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How to Get Commercial Lawn Accounts

Every residential lawn care company seems to have the dream to land big commercial contracts
and I get asked about this all the time.  
How do I get commercial lawn accounts?  
Can I just put up a website and get calls? Will search engine optimization, pay per click
advertising and online marketing in general help me get commercial landscaping accounts?
  Yes, absolutely… but… the commercial market
works a bit differently.  
There are less commercial properties than residential properties in the market place
so the number of commercial leads you will generate online will be less.
  But most commercial lawn accounts are given
to lawn care companies that approach the property managers and HOAs.
  So if you want commercial landscaping to be
a significant part of your business you have to approach them. Some will approach you…
but most are already being approached by your competitors so they don’t need to seek you
That means you have to go to them. And that means networking and building relationships. So in order to go to them you have to discover
where the property managers hang out. What groups are they apart of?
What networking events do they attend? BNI, chamber of commerce?
Who do you know at the HOAs? Is there someone that can introduce you?
Who do you know that can introduce you.  
You may also want to research custom home builders and track home companies.
  You have to discover who controls the property.
Who the decision maker is, build a relationship. “Shmoooze”
And approach them to bid.  
All of this means leg work. Knocking on doors, asking questions, making your company known
and putting your bids in.  
So, if you’re a small lawn care company your probably not going to be able to hire
a professional green industry salesman.  
So that means the selling falls on your shoulders.  
A lot of guys don’t like to hear this… they want to sit back and wait for commercial accounts
to beat down their door. It doesn’t work like that.
  You are going to have to do leg work and you
will be the man selling and creating the bids. In fact, I would recommend you do this yourself
before you even consider hiring a salesperson. The better you understand and become skilled
at selling the better you will be at managing a sales team, should you decide to add one.
  Many of the largest commercial landscaping
companies you have heard of, started with the owner knocking on property managers doors
and doing the selling. Getting their bid in.  
In fact, the most successful commercial landscaper I know is a true shoomzer. He has a natural
gift to talk to and instantly connect with anyone. And that is a huge huge benefit when
a salesperson has that ability.  
You like this guy the minute you meet him.  
He went on to sell his commercial biz for 25 million. Doing all the selling himself.
  Honestly, that is a skill and natural gift
that I would like to have myself.  
Some people are just born to talk… I wish I was one of ’em.
  So… Can you do it? Absolutely.
  But if you’re an introvert if you don’t
like knocking on doors or are shy talking to your customers, you are going to have to
grow a pair real quick and get over that junk. Get past that fear and get in there and open
those doors to commercial lawn accounts.  
I know you can do it!  



Dec 12, 2013, 4:07 am Reply

Thanks for your videos.  I consider you and your brother my mentors.  You have both helped my business greatly.


May 5, 2015, 4:43 am Reply

i'm 14 years old and need more yards badly i been cutting my gramma's lawn for 6 years and now i use an echo srm 230, es 211, murray push mower, and my husqvarna 155bf backpack blower don't work

Alejandro acosta

Jun 6, 2016, 4:01 am Reply

i own a landscaping company in south tx rgv valley were can i find bids for commercial landscaping is there a website for bids what can i do i have 83 residentials but i wana start on commercials now

Blessit Lawn service

Jun 6, 2017, 5:44 pm Reply

AND what about if you a 2 men crew and don't have time to go door to door to the commercials properties?


Sep 9, 2017, 12:05 am Reply

good tips

Carlos Gutierrez

Dec 12, 2017, 6:57 am Reply

I do carwash but had to thank you for your video

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