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How to Get Housing Assistance

How to Get Housing Assistance. Housing assistance in the form of public housing
and rental offsets is available for people with low incomes or who are living in a natural
disaster area. Find out how to apply. You will need Housing agency FEMA Housing
counselor Pay stubs and identification and housing assistance application. Step 1. Contact your state or local public housing
agency for information on eligibility and assistance in the form of vouchers, discounts,
and public housing. You may be eligible if you have a low income,
are elderly or disabled, or were displaced by a disaster. Visit the U.S. Department of Housing website
at hud.gov. On the homepage, click on State Info, then
click on your state. For instance, if you live in Texas, select
Texas from the drop-down menu under the State Info heading. Step 2. Contact FEMA at 800-621-FEMA to find out if
you are eligible for temporary housing assistance if you were displaced from your home by a
disaster. Step 3. Find out if you can get help from your state
in addition to or instead of federal assistance programs by inquiring at your local housing
agency or speaking to a housing counselor at 800-569-4287. A special federal fund provides grants to
states to assist very low-income elderly and people with disabilities with housing. Maryland, for instance, was promised $13.5
million under the program. Step 4. Bring your pay stubs and identification to
your meeting with the housing authority when you apply for housing assistance. Step 5. Fill out an application for assistance and
wait to be notified about your eligibility for Section 8 vouchers for an apartment rental
or other assistance. Did you know The United States Housing Act
of 1937 provided federal funding for construction of public housing that came to be known as
the “projects.”



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Howcast is officially done.


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Howcast should be a Comedy channel


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…why'd i watch this?


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ok, so if i live in Texas, i click Texas, but if i live in California, i click California? O_o

Elderly Low Income Voucher Subsidized Housing

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Great information for those looking trying get information on how to find and apply for housing assistance

Jessica Rabbit

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well this was a humongous waste of time. Thanks!

P mc

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I'm over 55, disabled and on SSI but I'm white and speak English. Nothing for me.

Oscar Velázquez Alvarado

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At present living in a transitional housing at 30% of my monthly income max SSI. Not able to work seeking studio even a room in garage don't want to deal with other tenants in same bathroom studio is ideal at $225 permonth asap

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Patricia Faure

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I've been trying over 8 yrs and nothing just a waste of time this is easy to say but nothing is being done NO Vocus always the answers is no. SAD SITUATION THANK YOU


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Hello my name is Mina I was recently diagnosed with granulamatosis with polyigitis and scleritis of the left eye,and I cannot work I am a single mother of two I applied for ssi still keep getting denied for it.. it's in review now haven't heard anything I was independent had pride couldn't ask for help until this happened now I realize it's ok to.im very low on food there are no pantries or food stamps due to a shut down, I have no money for gas, my kids have appointments coming up, and there port activities, I have bills need to be paid. Also I have a birthday coming up I would love to be able to go to a movie r make a nice birthday dinner..I'm sorry to inconvenient anyone but I'm am struggling bad my oldest is a child with special needs and speech problems. Please help me I have a cash app that you or anyone could send money to donate everything helps it's $minmona I really would appreciate it if you could send me some money God Bless and thank you for your help.

Inez Neal

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Assistance shouldn't mean public

Holly Bischoff

Mar 3, 2019, 1:48 am Reply

Thank You if this is truth. Please don't take my questioning as being rude and I'm NOT trying to be Disrespectful, I'm just Ignorant to very important information and facts. I seem to fit in 3 different types 1. Factual Ignorance, 2. Objectual Ignorance, and 3. Technical Ignorance. I am 61 plus and have come to realize that I Desperately need to know what these things mean and how they interact. If you have any time at all, which I'm guessing you don't, but if you should ever in yours or mine I would be deeply grateful.Thank you for your time. Respectfully yours Holly M. Bischoff [email protected] Utah


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Hahaha the guy is walking in half the shots, and in a wheel chair the other half

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