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Houstons House of Beer, Art Cars, Hot Heads, & Authentic Tex Mex

morning everybody I got the Houston and
guess what it started doing raining again every time I come to Houston it
rains on me yesterday was a washout today there’s some sunshine breaks so
I’m gonna be kind of battling with the Texas rain a little bit and trying to
plan out my days in these little Sun breaks or not rainy breaks I should say
I make the most of it I really really want to explore Houston more finally
yeah a little break in the weather and a
chance to check out something quirky here in Houston the dubbed beer can
house right back here let’s go check it out lots of wind chimes hanging from all
the gutters here uh-huh and if we look down it’s a rock patio got some fence
line here look kid ollie these these are older ones too now looking up here
there’s some Jax beer up there I like it when any kind of artist goes like all
all out on something and just you know you get to a certain point where it
probably got ridiculous and out of hand and that’s when you just keep doing more
pretty much even the side of the house you know the outside walls these are
these are cans that have been opened up and pressed on flag
falstaff beer and there’s a Texas pride down there the inside is open you can go
in there but I was actually notified from the property owner here that I
can’t take my professional equipment inside there and share it with you so
we’re just gonna look outside instead yeah so outside oh these are bottles so
it’s not just cans also they’d had a beer bottles I wonder if all this
aluminum makes it a little warmer in there in the summertime here in Houston
possibly well it’ll sell any magnets here for the beer house but they do have
a monster Bud Light cowboy hat that somebody has donated to the museum here
and I really want to take this with me I think this is my kind of hat all right
another weird one quirky Houston here before the Sun sets the art car museum
let’s check this one out to all sorts of crazy unique art cars y’all yeah this
says quirky there’s a lot of quirky here it just Texas in a word right
so the car they have outside is one of six here and it’s a donation process
again again no magnets bummer but it’s called the fruit mobile outside and they
have an art car parade every April here in Houston and I guess it is very well
though we’re gonna look at a few more they’re funky cars inside – yeah this is
the trunk of this car there’s wow that is one impressive car is a Texas style Chrysler right there
look at the artwork on the side that is literally Texas oh my gosh
very nice alright car people what kind of car is
this based on those taillights anybody the fee of route 66 color here that is
awesome my buddy Big Sean is gonna like this one
route 66 that is a beautiful car though check it out it’s a deck pod everybody
that’s funky so it’s a two wheeler yep two wheeler
that’s one cool scooter cozy well we got the Sun behind me but we got the
colorful we love Houston sign behind me but okay I walked all the way around
this fence I can’t figure out a way to get in there but they’ve got huge
Beatles statues this is this has been a common theme the last few months on this
channel we have seen a lot of Beatles just everything for any kind of reason
so Houston seems to be a very colorful artsy fartsy area as well lots of
colorful graffiti tasteful graffiti maybe yeah oh my gosh a Simpsons version
of a tribute to Robin Williams as Miss Doubtfire that’s really cool Wow yeah we
miss you Robin and Wonder Woman what that there’s sort of a beavis and
butthead that I don’t really understand but squad and war holy Oh alright are
those people here from Houston that I don’t know who this to be and you come
out here to the weird industrial areas of Houston and a bunch of large heads
like like they’re making them here like they’re manufacturing these huge
are they presidential heads I don’t I don’t recognize any of these just quite
yet I do see his ponytail that looks like
Jeffersons back of the head right there what the heck
very strange what’s going on behind this fence guys I can’t confirm that they are
fiberglass based on what I see right through there
so they’re not concrete they’re fiberglass we’re do you guys recognize
these are pretty detailed and I don’t know who they are
I really don’t except there’s Chaplin over there that’s awesome
he’s huge and tall Wow I want him to make one of me I’m gonna put it on the
RV Houston knows how to stay quirky apparently yes no stop – Houston would
be complete without visiting the famous Harris County Detention Center actually
no it’s the Minute Maid Park where you guessed it the Mastro’s have lost more
baseball games in that dome right there than any other Pro major-league team you
guys even get that ongoing joke you get it because the home team plays half
their games at each Stadium that’s why I go to each big city and say that and the
