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Home Tour of Newly Renovated 45-Year-Old Resale Flat | Interior Design Singapore

I got to know about the interior lab I was visiting a few ID fairs and we were researching on the internet and we got to learn about the interior lab on Qanvast so we saw some great reviews about Yen so we decided to give her a call and and it was really fast because on the day we called her we actually got to meet her and so we decided engage her services as the chemistry was great when we got the place we found that it was rather old and dated it looked pretty much like a very standard 3 room HDB flat so we wanted to give it a new look we wanted it to look modern but yet industrial I really wanted to change up the space so that they flow into each other more fluently the process was pretty fast so we took about eight weeks to complete the project I think working with the interior lab they definitely exceeded our expectations working with Yen was great she was very responsive as a designer and because we are very new at this so she was able to give us different perspectives and fresh ideas that we did not previously think about so that was great we also appreciated that there was a very high attention to detail so the workmanship was was well crafted and all in all yep it was a great experience well I gotta say that my favorite part of the house has to be the bathroom the original layout was quite old and the washing area and toilet area there were two separate spaces and they were quite cramped so we were quite glad that with the help of the interior lab we were able to change up the space and reimagine them so that it’s now much brighter and more spacious and is really a great place to recharge after a long day yes definitely

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the experience was great so we would definitely recommend the interior lab and Yen especially to our friends and anybody who’s looking forward to have a great and beautiful looking house

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