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How To Buy Property In America As A Foreigner

People all over the world are constantly
reaching out wanting to know, “Kris, what you teach in real estate, will it work in
my country? Or can I do real estate in your country here in America?” And you
know, they’re all great questions and the truth in the past I haven’t had a really
great response to that because I haven’t had a system. That has all changed.
I have systems in place and I can help anyone in the world crush it in the game
of real estate. And today’s video, I’m going to share with you exactly how you do
that. So, today’s video really is a tribute to
those of you that don’t live in America. You’re around the world and you’re
watching this channel and you’re saying, “Kris, does everything you share apply to
where I live? In Belarus or in France? Or can I actually invest in America?” And you
know what? I’m not an expert on your market whatever it is, outside the United
States. I can’t tell you that the principles really do apply and carry
over. But a lot of you want to know. You ask all the time, “Kris, can I actually
invest in the United States?” And what does that look like and how would I go
about doing that? And in today’s video, I’m going to frame up and answer all of
those questions for you and then share with you the top resources including
some other videos I’ve created that can show you exactly how to dive right into
the American market and start buying real estate ASAP. So, let me start off by
actually answering the question. Can you be a 4 national, can you live outside
of the United States and can you actually buy property here? And the
answer is yes. There are different ways of doing it. Some ways that you hope
would work actually don’t. I’m going to share with you the strategies that
actually do. I’ve got partners that live in Columbia. I’ve got partners that live
in in Mexico and countries frankly all over the world. In Saudi Arabia that I’m
helping buy properties right now. And the best way that they do that is you find
someone to partner with who lives in the United States. They have an address in
the United States. They have credit in the United States. They can tap into
banks in the United States. And so, having someone that actually lives in the
United States is definitely one of the easier ways of making this happen.
Because if you just want to bring your money yourself into the United States,
you’re going to get into eb-5 rules and all sorts of tax codes and things where
there’s not always a loophole to actually get you through to the other
side. But a partner, it’s like an instant win. A partner basically means that you
have someone with resources and abilities that you’re combining with and
together you’re going to do real estate there. The business is going to be in
America. It’s going to make money in America and then whatever money gets split, one
part goes to one partner. One part goes to the to the foreign partner. And the
foreign partner will basically be taxed on that money however they’re taxed in
their own nation. So, good news is it can be done. But why do people actually want
to invest in America? For one thing, it’s a very stable established country. And
frankly, we still have a lot of people trying to migrate here. People want to
live here. People want to actually… They love the job opportunities. They love the
fact that our populations are still rising like in Europe. Right now,
they’re facing an economic winter or like in Japan where they’re not making
enough babies to replace themselves. And so, you now have real estate that people
don’t want. And it’s driving out value down. It’s creating some very significant
problems. America right now is still slated for tremendous growth decade over
a decade over a decade. And so, a lot of Chinese money is coming in. You got a lot
of money from South America because they have inflation problems in some
countries. They’re in the process of coming in. And so, frankly you’ve got
people all over the world that are simply looking to either diversify or
they have a belief in America, its economy and the type of Democratic
modelling that we have there. So they want to put their money in this country.
They’re just looking for a way how to do it. So, there’s different strategies that
you can use. I’m going to show 2 of them with you today. The first strategy
is not very attractive from a financial point of view because there’s not a lot
of leverage. And what you’re doing is you’re actually going to buy properties
cash. Now, the problem with buying properties cash is it takes a lot of
money. Let’s say on my last 4,000 deals, my average purchase price is $142,000. So, I don’t know if there’s anyone that really
wants to like lock up $142,000 and say
goodnight to it. But what you can do after you buy cash is you can actually
go back to the banks now. And without private or personal credit, you can now
leverage the property generally up to 60%. Which means in this case,
you might get 90,000 or a 100,000 dollars of the cash
back out that you can then put towards another property. Another strategy which
is also very viable that I want to share with you is what does it look like if
you were to actually get what I call a credit partner. I rent people’s credit
all the time. When you’re foreigner, you don’t actually have credit and it takes
years to establish it in this country. So, instead, you want to actually see if
there’s just someone else that has it that you can rent for a very small fee.
I’m an expert in doing that. And what that means is the credit partner, this
person, they’ve got the money already. They’re going to actually purchase the
house and then the partner that might live out of the country is going to head
and have that property transferred into their
corporation. An LLC that they have with their partnership. They essentially
avoided using credit and found a way to actually purchase real estate. That’s
pretty cool, right? I said I was only going to give you 2. But you know what
I’m on a roll. A third one that I’ve actually done with people is there’s a
way to purchase properties cash. And you do it with a group of investors that are
all using the exact same strategy. That’s another strategy that I’ve used that
just means again, what are we trying to do here? We’re trying to avoid credit
because the problem is is that in this country, no bank wants to give you money
unless you have credit. And so these are the 3 strategies. You can buy cash
that avoids credit and then go to a bank and actually lend it out. But it’s
against the property, not your personal credit. Now, you can only go up
to a 60% value as opposed to 80%. So, it’s going to drop your ROI a little bit. Number
2 though, you can get a credit partner and this person can go up to 80% LTV–
loan to value. So, essentially we’re only coming up with a 20%. So, it takes less
money to do this. And then I also pull group investors together so bottom line
is there are ways of investing in this country. But you need to have a partner
and if you don’t have a partner, you’re going to be in trouble.
So today, I’m wearing my superhero socks. You can see I’ve got my my Superman cape
on there. That’s mostly for fun and to make my wife happy because she bought
them for me. But on a separate note, sometimes I feel like a superhero
because I’m able to help people do things that they couldn’t actually do on
their own. So, I’ve created a special playlist called my “Partner Playlist”. And
it’s dedicated to you that’s watching this wondering, “Can you combine forces
with me and can we go out there and actually crush it in real estate in
America right now?” Well, the answer is yes. But how that actually happens I think is
going to be important to you. So, it’s a playlist with some videos in there. I
want you to start with the first video. I believe that the first video will help
you actually understand whether you want to actually dive deeper in this rabbit
hole or whether you need to actually look for different ways and different
opportunities. Either way, click on the video. Check it out a few more minutes of
your time will really help you understand if that’s going to be the
right way for you. And then if you and I do get to partner with you, dude
congratulations. I’ve done at 4,000 times and now it’s
time to go out there and do it 4,001 more times with you.
Let’s help you succeed and crush it.


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