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How to buy a property in Italy

Hello and welcome to my channel Venice property finder, I am Alessia Mingardi Real Estate Agent and Property Finder in Venice With my videos I will help you to understand how to buy a property in Italy First of all, let me do a premise. I am not mother-tongue English So I will do surely a lot of mistakes and my sentences will be not perfect Anyway, I’m convinced that the content that I want to share with you are really interesting So I’m sure that you will pass over and you will enjoy my videos anyway The reason why I am creating this space is to publish free useful information for property seekers in Venice I would like this project to grow and to become a nice space for sharing experiences. I Realized how complex is to achieve the dream of buying a house Especially if in a city like mine and that the information available on the Internet is absolutely far from be complete I hope then following me on this trip will help you to find the answer to all your questions How many times did you ask yourself about the issues even behind a real estate sale or if you entrusted yourself to the right broker In fact buying a house in a foreign country without knowing the language or the local laws is not easy at all In 10 years I have been helping a lot of people coming from all around Europe and they are surely my best advertising In the upcoming appointments, we will see together how to organize a search and how to avoid to waste precious time how to recognize a deal from a swindle What are the necessary documents to buy a house and what expenses you will have to deal with I will explain to you the main points of a purchase proposal and how works to get to the notarial deed What are the taxes that comes with the purchase and the principle management fees I will give you basic Information about cadastre and city planning to make you understand if the apartment that you are buying is in good standing In the video I will speak a little bit in Italian in order to let you become familiar with the keywords that you absolutely will need to know on Instagram and Facebook I will share with you daily tips and my property finder mission Bringing you with me in the real estate research that I do for my buyers And if you are looking for a flat as well And you want me to help you visit my website venicepropertyfinder.com or send me an e-mail to [email protected] I will be very happy to help you On my website, you can also download for free the precious guide the five things you absolutely need to know before buying You can find the link also below in the description of this video on my website You will find also a clear explanation about who is the property finder and the main differences between the traditional real estate Agent and me and how I can help you to close the transaction in two months Thank you very much for watching till the end and if you liked this video Let me know also with a like or a comment and subscribe to my channel If you want to know when the next video will be online And if you know someone that can be interested in real estate in Venice I will be very grateful if you can share my video All my content will be available also in French Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram when I will post new content every day

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