Astros man what a disappointing World Series though all right Astros I’m
rooting for you this year they’ll go whoo all right starting to get hungry
I’m gonna try some authentic Houston food here go into Molina’s Cantina first
possible tex-mex strip all right there’s the menu check
it out get some ideas my dears did I mention that is also my cheat day here
live is filming today just saying I feel like I’d have to justify myself all the
time but I don’t but anyway it is cheat day I’m gonna overdo it
right cold plates here I see you I see a beef taco in there and it chili con
queso what’s delicious you probably wouldn’t like it
right and hot foods here got a cheese enchilada there some chili con carne
rice three five beans tamale I like mariachi music over there I’m
gonna end with a praline here that’s not bad right
cheat day was good I’m back I forgot to mention I’m hanging
out with some YouTube and patreon friends here in the the woodlands area
just north of Houston there they have offered me their their driveway one of
the perks to having a lot of viewers on the road so I’m glad I can do some
driveway mooch talking here while I wait for good days it’s just too rainy and
moist to go out on the motorcycle so uh just gonna be making this up as I go I’m
in no rush here in Texas although I do have some plans most everything else I’m
just kind of making up on the fly so know it’s working I film something a
week ago I’m still working on that Mickey jacket
that I got used from eBay I am cleaning it it is coming clean it is getting
white again in the meantime I filmed something else at the last campground I
was at when it was nice and sunny I’m going to leave you with that real quick
it’s kind of cool he’ll like it you know the Internet can be a wonderful resource
before I open this you all saw that I got my Wilson’s leather jacket this is a
large size this is my favorite leather jacket I’ve been working on something
for the past two months to customize this leather jacket and I did that
through a web site called fiverr.com you’ve probably heard of it
fib eerr dot-com and I’ve been working with someone over
there who has been custom creating some custom embroidery patches of my nomadic
phonetic logo and they have arrived two months later and they are amazing I’ve
already looked at them look at this embroidered patch is that awesome or
what I actually got three of these twelve by
twelve inch ones and three of the corner patch ones as well I’m gonna put them
onto my leather jacket today and I decided not to sew them on because you
have to tear out the liner it’s a little tricky I’m gonna go with glue how to
buddy tell me to get some of this badge leather contact cement so you get
started on this right now start by spreading out the back and do
the back one first here its position this guy on here man that is gonna look
so wheat okay I’m gonna put a couple pieces of tape on the back and I watched
a couple YouTube’s on the best way to do this that way I can position it and
it’ll stay on the jacket for a second here while I Center it it’s gonna stand back and take a look at
it here I’m not gonna get a tape measure or anything and measure all the sides
because even if I get this centered you still got the palm tree that sticks out
so I just want it to look generally centered there and I think that looks
good right there next thing I’m gonna do is take my tape and I’m gonna run a
little border around all of these edges basically taping it down to this for a
minute and you’ll see why in a minute okay got all the tapes around it all the
way around the patch here like I’d like I’m gonna do now is take a sharp knife
and I’m gonna trace along the entire border of the patch all this and cut it
through so that I can pull the patch out and leave this outer blue strip that way
when I’m in hearing the contact cement onto the code itself it won’t go past
where the patch is actually gonna be you won’t have tacky stuff sticking way out
here outside the patch because you got to put the contact cement on the jacket
and the back of the patch and let it sit for a couple hours to get tacky so I’ll
go and cut around this hey now I will just take a look at
everything make sure I can adhere it all down fix a few of these little spots and
then I’ll remove all the tape from the outer border of the patch and get ready
to get it tacky but in case it gets windy while I’m waiting for this to get
tacky I’ll put a little piece of tape on the front of this patch and just kind of
tape it to the table here that way while it’s you know getting that tacky stuff
it doesn’t blow off and go over any of the woods now we’re gonna apply the
barge leather contact cement mixture here this is a one pint of it and I
believe it was about $15 for this I’m not even going to come close to that but
since I got three of each you know I may be doing another version of this later
