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How to Find a Plot of Land – Tips from House Planning Help

The easiest way to find a plot of land is
to look online or in the local newspaper. The problem is unless you’re prepared to pay
big money, the plots in your price range may come with some drawbacks. Land that’s been
advertised is going to cost more. So get pro-active! Use a large-scale map or even Google Earth
to survey the area where you want to live. Look for scrubland in between houses or huge
gardens that are overgrown. You’re interested in any area that shows potential. There’s
no substitute for walking around and peering over a few fences. Perhaps a demolition or
a rebuild could be an option? When you see a potential plot, don’t be afraid
to chat with the owners. It could be that selling a portion of their land might be a
win win situation. Finally before you buy any land, make sure that you have all the
relevant permissions to build. And that’s it – be a detective!

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