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How to Attack Club House – SoloQ & Stack, with subtitles

Attack Map Guide on Club House. Club House is a map that can be the attacker and defended sided, depended on the ban phase it is considered more as defender sided map because one major reason: you require two hard breachers, therefore, you have less flexibility. You cannot pick your great Lion & Dokkaebi combo paired up with Jackal, or can you? Anyway, let’s go immediately on the video! Oh and, I am hosting a 40€ tournament this April on 2020, more info in the description. When attacking the Church & soloQ part. Patrons and Members saw a similar a bit different duoQ strat on Club House, but you can attack Church and Arsenal in 2 ways when soloQ, either with Gridlock and push yourself in Blue, using one smoke grenade to allow yourself push deeper in the Blue and another one to advance either in Arsenal or Church or the second way would be to push with Maverick through dirt, using the torch to go silently through dirt (if there are barbed wires) and if the door is barricaded. Before all this, droning is mandatory. There is one, and only one way to consistently attack this which is with a systematical roam clear. However, you have two choices when it comes to roam clearing, you can start from Garage/Cash or from Jacuzzi/Strip. Either way, having drones on positions to clear one 2F & immediately Strip is recommended. As I already stated, having two hard breachers is recommended, but for the Basement push, you’ll definitely need Thatcher if Kaid was left unbanned, to EMP two times the hatch you want to open, and you will most likely want Buck (that’s already 4 fixed operators). Buck will be extremely good when you clear out the roamers, however, Buck will be awesome when dealing with roamers, especially against any heavy top floor hold (such as SSG), Buck can make new ways to enter in a room like if you don’t want to tunnel yourself through Cash, open up the sidewalls of it. When you are clearing roamers, consider to always pinch roamers and as much deny rotation, for example, by rappelling or being prone on the roof of the garage, you can close the rotation between Cash and Gym/Construction hatch, or by opening the Main Stairs window, you disallow any defender going back to the site or reverse. There are too many if cases, talking exactly how to make a roam clear was done in a video, make sure to check the description. Once you have done that, you’ll start opening all three hatches, where the Kitchen and Bar hatch are more important than the Stock hatch. Before opening the hatch, make sure to open vertical holes from Stage, Kitchen’s Hallway and Kitchen as shown in the video. IMPORTANT: it’s highly recommended to open the vertical holes as shown in the video, that way you cannot be C4d and you will most likely clear everything smoothly. The reason you need to do the vertical pressure before the opening hatch is impact tricking, throwing impacts through these two small holes to destroy placed xkairos and/or exothermite charges. When you get all three hatches opened and if you have at least 45 seconds left (if you are very low on time, such as 10-15seconds, you will have to drop the hatch), you’ll be aiming to open the Church triple walls with Thermite. Impact tricking is real here again, using a flashbang, frag grenade or whatever to stop the impact tricker is recommended, impact tricking can be done above the wall. Now you’ll have to pick which wall to open, far left or far right? Both are correct, depending on what your team wants, do you want to get a deeper angle onto the Church, and clear out most of the Church from Main Stairs but be exposed from Blue? Or would you want to have a safer (crouched) path to the Church, but the majority of the Church is still playable for defenders. or you get both I said crouched because if you stand still, there is an angle from Arsenal all way to you. Ideally, if you have 5 attackers alive, and usually you will (most of the time, the basement is played as a 5-man anchor as defenders), you’ll want to do pressure from Blue, or just force them to be worrying about Blue as well. Blue bullet/melee holes can be very troublesome to fight against. Two default plant spots are both by the triple walls, the one closer to the Hallway can be smoked off from Smoke through the wall, so have that in mind. If you can get the control of Blue, you won the round. Do not push Arsenal from Blue, keep Blue control for yourself and you’ve won the round. The second objective that we’ll be attacking is CC and Cash and for that, two hard breachers and frags/Capitao would be recommended, however, let’s talk about the soloQ part and I’d say: Ying. Ying can be a bit more complex operator however, she can herself get the control of the Cash stairs even if there is an ADS. Depending on where the ADS is, you can throw over the fence or on the side of the fence and either way, you’ll flash the guy on the top of the Stairs. Now, during your climb, repeat the same candela and leave the last one for the rotation between Stairs and Cash. For the stack part: there are two kinds of pushes and for them, both, Capitao or frag grenades are must (not just recommended), let’s talk about the CC push first and it’s heavily recommended to have Hibana and Maverick here. Now, you want to do this all with the following the pattern: Maverick opens up the Cash wall (explained how in the Maverick guide video, even a pro league match example was given), open up the wall between CC & Stairs with Hibana (the one closer to the breach, the one further usually has a rotation) and get the control of Garage. Once you do all this, plant by the default but let’s go back with a bit more details on why exactly this pattern. Opening the wall with Maverick and using Hibana to destroy the reinforced wall is done because then, any player by the catwalk (1, 2, 3 or window) can be picked off from the breach if standing or even crouching. so they’re forced to be proned. If you have this opened and a player dedicated by breach covering that angles, then to open Garage, you are not required to have here a hole, as you’d usually see, however, opening with Maverick or Hibana a crouch wall on the other garage wall is a must. That is where your frag grenade (Maverick let’s say) or Capitao will enter in and burn