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How To Decorate Studio Apartment With Plants – Astoria, New York | My City Plants

(logo swooshes) (light groove music) – Hi, I’m Juliette from My City Plants. Today I will show you how
to choose the right plants for a studio apartment. Today we’ve chosen to work at
a client’s studio apartment in Astoria, New York. The most important things to
consider when choosing plants is the lighting and
dimensions of your space. The light is entering
the studio from the east. It’s perfect for plants
that love bright light. The morning sun is gentle
and plants will enjoy it. Based on the light and
dimensions of the space, I’ve chosen plants in our
signature self-watering planters that will fit perfectly here. Let’s go have some fun. I have chosen yucca because
of its architectural shape and also the strong element to divide indoor and outdoor spaces. Yucca should always be
near the bright light, so do not place this plant
anywhere in a dark corner of your apartment. The rondo planter is 12 inch by 22 inch and the potted plant
is about six feet tall, which complements this doorway perfectly. On the dresser I’ve
placed cascading pothos in a windowsill planter. This plant likes medium or bright light. It’s also a very strong air purifier, and just looks perfect right here. The windowsill planter is six inch wide and just 16 inch long. The plant can be pruned
to any desired shape, it’s not gonna hurt the plant. Right next to the bed
I placed a sansevieria, A-K-A snake plant, in a rondo planter. The planter measures
12 inches by 22 inches. The potted plant in this planter is about three-and-a-half feet tall. The snake plant does well
in a low or bright light. Even though it’s here in a dark corner, it still will thrive. The other reason to have
this plant close to your bed, is because it produces oxygen at night. How awesome is that? I’ve selected a croton
plant for the windowsill because it requires a lot of bright light and it’s just perfect for
the east-facing window. This mini windowsill planter
measures 11 inch by four inch, and it’s perfect for smaller
ledges in a small apartment. Light changes from bright to medium as we move away from the windows, which is why I placed the money tree in the middle of the studio. I have selected a larger
plant for this area because it also works as a
divider between the living space and a bedroom space. This money tree was given
to us by a former client and it took a few years for this guy to grow to be this tall, when it just started at about three feet. At mycityplants.com we
categorize our plants by light requirement, size,
and additional benefits. We even included a comprehensive
light guide to our website. Plants can be easily
ordered in our online shop. I hope you enjoyed
watching the transformation of this studio space. Just remember, no matter
what space you live in, everything is possible
with the right imagination and the right plants. From all of us at My City Plants, green up your life and enjoy the journey.

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