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How Kanjoos Indians Live in USA! CHEAPEST APARTMENT EVER: Rs. 10,000 per month

Good news: My evening class has been cancelled. You might know that I live in a living room too. But they are beyond limits I really want to show their apartment i is really Unique. I am gonna meet him at Marta Station and then we will go. Lets go It is very packed at this time. The disadvantages of living off campus is that Shresth has to wait to travel about 20 mins to go home everyday but it takes me only 5 mins He asked me multiple times to move off campus with him but I always said no because of convenience and i save travelling expenses So more advantages of living on campus are that I can go home anytime for food. super convenient I always rejected his offer to move in with him but maybe next time I might move. If Harnoor will not move then I and Naman are going to take his stuff to our apartment. Only if I allow. Lol We waited for Naman without any reason.He has left already. You didn’t get it. Naman took the same train we came out from. Now wait for the train again. Naman is on the next station so we will finally pick him up Entering via Parking lot. We cannot reveal the address that’s why Yes otherwise every Indian will come to our home My apartment has the same dryer and washer 2 people live in living room. 2 in 1st room and 2 in the 2nd room so 6 people share the kitchen and fridge. I share with 2 other students so it is better but not the worst 6 share the freezer too. same as my apartment but a lot cheaper They mostly cook Indian food here It is little bit dirty but they will clean it later on Bed 1 of one roommate here and bed 2 behind the partitiion which i can’t show as he didnt allow me You can clearly see that this Naman’s room as he is Iron man fan Apartment rent: 5 crore. don’t lie $1500 so per person $120 because some agreement with other roomates. they pay more as they share bathroom with 2 and he shares bathroom with 4 people I pay $400 i will leave that apartment tour in the description We asked Harnoor to move in but denied. His excuse he wants library to be in 10 min walk. I promise i might move next time I don’t study there. he studies on bed. not in habit of studying on a table Bathroom just like my apartment. because blockage happen so often so he has kept plunger. Normal apartment but the best is that it is the cheapest ever No such thing as freelanta. it is super expensive here. It is this cheap temporarily and the cost will be up again later Right now it is the cheapest every. 6 people so of course. So when 2 of those roommate will move out the rent will be back to $350 and it will be as expensive as mine. And mine will be better in that scenario View is decent but there is more space here as compared to my Apartment I have class please let me go I prefer indoor gym swimming pool water remains clean. and water is warmer Super difficult to show around they gave me a lot of food Everything on time. Not really. I have come to the wrong station as I toook the wrong train as I was in habit of taking the Right train after entering but I entered through a different entrance so I have to go back the correct train now. Reached home late

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