anyone by catwalk do the ground. Yes, ADS can stop you, so Thatcher or flashbangs can do the trick. Back to the Garage’s to CC wall, it can be impact tricked from Cash. When you have all that in control, you don’t need to smoke anything but just go to the default and plant. During that, have someone having the breach angle (isolating CC from Cash and its stairs). You’ll most likely try to be C4d from Cash or even from below, so consider these factors, losing one man over a plant is okay, because in the post-plant situation, you win. Let’s attack from Jacuzzi and Thermite would be recommended here, to open up Jacuzzi wall (if reinforced) and the Construction to Cash walls. You’ll most likely be granted all way up to Construction for free, but the hard part starts from pushing away defenders from Cash, top Cash stairs and CC. Being on the CC window won’t do a lot, if something, your player is easily prefireable from CC. There are 3 places to be in Cash (one, two, three) as well as 2 places to be on the top of the Cash stairs (one and two) and a place to be in CC to deny Construction push over here, and you’ll be pushing mostly from one way. However, if you manage to open the Construction wall which is bandit trickable, impact-trickable, or even shootable from below the hatch, you will clear out whole Cash positions, but there are still left 3 very hard angles to fight with + vertical play, so a pair of smoke grenade would be recommended. You can also try to open the default CC wall. I forgot to mention an angle from Garage’s catwalk to Cash doors. If you can for this attack, maintaining vertical presentence will do a lot of jobs, and put pressure on the Cash Stairs person! I forgot to mention how to deal with the bandit tricker by the CC wall if you play with Thermite and no Mav. Mav. was banned let’s say. The best way is to get inside of Storage and with Zofia, x2 impact the floor below the two walls at the time your Thermite is placing charge. If Bandit is bandit tricking, he’ll die. When attacking Gym and Bedroom, you’ll always want to have the Office hatch opened, even if you are not put pressure on it, just open it with Buck or Sledge. We will have two attacks over here, but before that, how would I approach as a soloQ here? As Hibana, I’d open up the Office hatch with breaching charges (and Castle barricades for your team, to get the Jacuzzi wall opened) and I’d push through Office and I’ve picked Hibana because you’ll be able to do several things from there, get in Gym, push in Construction or push Main Stairs/Jacuzzi wall. The other way is to go with Dokkaebi and push through Main Stairs, going through barbed wires when you call them. Let’s talk about stack parts, and the first one is opening the Jacuzzi wall. If you have Maverick, it’s done, if you don’t you’ll need to contest Bandit with Zofia through drone hole or through Gym’s window, but then be aware of the CC window as well as the Garage soft wall angles, you are pretty exposed from there, so maybe getting there when your Thermite is about to open the wall is the way. Also, if there is a castle barricade, expect that defenders will have at least one if not two ADSes covering it & a deployable shield for Bandit. Once you open the Jacuzzi wall, smart teams will now reinforce the other Toilet wall and you’ll have to open that one as well because going now in Gym is a death sentence, defenders still can play in Gym behind the mattress. That wall will be a bit easier to open because you’ll be able to throw throwables above the wall. When you get that, the execution is ready, you’ll be able to plant in Gym with having a person either vaulted in Gym, from Gym’s window, watching Construction or someone by Construction window. Your planter should be aligned with the mattress, so he cannot be picked off from Construction, and since you are in the control of Toilet, your planter cannot be picked off from Bedroom. The other attack would be the Cash attack, where most likely, the CC walls will be given for free as well as the garage. If they’re not, consider doing the Gym push. Now once you open up the CC wall, make sure to have someone covering the Construction rotation, so no one goes in or out and obviously, don’t forget to open the Office hatch, and again, once you open the CC wall, push the sidewalls of Cash (if they are soft), if not, use thermite’s charge on it and blow it. That’ll be probably the only wall you’ll be opening if they’re heavily holding CC, so you’ll have to open it either way. Once you’ve done it, you most likely get traded or killed all defenders there, however, there are plenty of angles against you, from Construction/Bedroom as well as from Offices, so this is now the time to push them from Office hatch as well as from the Cash, with obviously droning out Construction (that area is very unsafe for defenders now). When you get the Office control, open up the wall between Office/Bedroom and you have two paths to push one person in Toilet and most likely one around Jacuzzi wall which should be winnable. Having one person in Office watching Bedroom’s hallway is recommended. Plant on the bed, because if there’re C4s from below, they won’t be able to get your planter. And also, for the both of the attacks, open up the Main Stairs window. And for our final attack, which is Bar & Stock, you’ll probably never attack, however, the main idea here is to get the control of Garage with the similar or the same fashion as when were attacking CC/Cash, open up an angle from Garage to the Lounge and clear out Cash stairs & Cash/CC. That will be done easier than before, because, there has to be defenders defending the Bar push, so they’ll lack of utility and manpower to hold Garage or Cash, but either way, you should get the control of the top floor easier. Once you establish that control and due to the angle from Garage to Lounge, you’ll be able to push your way in Stock and the plant is very safe, especially if you have a pair of a smoke grenade. If they have a mira window or something that is not letting you play, such as someone on Stage, opening the Main Doors does the trick. From Main Doors, all that you have to do is flash that place and you can plant. For the soloQ? Maybe pushing through Strip is recommended, though, pushing as a team shouldn’t be an issue.


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