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How A Poor Man Can Buy Cheap Property (version B)

This video is about how a poor man can
purchase property for cheap. But I already uploaded a video that has the
same title, that was version (A). My bad. I uploaded the wrong video. That video was
the raw footage that I produced without the video insets to help you give
you a visual of the story-line. So this video will show you the inserts of the
extra videos I’ve added to the show to help give you a more visual of this show
which is valuable information for you. So please enjoy. Hey, welcome back to Pine Meadows Hobby
Farm; I’m your host Jerry Hanson. Like I said in the bumper, if you’re poor you
just don’t have much money and you’re afraid you cannot just reach that
American dream of your own land ownership well there is hope. Let me
digress a bit. We were homeless, we were actually living in his camp
trailer in the Walmart parking lot, free campgrounds, and church parking lots.
And I had lost my job and circumstances beyond our control; we were with my wife
and two teenage kids living this lifestyle for a couple years until we
were able to find a place to anchor and then once we got anchored; during that
time real quick, I ended up having a heart attack,
open-heart surgery, cardiac arrest, blah blah blah. So that was in the midst of
being homeless, so recuperating from the open-heart
surgery and taking some workshops on focusing on developing skills and
especially a new way of thinking which really helped me out of that rut. And
that is finding some programs that were available to help me
out of that and gain some skills that are good marketable skills. I chose the
medical industry, that way in case something else happened to me I was
within steps of the crash cart and I could hang around a little bit longer. So
now I’m working in a solid vocation and that started supplying an
income. And one of the workshops I took really empowered me, it helped me focus
on my ABILITIES rather than my DISABILITIES.
And so my channel is all about encouraging people to rise above their
circumstances and gain a foothold in life, and also focusing on your abilities
rather than your disabilities if you have the disabilities like I do. With
that knowledge and that power you can obtain anything. “You don’t get if you
don’t ask or don’t seek out.” So now, to the main crux of the story of how to
achieve the American dream and land ownership if you’re poor. This is the
entrance to Pine Meadows Hobby Farm, I discovered this one day while driving
down the road past this place & noticing weeds growing over it. I was curious
about it. So without a visible address sign or a mailbox to obtain a address, I
went on Google Maps and I put my cursor in the middle of the tax lot, I right
clicked on it and it gave me the address. I then typed in the address and came up
with two items for this property. Number one: The gentleman had
apparently died four years previous, and Number Two: The County had
seized the property and was offering it up for sale at auction.
However, the auction had already come and passed. So with the auction passed, I went
ahead and called the county and asked if they had this property still available.
They did. Nobody wanted the property because of what you see here. It was a
wreck: Apparently when the gentleman died squatters got on the land and destroyed
everything including the single-wide mobile home. But that was good for me,
that single-wide mobile home meant the infrastructure was already in place. It
had a well, septic, power and phone. All the infrastructure was in. And it was
already developed as a home site. All that was left behind was this
stripped out RV and a couple of cars. So with that said, of course I didn’t
have any money with me or on me but I did have a job. And what I did was
call the county, ask the gal if it was still available, and looked at their
terms. And their terms were, if the property was more than $10,000.00 the county would carry the note for 20 years, and they sell it at minimum
bid price at over-the-counter sale. And so I was able to collect the 10%
down payment required to be able to initiate the process of purchasing the
property. I did that by taking my car down and getting a title loan from one
of these title loan companies, and got just enough money to be able to go ahead
and pay the down payment. We signed the papers, we closed, and the property became
in our possession and ownership. So the only other fee that we had to pay was
like a $53.00 filing fee, so the clerk could walk it across the hall
and file it with the county recorders office. So now this is 5.7 acres, but
being the acreage is uneven ground in surface area, it actually covers 10
acres. I might add that I took the metal from the mobile home along with the two
cars and the RV, sent them to the scrap yards and they sent me a check, enough to
pay for some gravel for the driveway, a new front gate, and enough to pay my
first month’s mortgage. I put the fencing in. I had fencing already over
at Acorn Acres (my other YouTube Channel) when we move down here. So I had the material to be able put up my
own fencing. And then I purchased this double-wide manufactured home from a
party down the road. They wanted to build their dream house on a new farm that
they had just purchased. And they just needed to get the home out of there. So
they sold it to me for $10,000. Of course I made arrangements with her to pay
$3,000,00 down and $300.00 a month until I got enough money to be
able to pay it off. Well, we had that home paid off really fast, within nine months,
and it’s a beautiful home. Again we were able to do it without financing. Of
course, with the private party, they sold it to us interest-free, so that’s