or with a different patch so I will keep this oh yeah this smells so good I wish you
could smell it right now make sure you get all the way to the edges cuz those
are gonna be the most vulnerable spots that might come undone definitely do
this outdoors by the hey guys the chemical you probably don’t want to
breathe too much of this stuff in I’ve use it in a very well ventilated area
blah blah blah read the rules all that stuff you know all right you’ve got the
patch all done here it now needs to sit for two hours
well it says ten minutes or hours I’m gonna go with hours or work on the coat
over here now so there’s the patch when we bet there and hopefully no branches
or bugs or land on it or debris or anything and then the coat looks good
it’s gonna get tacky it does not take long but let this sit for two hours and
then come back to it okie dokie it’s been exactly two hours later and it is
very tacky to the touch know if you can hear that so it’s time to put the patch
on try not to mess this up Eric you only got one chance what wait oh man
well stay straight jacket thank you now I’m gonna move it since I’m on a
picnic table I got these lines right here so it’s gonna move the jacket a
little bit push down more firm again back down this way press down and this
way there’s and there’s no overflow I’m not getting glue all over my hands see all right now this needs a couple more
hours I would normally say beer is not the answer but in this case beer
absolutely is the answer need some weight on there and for the
back part here kitty litter right there for two hours gonna leave this weight on
while that’s going on I’m gonna work on the left sides of the pail side over
here I’m gonna work on this section right here so it might be dark by the
time I get back to you but I’ll show you what it looks like here in a little bit
all right it has been two hours and it’s starting to get dark here the product
barge does say that you should put weight on it for one hour but also that
it’s going to take a full 48 hours for the bond to completely go through so
don’t start picking at the edges in the next couple days it’s still gonna be
working its way through but I can wear it today right now let’s check it out take that one off and it looks really
good and start taking off the tape around the edge here I’ll show you what
it looks like here in a minute see there’s still some glue that sticks to
the tape just kind of stringing right now but be careful cuz you don’t want to
pull the glue that’s still bonding underneath the patch so I’m gonna apply
a little bit of pressure to the edge as I’m pulling the tape all right back
patch and front patch are done I got some glue cleanup to do around the edge
later but I don’t want to pick up these delicate corners of the of the palm tree
like right there I wanna I want to wait a couple days and then I’ll I’ll fix up
all these edges and make them really glue quits what you’re seeing
right now is some of the white glue sticking out and I want it to be black
transition right into the black leather perfectly but honestly I’m really happy
with this this is amazing all right here’s test I love it van I
have a custom leather and brighter jacket yes so yeah I got a really nice
spot to park here away from the big city with some friends I’ve been hanging out
with and getting to know a little better and do have some exciting plans coming
from Houston in my next video I think well I’d never I’m just playing it by
ear with the weather there’s lots and lots of rain this week so uh I’ll get
back to you soon as I can you guys take care you


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I'm commenting about your diet. You're making the same mistake I made a little over a year ago; almost exactly the same weight level, dropping to 800 cals/day, exercise, etc. I ended up with LOOSE SKIN (and it's PERMANENT) going from 194 lbs to 170 lbs. I accelerated dieting and exercising from about 185 lbs down to 170 lbs (800 cals/day, increased exercise levels, just like you are doing now). BIG mistake; I wish I'd stuck to about 1500 cals/day, but I didn't and now I have permanent loose skin. Please, please, please, don't make the same mistake I made. Research this, seriously. You might think that's not possible to get loose skin with only 15 lbs of weight loss, but it absolutely is; and it's something I regret every single day now. Please take this warning to heart.

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Do you know what would be really cool? To here are some of your thoughts in the logic behind designing a logo in the first place. Like how do you go about thinking of what to put on the logo?! I’ve had my YouTube channel for about 14 years now but I’ve never actually had a logo and in a couple of years I’ll be buying a new RV haven’t had multiple RVs over the last years And I’m very seriously thinking about putting a logo in there so that’s why am curious

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