet sitter
and it was also a struggle to find a pet friendly property and it still is a bit
of a struggle to to date so there are proposed laws in place where a br PA and
department of housing are consulting with people to get their opinions from
both landlords and from tenants yep – to just find out what would be a
consideration for approval of a pet owning tenant I’m so you know a few
people back and forth of slag potential health risks or damage to properties or
things like that so there has been a pet bond proposed and that it might be also
up to the owner to accept or they’re trying to figure out whether owners
would have to apply to you know for example qks or the equivalent to get a
court order to say sorry no these tenants not allowed because my property
is unsuitable for pet okay yeah all right well just some
things that are in in the works there but it I guess it also does help though
knowing what that pet is like what its reputation is like a various properties
as well and that’s something that pet cloud can help with so the main aim of
Petco is all about helping to make responsible pet care easy and I guess
the purpose of this resume is it’s hoped that by pet owners by being proactive
and setting up their pets resume and sharing it and including it in their
rental application by being proactive they might actually have a better chance
at scoring their dream rental property that may not actually be advertised as
pet friendly to the general public yeah but if they see a link to your pets
profile and they can see that you know you’ve gone about doing training
desexing they can see that it’s microchipped and you’re generally a
responsible pet owner that this is a well-behaved pet and it’s also an
opportunity to actually ask formal landlords and previous pet sitters for
references what they thought of your pet and they you can share that with your
potential new landlord okay it’s a great idea now setting up a pet resume or
profile on pet cloud is completely free yes that’s right so we’re just trying to
make it easier for pet owners out there in the hopes that more pet owners will
be able to get away with sharing their pets cuteness with their potential
landlord the landlord after seeing it will just not be able to resist letting
that tenant read their property and they go look at that little cute furry face
it wasn’t we on the carpet well no look hopefully that’s obviously what you’re
hoping that pet cloud achieves so if you got a pet client coms are you you can
find out all about setting up a profile for your pet, absolutely free. Deb
Morrison, who’s the CEO for PetCloud, thanks for your time today. Thanks for
having me Mandy, I really appreciate it.

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