how we were able to pay it off really quick. And just having a minimum job
income, we’re not middle-class at all, we’re not
Upper-class, I just work what I can do, and the income I have, we’re able to be
successful at purchasing this. I put the house together myself saving a bundle of
cash that I didn’t have. And another interesting thing I did; With it being a
mobile home or a manufactured home I was able to get a permit to swap out
manufactured home for manufactured home, which included all of the hookups
for the the sewer, the water, the power. I did all that myself.
Here in our State, if you’re a homeowner, you can do all that, all of the
attachments yourself so long as you do it to code, and the code inspectors come
in and they look at it and they either flunk or pass. They passed me on all
my inspections. because, I downloaded the code book from the State’s website to
be sure that when I put this unit together I did it accurately and to code,
so I knew I was going to be being able to pass these inspections. To purchase
all the material for the foundation, I wanted my home set on a cement block
foundation. So what I did is I started Craigslist and I listed the axles. There
was 6 axles and 12 wheels that I had purchased to install on the device,
on the unit when I had it moved. So I owned those out right. So I went ahead
and listed it on my Craigslist. Then I got a substantial amount of money into my
return, to be able to sell those individually to other private parties.
That gave me the extra money to buy some of the material. I was still lacking
some material so I was looking around for something
else to sell. With this I had to show a little bit of ingenuity. And this is
where my Youtube channel started. So what happened is I was looking around the
house to see if I had anything of value. I found in my footlocker an old
metal toy. Well! It’s this toy right here. it’s a metal tank, battery operated, so I
made a video of the tank operating and then I went and started a YouTube account
and posted this video on YouTube. That’s the birth of my YouTube channel. Well it
wasn’t a channel yet, it was just a YouTube video. So once I launched that
onto YouTube I went ahead and started, opened up an eBay account and posted this
for sale on eBay, and started a, what you call PayPal account. So in case somebody
wanted to buy it they can just send the money through PayPal. So now, here’s the
next step that had to take to be able to get this little toy exposed. I did some
research and found out this $5.55 toy that was sold in
the 1965 Sears & Roebuck Christmas catalog is of interest to some investors
who collect this type of toy. This toy was a part of a series of
five or six toys in the Bandai Lunar toy series whatever it was. Well anyway, I
opened up a Craigslist, I had my Craigslist account, so I posted an
advertisement on Craigslist in all the major cities I can think of, because I
figured the major cities as where people with liquid assets would be located. So I
listed it in Paris, France, Rome, Italy, London, England, Miami, Florida, New York,
Atlanta, Seattle, LA, you know, cities like that, Dallas-Fort Worth. And I got a
nibble, I sold that toy for over $800 to an investor down in
Dallas. Yep, that’s right, so that gave me the funds that I was able to use to
purchase the rest of the material for the foundation. I might add that when I
purchased the manufactured home it came with the awnings for the carport and the
deck and the deck itself and the heat pumps so I did have those additional
costs. So that’s how I bought the land and the house for really cheap and being
poor I was able to obtain the American dream, and do it creatively. You don’t
need to go through the conventional pathways that everybody has set up for you
to try to steer you through and pay them lots of money to be able to meet the
ends of getting that American dream. it’s been four years now since we’ve
been on this property and we’ll hopefully have it paid off in about
another five years. So I hope I was able to encourage you and give you some
information that you can go with. I don’t think every county has this kind
of option, but be resourceful and explore to see what other options are available
for you, because there’s all kinds of methods in which you can buy property.
You don’t have to do it the conventional way. And above all, be patient, and don’t
be afraid to ask. So the rest of my videos and the archives are the
adventure that I’ve taken through the process of putting the house together and
developing the land, building all my outbuildings using free material that
was given to me or material I purchased from the sale of livestock that I would
raise. So you know, try to be resourceful, and work within your means, and stop
focusing on your disabilities. I hope you enjoyed (Version B) better than (Version A).
than version a again my apologies for Again, my apologies for uploading that accidentally. Stay
tuned, I’ve got another video still coming and it’s showing how a poor man
can build a farm and out – buildings on the farm for free or cheap. And that
video is coming soon, so look for that. I hope I’ve encouraged and inspired. I’m
your host Jerry Hanson this is Pine Meadows Hobby Farm. I want to thank you
for tuning in and checking out this video and kind of demonstrating and
explaining how you too can purchase property, yes even being poor, there’s
ways. You just have to be patient look for them.
Please give me a thumbs up, subscribe, leave comments. I like reading comments,
and you can follow me on social media. I’m putting stuff out on Twitter,
Facebook, Pinterest, reddit, Google+. I’m on Instagram, and I’m on LinkedIn, and I’m
enjoying life to its fullest. Please come back again we’ll see you guys later.


