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HOUSE TOUR 2017! My New Room Decor | CloeCouture

These past days and past nights Walks under streetlights Something don’t feel right Sooner or later she’ll be Trips to Chicago don’t call me crazy this time tomorrow You lead me, I’ll follow I got the tables, I bought the bottles [Sooner or later she’ll be] I ain’t pulling you back When you feeling like that I ain’t tripping, getting mad Sooner or later, she’ll be Coming right back When you feeling like that I ain’t tripping, getting mad Cause sooner or later she’ll be [sooner or later] [sooner or later] I just wanna change the tempo But you’re always trying to slow it down I just wanna close the distance, distance oh But she won’t notice I can’t help myself, I can’t help myself And she won’t notice ‘Til there’s someone else, ’til there’s someone else I guess you’re missing all My good and bad intentions Guess i’m invisible ‘Til you lose my attention And she won’t notice “Til there’s someone else, ’til there’s someone else [one sip] Bad for me [one hit] Bad for me [one kiss] Bad for me But I give in so easily And no thank you Is how it should’ve gone I should stay strong But I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that? Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that? Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall- Adelaine: No no no no no no I don’t think so no no no no no this is my video my channel and no no no but it was nice meeting you.. uh i’ll see you later bye! – Boy I love it when I fall for that – Okay, okay, okay -OKAY! Hey guys it’s Chloe … Hello.. And Adelaine If you guys don’t know, Adelaine’s my roomate I hope you guys enjoyed that apartment tour, I know it’s a little different a little funky funky fresh Funky fresh Chlo with the flow! I wanna see if you guys can get this video a thumbs up I’m like the single pop sound effect I want to see if you guys can give this video a thumbs up, click the notification, And leave a comment saying “moon” In the time it takes us to make a musical.ly Swish Swish bish Another one in the basket Can’t touch this We literally just took like ten minutes to do that Swish Swish bish Holla for a dolla! A dolla? A dolla! We love Liza I love you Liza Okay so we decided to do a little fun challenge Who’s the most likely to- -roomate edition You guys tweeted us a bunch of questions so we’re gonna answer them Most likely to wear their own merch in their videos Buy cloecouture merch, link in the description Who’s most likely to never go to sleep? Adelaine goes to sleep at like 6 a.m. Who’s most likely to make slime videos? I want to make a slime Instagram Who’s most likely to cry in public? Who’s most likely not to post on Youtube? Wait let’s see if this collab goes up on the same day hopefully Who’s most likely to spend $1,000 at a store? Yeah… Who’s more boy crazy? Oohh! Who’s more likely to be the most dramatic? I love how I have to look at us Yea we’re both literally like.. We’re not really that dramatic Yea I think both of us are like pretty chill people Yea, I asked Chloe we should do like a roast A diss track! We should do a diss track right now No! This is Clo’ with the flo’ you know that you want mo’, that’s Adelaine She don’t got no spin I’m a winna like a fidget spinna I’m Adelaine Morin… Chloe is floorin’ her career social blade ain’t soarin’ Most likely to run to the bathroom to poop Who’s most likely to get up early? do you realize what we’re doing like we have no friends and we’re literally hanging out with multiples of ourselves It’s lit up in Adelaine and Chloe’s house! But I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that? Boy oh boy I love it when I fall for that Hahahahaha hhhhhhh When Chloe’s done laughing she goes hahahahahah heh I just did it! Hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to subscribe, Make sure to like, make sure to notification, make sure to comment, make sure to follow me on twitter, instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Musical.ly,Linkedin Make sure to check out all of my videos that I did last week, make sure to check out all my videos that I did last year Okay and that’s it we’re out, one, two Oh we did a video on my channel by the way I forgot! We also did a video on Adelaine’s channel make sure to check it out We did 73 questions on my channel Oh hello how are you? Come in If you were stuck on an island, what is one thing you would have? Dora the explorer she has everything in her backpack If you were to have superpowers what would it be? Um, to fly But yea I hope you guys enjoyed it and swish swish bish



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I hope you guys enjoyed!! Please give it a thumbs up for me finally doing this video! Also, I do a lot of moving and decorating vlogs on my vlog channel – check it out!! https://www.youtube.com/vivalacloe

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I love this so much 🙂

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I want to see her room

Yoyofroyo :D

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Moon ?

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Names of them

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Dghdtijbdser hszyilnf

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We all know that scene at the start is definitely fake and they probably fight all the time ?

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Very cool☺☺☺

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Gloriadafish :D

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Is this before mr Kate or after

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But I have more big house than you

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Your house is goals!

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I miss them together so muchhhh it hurts

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OMG you are so preaty

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Oof ur house is beautiful, I want ur bed and closet
Edit: your whole room, lol
But u are amazing and I love u!!

Maliha Wajeed

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Your sister and Mia has the greatest room even better than yours I don't know you like it it's just purple purple everywhere I like pink more then purple and I even like red more than pink and purple

love life

Mar 3, 2019, 10:32 pm Reply

Song at 1:15 ?

Kearsie Despinasse

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Mar 3, 2019, 7:19 pm Reply

u guys r hilarious

Zea Grabel

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i wonder how akward this was without the music or editing

Abby M

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somebody you dont know heheheh

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anybody see her cloecouture dream house video


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I like your video very much ???? and I am your fan

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Preety room

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abc def

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Cloe you inspire me so much.You are so creative!! PS if you fell the same way plz give this a like!!!

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Catherine Coulthard

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You live by yourself

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Yourhouse is beautiful

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I love your house

lolo lili

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# aarya bhayani

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Do a ref rejerator tour

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Ok you guys definitely don’t act that happy together??‍♀️

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so asthethic love it

Vanessa virginia V C

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Cloe is like the QUEEN of house tour!


May 5, 2019, 3:43 am Reply

I love the moon at night

moo kav

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June Overton

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Valeria R

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What type of purple is it on your walls is there an exact shade?

Leah Matthews

May 5, 2019, 6:48 am Reply

Fuck you

Rosalyn Moncayo

Jun 6, 2019, 7:24 am Reply

What a nice House I love it.

Alicia Jeffrey

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Moonlight ????????????????????????☀️☀️☀️

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I injoy your video

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i love this soooooo much!!!

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Is that Adelaine at the start


Jun 6, 2019, 3:39 pm Reply

Moon ?

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anyone else in 2019

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My name is Adeline


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Why did her cup say worlds greatest grandma

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Congrats Chloe ? ?

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Heels tired the most

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Unicorn Queen

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I mean Moon???

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