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How to Get Out of an Apartment Lease Agreement Early

Do you know how to get out of an apartment
lease agreement early? If you just up and move, you’ll be out of
the apartment, regardless of the lease. Then I have to pay a penalty for not giving
the specified amount of notice. I could end up stuck paying for the entire lease amount
until the lease is up. If you were in the military and got called
up, there are laws to protect servicemen that could let you break the lease. I’m not in the military. What can I do? Review the lease terms carefully. Look for
things the apartment complex failed to provide, such as not being safe or not having heat
during a snowstorm. The power outage was not the land lord’s
fault. Did the landlord enter the property without
your permission and violate your privacy? Were you threatened by other neighbors and
thus forced to move? Unless you include the neighbor’s Chihuahua
that thinks it is a wolf, no. If the property isn’t considered habitable,
such as a leaky roof or holes in the floor, you can argue that the landlord evicted you
by not having a livable property. It’s annoying but not that severe. Your other option is to change the terms of
the lease. Ask to shift to a month to month lease to get out of the long lease, then leave
a month or two later. I can’t wait that long. I got a new job. In some states, you can move out if you are
relocating more than fifty miles away. Then again, family health reasons are good enough
in some states. That’s pretty vague. Problems like hair
loss, or problems like being eight months pregnant and being asked to climb three flights
of stairs? Everybody has problems. If this is a problem,
get an attorney.



Aug 8, 2015, 6:16 am Reply

I always renegotiate leases to be more temporal, such as month to month, or shorter than 1 year. The reason is, I do not like to be bounded by a certain of time in an apartment, and I will not buy a house, because they are not worth it, unless you have a lot of people living in them.

Also, I do not like to be forced to live in an apartment, either because a better location is available, or that the apartment is not to be benefit. I know people like leases, because they ensure a certain rent price, but if it is unjustified, I will leave ASAP, and all people should, without the contract involved. Overall, I found leases are too much of a risk, and not in the benefit of a person, unless there are major benefits involved.


Jan 1, 2016, 9:53 pm Reply

maybe keep your word pay your rent

Retro Zen

Sep 9, 2018, 8:57 pm Reply

This was worthless

Betsy Vas

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My neighbors are annoying lol

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