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How Compass Furnished Apartments Can Help With Business Travelers Housing Needs

Hi, I’m Joanna from Compass Furnished
Apartments and you’re receiving this quick video from me because I think we
can help. So many of my clients came to me burdened with having to find
accommodations for their visiting employees or relocating employees and
told me how time-consuming and exhausting it can be with all the
different options out there. We know this is just one thing of many you have to do
on a daily basis. We work with companies of all sizes ten employees to ten thousand. We can help you whether you’re trying to find an apartment for an
intern, a business traveler, or a high-touch relocating executive. We are
confident that we can help. Our apartments provide a unique living
environment for your employees. See, at Compass we’re more than just a room. We take our jobs very seriously and layer in all the comforts of home and we want
to make sure that your employee has the best possible experience so they can hit
the ground running, focus on the task at hand, which is usually a new job or
acclimating to a new city. I’d love to find out what your biggest struggle is because every company is different. Click below and you’ll access to my personal
calendar where we can set up a ten or fifteen minute call. You could tell me
what’s bugging you and I’ll let you know if we can help. I’d love to find out more.
Thanks for watching. Take care.

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