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Home Staging Tips & Advice ? – A Low Cost Guide for Property Staging

Hey guys I’m oli
I am the training and on-boarding manager here at vocal I’m here to talk to you
guys about home staging so home staging is really important it elevates the
image and the marketing from something really good to an incredible shot my
quick tips for this is probably going to be things like decluttering hiding the
soaps the Faerie liquids and remembering that closets and any wardrobe space in
the property will be your best friend so if you do have the space pop it in there
and yeah your photography will will ultimately elevate from a great image to
a fantastic image when you’re looking at a set of images that have been home
staged and you look at them as a collective it will look really complete
and like it’s ready to be sold people are going to have a lot more interest on
some of the portals come through into your website and it will generally sell
a lot quicker in my opinion and in my eyes I believe getting the right results
is preparing preparing preparing and what that is is generally having a
conversation with the vendor before you guys go around to take the photographs
giving a very general overview as a conversation on the phone as to what to
tidy up you know things like make beds put your washing away and then when you
do get to the property or you know if you are in a conversation with them on
the phone and giving them the get your home ready going in which we all go
through now the kitchen and the bathroom are your
main culprits that’s where a lot of the soaps are so with things like the
kitchen we’ll start there your sink is your best friend it’s quite deep so hide
a lot of the stuff in the sink things like fairy liquid the soaps the
sponges maybe the olive oil put that in there because when you are shooting from
that waist height you won’t actually see anything so it’s a really good tool to
to hide things with things like the bathroom your bath is definitely your
best friend it’s deep it’s quite being so you can fit a lot of stuff in so the
head and shoulders for both sponges the soaps pretty much anything that you
think will clutter the image pop it in the bath and you will shoot again from
that kind of midsection height and you will miss pretty much everything these
are the top tips for just both those rooms but we will have a full guide on
how to get your home ready with the checklist what to do when you are
talking with the client or the vendor best thing to do is option a if you are
picking up the keys from them and it’s a keys job to cool them today before I
explain to them that you are coming around to take photos and kind of home
stage it how they would see fit but things to probably mention I would say
would be to get rid of the washing-up that’s in the kitchen get rid of any
desk clothes and anything that’s drying maybe in the garden if there is one kids
toys that’s always a good one to kind of tidy up the Lego because no one likes
stepping on that the other option is when you are going around and you are
meeting the mender to probably take the get your home ready guide with you
whilst you’re doing the floor plan mention that there are a few things to
do so whilst you are drawing up the measurements and you know exploring the
house give that to the vendor tell them this would be a really good thing to do
because it will elevate your your marketing or for the property to a
completely different level and that would probably be a really good
good starting point

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