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how to clean your apartment quickly فلوك يوم كامل شلون تنظفون الشقة بسرعة

hello guys hope you all good after Istanbul and after long time im doing vlog because I had no time before i had to do some documents and I did too many thing too and my contract with this flat about to finish and I have to go to Istanbul even I dont have time to Clean my flat .see no time to do anything so today im going to clean the flat and maybe I will buy new cap . because became old I bıught from 3 or 4 years before so im going to clean my home and prepare my staff too this is my room I started to clean then I decided to vlog so keep watching Finally im done ✅ the most 3 things I hate in my life are cleaning the falt washing the dishes and cooking I become crazy from them anyway im going to cook now then… I dont know maybe I will go outside i dont know where is my tripod the one I was using before so i hove to look for again because I looked for it and I didn’t find so now I will take the money this is my money now I will go to the market to buy a lamp and also buy food but let me take the bag first I hope they are open because its EİD i will see the place is crowded I see too much people here close im really tired of om friend I tried to teach him to dont be late I called him 1 h before he told me I will be ready in 15 min I called him now again he told me I didnt take shower yet I told him im going before you he told me ok I close all my windows when I go out Because the government warned us to close the windeos in case if we want to go outside lets go to spark . the trmway is free today so i will not walk the sun is to hot and i forgot my sunglasses and very 🥵 its like 37 or 40 d this is the one I want to buy I didnt buy it very expensive im thinking to buy a t shirt and the cheap cap from decathlon the place where I used to buy everything Because its lighter .and it won’t bother me when I run Because I run every morning now I will go to eat then I will edit the video and also I will wait saad i uesd to come here always i love their food im waiting here to give mrs yours the money and saad still home i dont know if I can find a cap here or not Between those people there is something standing 58 tl they f*** you Because of the cap you wear no not because of the cap because of the energy drink I bought for you on my account nice take this I can see your smile my favourite drink this one makes me sleep lets go some where what are you doing Praying for the camera lets travel do you wanna travel to where ? i dont know maybe to Antalya but we camp there for 2 days ets do it we will not take a hotel ok stop filming stop now to espark i will buy the light and some food Because all supermarkets are close eid time onlu espark is open so i will buy and go home on my way home but before I go home I will buy an oil then ill go home to cook im not feeling hungry but I will eat then I will end the video incase if saad didnt come Because he told me I will come guys I wanna tell you something people who asking me about Eskisehir how to come how to find an apartment let me stand here I can help you in anything I can prepare everything for you I can make the residence I can prepare an apartment for you .. I do everything if you want you can contact with me in Facebook or Instagram do you oil guys I going to take a shower now i will switch in my heater because it takes too long time to be hot then i will see what to do I took a shower nice when I comeback tired and take a shower and outside nice weather cool wind guys now I will tell you good night Because I will study now then I will eat then I will continue studying then I will go to bed because saad will not come and I will not go outside again Because its already 11 pm so dont forget to subscribe like if you like the video and share the video and watch all the video so good night and bye Before I sleep saad came now we are watching movie and eat saad say good night to my guys


Atef Ator

Aug 8, 2019, 5:07 pm Reply

منور ابو الملوك

سلطان المطرد sltan_almtrd

Aug 8, 2019, 5:09 pm Reply

جميل جدهه استمر حبي

مؤمّل هاشم

Aug 8, 2019, 5:09 pm Reply

كون تموت من الفرحه
اذا شتركت بقناتي

محمود الباشا

Aug 8, 2019, 5:12 pm Reply

منووور نوار

ابن العراق

Aug 8, 2019, 5:27 pm Reply

استمرر بطل

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