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pink tile guys I’m tired and a Mexican living in Vietnam today I want to show you our new apartment in Santa boy and how much we are paying for this new apartment [Music] we’re moving last week but I wasn’t able to make the video all day today we are in high watch on area and I want to show you the view from the street just across the state we have an amazing part with a gigantic lake there’s this first door here which is always locked and then we have to work towards our building this is the first door as you can see it’s very safe [Music] this is the door to open our building there’s no lift here so we need to walk but it’s not as wet because I am in the third floor so I’m not complaining at all we’re finally here this is our third floor let’s open the top [Music] this is our one-bedroom apartment we move on the weekend and it was raining a lot there’s our living area just over here as you can see it’s fully furnished which is nice because we don’t know how long we’re going to be living here this part we have our living area this is our drinking water means the same as in Mexico we can drink from the tap because 20,000 dongs which is almost a dollar more or less what I really love about this apartment is that it has a wooden floor it makes our apartment look very nice also we’ve got a big fan and an air-conditioner for cooling and heating temperature okay let’s go to the kitchen which is just next to the living area here we can see an electric cooker there’s a microwave here and just under the microwave there’s a washing machine nice very nice it’s a small kitchen but what I really like about this kitchen is that we can easily store the utensils in these oh sorry [Music] let’s go to the bathroom the bathroom for me is very pretty here we are the favorite part for me about the bathroom is this big mirror I like the colors and another thing that I love is this glass around the shower if you watch my video about the parmenter vinum in an air B&B in hanoi you’ll have seen that there was no division between the toilet and the shower so I didn’t like that very much this hour has the handheld shower here we’ve got here a window that we have to close when we take a shower because there are more apartments over there they don’t know what we look like naked yet now that you’ve seen the bathroom let’s go to the weather this is it well this is our bedroom as you can see is very big very comfortable we have another big window here there are more apartments over there there’s our bathroom as I told you before what I like the most of my bedroom is that we have a king-size bed it’s amazing I like this king-size bed a lot because I really like to sleep with my Sturridge arms and what your market is very difficult to do that but having one of this it’s perfect [Music] another thing that I want to show you is that we’ve got two wardrobes one for my husband this is for my husband and the other one is just over here I’ve got the big one it’s very nice he was very kind because he said I know you have many clothes so I have it now I think I’ve shown you everything about my apartment I really like that big windows as you can see there’s four windows just over there if you want to open all you can do it and in this part we’ll have more windows it’s a variety apartment I like that so let’s go to the rooftop and there I’ll tell you how much do we pay for this apartment we booked an Airbnb for a month because we thought it was going to be difficult to find apartments big mistake there are loads of them very good agencies that show means suitable apartments from the first day they showed me this cheaper apartment but it was really small they proceeded to show me apartments which were a little bit more expensive and for some reason I wasn’t convinced in this one for example we needed to go through a shop to get in a bit uncomfortable and these was out of our budget so do you know how much we’re paying for our apartment let’s see [Music] well this is our view from our rooftop nice pretty but it’s very hot I don’t think I would like to be here now and we’re paying for this apartment five hundred dollars per month and it includes Internet water motor bike parking TV cable and once a week someone comes to clean our apartment that’s very nice tell us in the comments if we are paying a reasonable price or we’re paying more because we know some expats who are living here in Hanoi are painless but they haven’t studio how much are you willing to pay if you are living here in Hanoi for one medam apartment we aren’t really sure if this is a good price to live here in central hanoi so subscribe if you really like the video we’re gonna be uploading more videos about life in Hanoi don’t forget to comment bye bye see you in the next video [Music] [Applause]


Enrique Valdivia

Aug 8, 2019, 3:43 pm Reply

Ta muy padre el depa y ojalá puedas enseñar mucho de la ciudad! Mucha suerte ???????

Leslye Cruz

Aug 8, 2019, 4:57 pm Reply

Se parece mucho al depa de Querétaro

Sux X

Aug 8, 2019, 5:12 pm Reply

Tu cabello rules!!!!, Esta muy bien El depa, muy similar a lo que pagarias en Queretaro supongo, que tal se compara el.precio con los ingresos promedio por allá?


Aug 8, 2019, 5:43 pm Reply

Very nice. I don't understand why you have to leave your shoes outside your apartment. It has a beautiful landscape and it is amazing you're living in front of the lake. I think this flat is much better than the one in Qro. Jajaja

Jill Phipson

Aug 8, 2019, 6:21 pm Reply

Oh Karen you are so funny! love your apartment. Yes the wooden floors make to apartment look clean and cosy. A warmer look than tiles I think. Glad to hear Dave let you have the bigger wardrobe!! I think its perfect for you two and you have chosen well. Nice that you are near to the park too. I "starfish" when I sleep too (the English expression for sleeping with arms and legs stretched).

Julianna Patines

Aug 8, 2019, 4:57 am Reply

Why are you making your videos in English now?

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