Liam W

Oct 10, 2017, 4:41 pm Reply

Smart man. Made a way.

Terra Ranch

Oct 10, 2017, 4:52 pm Reply

Great video and information. I will share this with my son, who needs a homestead. Hugs to you and your family❤️

Angel Of Love

Oct 10, 2017, 6:59 pm Reply

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Oct 10, 2017, 5:03 am Reply

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Shelray Sam

Oct 10, 2017, 3:51 am Reply

Ok! I am poor. Single family. I want to live in American dream. How much work do I have to do to get myself at least 5 acres with easy done like you? Please write to me by step p-by-steps

Shelray Sam

Oct 10, 2017, 3:55 am Reply

I am disbility am want to get out.

Deborah Baht Israel

Nov 11, 2017, 3:32 pm Reply

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G. Cosper

Dec 12, 2017, 1:02 am Reply

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Lika Hefferan

Dec 12, 2017, 4:40 pm Reply

Thank you so much for making this video. you really inspired me of what you have been doing. I admire you. I told my husband, we need to buy land and be debts free so we can retire earlier. If you know of any property like your, please let me know. I am on Facebook Book too. I love your animals, ducks and all that.?☝??????

Jim Thompson

Dec 12, 2017, 12:22 am Reply

You said you paid no interest. What about when you took out a loan at a title loan place?They usually charge outrageous interest !

Gary Farmer

Dec 12, 2017, 3:19 am Reply

This is great but you did have alot of "good fortune" too . Stuff don't work out that smoothly for me..lol

Esteban Oquendo, Jr.

Dec 12, 2017, 10:26 am Reply

Very inspiring! Continue living the American Way!

cdLady54 Marengo

Dec 12, 2017, 12:57 pm Reply

Thanks. This version was definitely helpful. Great thinking and you set a light bulb off in my progressive thought process. Yes, I have disability, but greater ability! Keep up the great work.

Betty DeMers

Dec 12, 2017, 9:24 pm Reply

Oh! I like "B" … I'm a sucker for before and after! LOL Great job!

I just found your channel … thank you, YouTube for recommended videos. I hope I get to meet your family!

Blessings and Congratulations on your success!

Hula Shack

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Hula Shack

Dec 12, 2017, 12:17 am Reply

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Nina Borchkhadze

Dec 12, 2017, 2:39 am Reply

awesome! you're a really inspiring person! hope I would be able to do the same thing someday! <3 loved it. Good Luck!

N. M.

Dec 12, 2017, 3:18 am Reply


Conservative Views by Christine

Dec 12, 2017, 5:56 am Reply

Thank you.

Little Shepherd Farm

Dec 12, 2017, 2:45 pm Reply

Hi Jerry. Hey, thanks for responding to my questions this morning. I am in a real fix here thanks to my daughter-in-law. The people she had come do the work here pretty much destroyed the only good parts left in this old farm house. She's a real piece of work, let me tell ya. LOL. I try to just take everyday in stride and not let it bother me but it's really hard because 65% of my heart is dead and there's a TON of other things wrong with my body that keep me from getting things done on a daily basis. In short I cannot work anymore and am disabled 100%. I still try to do things to keep my independence but it's NOTHING like I used to be. The only help I have is my son when he's home on the weekends and if he's feeling up to it. He has a very strenuous and stressful job so I don't like to pressure him too much. So it's extremely slow going here. I sometimes can put in an hour's worth of work, maybe two total on a good day but then I'm finished for a few days. I too rely on God for strength and ability to persevere. I have to. SO…my help is VERY limited. I just thought you might have an idea of something I haven't thought of yet is all. I stumbled upon your channel somehow yesterday and I wasn't even looking for vacant property or anything. But I watched both of these videos and enjoyed them. You're an inspiration. Thanks for everything you've put out here for others and the journey you're on. When I was young I SO wanted to do the actual Homesteading thing but never did. Wish I had now. I'm sure I would be a lot happier than I am, but at least I am happy enough to keep going/keep trying as long as I'm alive. Again thank you.

Mr. Rain

Dec 12, 2017, 5:28 pm Reply

Thanks Jerry, Heidi and I are also exploring options. It looks like you are in Oregon?

Kat D

Dec 12, 2017, 11:58 pm Reply

Very inspiring video. Makes me feel like there's a chance. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Kat Kohler Schwartz

Dec 12, 2017, 7:17 pm Reply

You are an inspiration to those who are living in despair and have no idea how to begin to dig out. Hopefully, many are watching this video and taking your advice and example to know that people are able to use their internal wisdom to break out of "normal" circumstances to create greatness and the good life.

Jori Jeffrey

Dec 12, 2017, 5:34 am Reply

Ur a very resourceful man. NO REASON for u to be "poor" if u don't want to.


