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How Much Rent Can You Afford in Paris France

One bedroom, two bedrooms,
how much does it cost in Paris, and can you afford it? In this video, I’ll show you exactly
how to calculate your rental budget for Paris, and what prices you can expect from the rental
Paris market. I’m Camelia Pierre from Happy Place Paris, relocation specialist, and home
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When you start your home hunting most agencies will ask you for your budget,
but how do you come up with this figure? From the top of your head? Comme ça or
after long hours of tedious calculations? Let’s see now how it works in France so that
you can target apartments in your price range, and avoid disappointments. Step one, in France,
you don’t define your rental budget, your resources do it for you. What does that mean? In France, the general rule is that your net monthly revenues must cover
at least three times your rent plus charges. How do you get your net monthly income? Your
net monthly income is basically your gross annual income minus 23% in the private sector
divided by 12. If you have a French contract already look up in the contract the annual
gross income. Let’s say your annual gross income is 60, 000 euros, your monthly gross
income will be 5, 000 euros, and your net monthly income will be 3, 850 euros.
What it means is that with a net revenue of 3, 850 euros per month you
can rent up to 1, 280 euros rent plus charges every month. Does this makes sense to you
now? Write yes in the comments if you’re all good. Step two is looking at other expenses.
Your revenues should cover rent plus charges, but what are charges exactly? I’m often asked.
Charges include everything that’s provided by the building, like cold water, heating
sometimes, maintenance of the common parts, outside spaces, elevator and taxes.
What’s included in the charges varies according to the private installation
of the home. You can get your hot water, and heating from gas, or electricity, and not
from the building. My tip is always to ask what charges include, but on top of charges
you’ll have other expenses. Utilities, electricity, gas, intranet, home insurance. It’s mandatory
in France, and you have to renew it every year. Also, you have the occupiers tax, the
taxe d’habitation. You have to pay it every year as well.
Step three, educate yourself on Paris rental prices. Paris is an expensive
city. Some Paris arrondissements are cheaper than others, and the further you go from Paris
into the suburbs, the cheaper the rent. The surprising thing is that the smaller the apartment
the more expensive if you look at the square meters. Let’s look at some examples now. For
a small studio, expect to pay in Paris around 850 euros with charges. This means your net
income will have to be a minimum of 2, 550 euros.
Camelia Pierre: Maybe you have a family, and wanted two bedroom apartment. What you’re
going to expect to pay here is about 1, 900 euros with charges per month. This means you’ll
have net revenues of 5, 700 euros per month. Of course, prices vary according to location,
size, condition, and features of the home. Your in-laws visit regularly, and you don’t
want to see them in the living room couch? You need three bedrooms. For three bedrooms
you can expect around 2, 500 euros per month with charges. For this rent, you’ll have to
provide a monthly income of 7, 500 euros. Again, these prices vary,
and these are examples to give you a general idea. Is that the kind of price range you
are expecting from Paris? Is it expensive? Is it the same? Write it down in the comments
below. Now you know what you can expect in terms of prices within your budget in Paris.
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