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How to conduct a property enquiry using PDOnline

Hi, my name’s Janine and I work in Brisbane
City Council’s Development Assessment Branch. Today, I’m going to show you how to do a property
enquiry using PD Online — Council’s online system for planning and development information. Customers can use PD Online’s Property Enquiry
Tool to find key details about a property and to determine the likely level of assessment
for a proposed development. This information can be valuable when buying,
selling or developing a property. To access the Property Enquiry Tool, hover
your mouse over the ‘Planning and Building’ tab on Council’s homepage. Under planning
guidelines and tools, click on ‘PD Online — property development and application search
tool’ and again on the next page. This may prompt a pop-up browser containing
general information about PD Online as well as the system’s terms and conditions. You
will need to read and agree to these to proceed. You should now be on the welcome page for
PD Online. To launch a new property enquiry, click on the ‘Property Enquirer’ link. Select the suburb and street from the drop
down boxes, then enter the street number and/or unit number if known. Alternatively, you can
search by lot and plan number. Then click on “search”. On the next page, confirm the property you
are enquiring about by placing a tick in the box next to the correct address. Then, click
on the icon under ‘more details’. You should now be able to see the property
details and development history for the address you have selected. Information featured on this page includes
area, applications, zoning and constraints. The ‘applications’ information shows whether
any development applications have been lodged for this property. Information is available
for applications lodged in or after 2004. The ‘zoning’ information will advise which
zone the property is located within. Zones determine what land can be used for. The ‘constraints’ information will advise
whether constraints such as Local or Neighbourhood Plans or Demolition Control Precincts affect
the property. The property enquirer tool can also tell you
how a particular development might be assessed under Brisbane’s City Plan and whether development
approval is required. The level of assessment indicates whether
you will need to seek Council approval for your proposal. To determine the level of assessment for a
proposed development, you first need to conduct a new property enquiry. This time, after conducting a search and placing
a tick beside the correct property, scroll down and click on “uses”. You now need to select the particular development
or use that you are enquiring about. To do this, select the category that best
describes your proposal, then click on “next”. On the next page, select from the list of
proposed developments and click on next again. Depending on the type of use selected, you
may be prompted to answer some questions. Once you have done this, click ‘next’ and
confirm your responses if required. You should now see a summary of your search,
including the proposed level of assessment. A self assessable development does not require
Council approval. However you will need to seek approval for code or impact assessable
development. If, as in this example, your search indicates
your proposal is subject to the level of assessment in a Local or Neighbourhood Plan, you will
need to consult that plan. All Neighbourhood and Local Plans can be found
on Council’s website. You should now know how to conduct a property
enquiry including how to determine the likely level of assessment for a particular development. The Property Enquiry Tool is just one of Council’s
online planning and development tools. To learn more about these tools, have a look
at some of our other training videos or give us a call.

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