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Housing Tours: Petersen Residence Hall

Welcome to Petersen Residence Hall! Petersen Hall is the first new on-campus residence hall since Slater was built in 1968 It’s next to Hillcrest Residence Hall, and is home to over 500 students Petersen has many amenities for students living on campus including wireless internet access, Black’s Gold Grille, laundry services, computer lab, multipurpose room, learning commons, and a kitchen Now, let’s head up and check out a room So here we are on one of the floors in Petersen Residence Hall All floors in this residence hall are co-ed with pod-style bathrooms This is a typical pod-style bedroom in Petersen Residence Hall These rooms come with two lofted beds, two desks, and pod-style bathrooms They also come with one large shared closet Petersen has ten floors, and has been designed specifically to enhance living learning communities The floor populations are much smaller than other residence halls on campus to encourage making connections with students who share similar interests Additionally, the Cambus system makes it easy to get all around campus Cambus routes include stops at all residence halls with buses coming roughly every 10 minutes Thanks for joining us For more information on Petersen or any other residence hall on campus make sure to visit housing.uiowa.edu

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