Dec 12, 2017, 6:33 am Reply

My last investment went bad really fast.
Initial worth $200,000.
Then one bad neighbor moved in.
Within 4 years ALLLLLLLL the good original neighbors moved out or as they say, took flight.
I tried to reason with the bad neighbor.
His problem was mainly LOUD noise.
It took him less than 10 seconds to accuse me of RACISM. Bring up slavery. And almost get into a physical fight.
There was no possibility of mature reasoning.
In that short 4 years, most of the replacement neighbors were renters of the same sort as the bad neighbor.
Now the property is worth LESS than the mortgage.
I learned that the possibility of bad neighbors is the #1 concern for property investments.
I could sell it for $100,000, half, and just walk away with the loss.


Dec 12, 2017, 5:24 pm Reply

Merry Christmas Jerry. This gift was in my "Suggested Videos" this morning. Thank you for sharing this information with us. It is giving me a glimmer of hope. I am currently living in my 36' Winnebago in an RV park and have no $ to put down on property here in Southern Mississippi.

Dr.ShakinahGlory YT

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Dec 12, 2017, 11:05 pm Reply

Jerry, my apologies if this is too personal. But I can't help not being concerned about your health. And your presentation here is about lifestyle. You mentioned having a heart attack. And I notice in the delivery of your commentary that you are breathing heavily. Do you have have health coverage? And what are you doing to improve health with diet and exercise?


Dec 12, 2017, 5:13 am Reply

Very inspiring. You may want to write a book!

Dr.ShakinahGlory YT

Dec 12, 2017, 2:23 pm Reply

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Dec 12, 2017, 7:21 pm Reply

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Dec 12, 2017, 9:20 pm Reply

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Apr 4, 2018, 1:23 am Reply

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ICU8 12

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Best wishes to you! Thank you for taking the time to record, edit and post this video!

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Thanks Jerry for sharing your story. Very encouraging. I wish I understood what you did when I was much younger. I did something that I think was resourceful and have had success. We had more than you did to start so I really admire what you were able to do in spite of your disadvantages.

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I bought 10 Acres in Texas for 120
Real cheap

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Apr 4, 2019, 3:10 am Reply

Creative thinking and perseverance–always the key to success!

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Apr 4, 2019, 4:09 am Reply

I am so happy to find your video, I was literally in tears before I found your video, almost being taken once again on fraudulent land. I have been scammed 3 times, by people selling property that didn't belong to them, and then tonight….was about to do it again. Thank goodness I called the lady back, and the second time I had talked to her, she had answered the phone claiming another Real-estate company, that not 20 minutes before, she claimed she was still another reality. That got me to thinking..so I started asking her more in depth questions, and she started to seem irritated at first, then when she realized she was losing me as a sucker…she became sweet as pie and started contradicting what she was telling me was allowed on the land.

Anyways…I am glad to have discovered that there is a legit way of obtaining property…and will be going to the county court house…thank you so much for uplifting my spirits.


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Kristina Tidwell

Jul 7, 2019, 11:18 pm Reply

I found 15 acres on northshore of Lake Travis. It had been listed for sale for 20 yrs. They wanted $60k but I asked my husband if he would get info on his TX vet benefit? We got a contract in the mail $43,500.

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This showed up in my recommendations.. glad it did, u give me hope & inspiration to investigate property. I've been living in my car for 3 yrs now due to disability, job loss etc. Jus resently got approved for disability payments.
I LIVE IN OREGON as well. Tried applying for usda Grant's & loans but denied due to lack of credit.. hope that when I get my 1st payout I can use it as a down payment for land to live homestead life.
Thanks so much for Sharing ur experience

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Your strength and persistence to make your life dream of home ownership has given hope and educated us,,thank-you!!!

Bob Shawe

Sep 9, 2019, 4:01 am Reply


Corvus Crow

Sep 9, 2019, 7:18 pm Reply

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can u explain how u found the info on the property? it sounds like you put the cursor on the middle of the tax law and right clicked. for me that is the missing link but glad to find your channel.

i had a coworker who did similar things but he changed interests too fast to keep anything going. fixing VW beetles, raising goats, garden, homemade outbuildings, chickens, herbs, john boats, a pontoon boat……..on and on.

Jon Focker

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Sep 9, 2019, 6:14 pm Reply

Thank you for sharing and bringing hope to the poor. I'm one of them . Also living in a RV I'm gonna do my best to find a life again . It is very hard when you all of a sudden become disabled lose your job and your family just because your disabled. You said something great focus on your abilities not your disability gotcha ? thanks again for the information and for reaching out to those in need

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