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Home Tour of a 5-Room Resale Flat | Interior Designer Singapore | The Interior Lab

We got to know The Interior Lab through Qanvast
initially because I was searching for an ID that has done up similar designs to what we
have in mind.So it was something mid-century, abit of vintage. I think there were a few factors as to why
we choose The Interior Lab. One of the reasons is of course, our interior
designer, Eric, because he was very patient and met our design needs. So design-wise we are very happy. In fact, we have had family members who were
very impressed with the design overall. For me, I think I personally like the kitchen. I think as women we tend to look at the kitchen. Although we might not cook much. But I really like the kitchen because I thought
the colour scheme (came) together and even the floor tiles came together. So that is my favourite place. Personally, I think we really like the concept
of the living room. When we come home it is quite comfortable
to see our house. The colours and how we have decorated the
house in this manner. So I think the living room is one of the best
amongst the rest of the house. I think all in all, we are extremely satisfied,
you know. I think satisfaction is not something easy
to achieve but in this case , it is achieved. I would like to thank The Interior Lab and
I would like to thank Eric, especially, because overall the house is really very comfortable
and very pleasing to the eyes. So Thank You so much The Interior Lab.

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