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Home for Sale! 12702 Monterey Beach, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Oh yeah! 12702, baby! We are here today
doing a live walkthrough. Pardon the heat it’s like 92 degrees already. So here’s
the neighborhood (sound effects) well I’ll show it to you in a second — there –that is River Oaks Park.
And it was super fun — so quiet here! And we are right next to the — so I’m
going to show you where we are in relation to town. So here’s the bike path, BCHS, Bakersfield Christian is right there, a river walk shopping is right over
there. This is an incredible neighborhood. Super
quiet. We’re on the corner of Monterey Beach and Point Lobos onthe west side
of town. So who wants to go inside? Who wants to see the house? Let’s go see it —
and bring your friends bring your family let’s get this house sold! These sellers
are mo-ti-vated! Motivated! Let’s go see! Easy breezy landscaping. If you’re
not a gardener and you don’t want to trim you don’t have to. Look at this
beautiful entryway. This nice wrought iron gate with a lock
so you can be — you can have that locked and have all of this open. Beautiful rose
bushes, well-maintained. Beautiful entry! Tons of natural light in this house — tons, tons, tons! Welcome home! Look at this beautiful mid-century modern — look at
this! You guys look at this home! We’ll close this because the air-conditioning is on and
we will give you a tour. Isn’t this gorgeous? This is like a formal — you could
make this a formal living area — that’s the office over there. If you want to
make that the office or the kids’ playroom or just a gosh I don’t even
know what you would put over there. The opportunities are endless. I guess you
could make it a guest room not a lot of privacy because there’s no closed door
but geez you could make that your she shed inside the house, you could make
that your craft area — lots and lots — you could make this the — you could bring your
pool table in here. There’s a lot of opportunities in here. Beautiful hardwood
floors, mid-century modern lighting. Look! More natural light coming in from the
backyard. This is listed at $442,000 We’re on the west side of
town and it is over 3,200 square foot home, 3247 I believe. So this is all the
great area — great room area, Butler’s pantry!
Look at this Butler’s Pantry! How great is this?
All of this granite? All of this storage! Just tons of potential here. There’s the
pantry pantry and then that’s again the entryway. Here’s our modern bath. I’ll
wave. And here’s the kitchen. Beautiful hardwood floors! The home was
maintained by a housekeeper — we’ve got nice pot shelves up there for decorating. This
is a four bedroom two and a half bath. So now we’re getting into the second part
of the house. This is the laundry that goes out to the side yard. We’ll get
there and this is the bedroom that looks out onto the side yard, linen closet,
bathroom and that goes to the garage. Look at all this natural light! This is
bedroom Number 3 and bedroom Number 4. And if you weren’t a fan of putting the kids
in the front of the house, because we are back out to the front of the house here,
if this wasn’t what you were interested in, make this your guest room.
How tucked away and private are your guests, right? They don’t have to be
messing with this kitchen noise if you don’t want to be. Just tons of potential
here. And then here’s our three-car garage on the back side. Look at that!
We’ve got a ceiling fan so you could do a workout space, you could make this your
she shed, you know, where you wrench on your cars, your toys. And then you can
make that where you actually park your car. Room for a fridge which — our previous
homeowners had a fridge out here. Just a lot a lot of potential. So let’s
go up to the side yard. Here’s the laundry, clearly — and then look, this
barbeque conveys. And we’re back out to the front of the
house. This is a drive-up RV and this is a custom built awning.
All of this cement! Beautiful! Beautiful layout. And then here’s the backyard.
it’s a giant U-shaped backyard. Look at all of this! There’s the patio that TV
conveys. We want that. The barbecue also conveys. I think I said that. Look at all
this! look at all this! Look at that beautiful Arbor right there! More play
space back in there. That’s obviously staying. Ceiling fan on the patio. Just a
ton of potential here. So come on over this is here we’re gonna
be here till about noon today and this is a four bedroom two and a half bath
house. We’re on the west side of town, 93311. And we are
anxious to get this home sold for our home sellers and begin the next chapter
for them and start your new chapter here! Thanks so much for watching!

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