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How to Draw a Scatter Plot

This is Stephanie from StatisticsHowTo.com.
I’ve got a set of x and y variables here. This is what I’m going to use to make the
scatter plot and the first step is to draw an x and y axis.
Next I want to label my axes. I’m going to start at the origin, the origin
is 0. This axis here is the x axis and the vertical
axis is the y axis. If your data is labeled with something else,
let’s say this was items, and this was cost; then you would write items and cost.
So I’ve got items on my x axis and cost on my y axis.
The next step is to make a few tick marks. Now I’m starting at 0.
And on my x axis, so if I make 8 tick marks then that will cover all of
the items on the x axis. I’m going to repeat this for the y axis.
This time I’ve got costs ranging from 25 to 46.
If I go to 50, that should cover everything. The next step is to actually draw my points.
I’m going to start with the first set of points which is x is 3, y is 25.
So I’m going to go to x is 3 and go up until I’ve got
y is 25 right about there. So if we go across, I’ve got y is 25.
My next point is 4.5 and 25, so I go across to 4.5 and go up to 25.
I’ve got 5 and 30. 6 and 29.
6.5 and 42. I’m guessing where 42 is.
That’s roughly in the righ spot. And 7 and 46.
That’s how to make a basic scatter plot. Check us out at StatisticsHowTo.com for more
videos and articles on everything elementary statistics.

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