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Holidays at the White House 2012

♪♪(music playing)♪♪ Volunteer:
When you’re walking around the
White House floors and seeing all the rooms where so much has
happened and so much history is kind of — I mean, it’s truly
one of the most amazing experiences one could
have, it really is. Volunteer:
We’re all little elves
running around, so… Volunteer:
And it happens so much faster
than one could ever imagine, I mean, we’re doing,
what is it, 18, 20 rooms? The First Lady:
This would not be possible if
it weren’t for the 85 fabulous volunteers who took time out of
their busy lives to come from all parts of the country to
help us decorate this house, and it happens overnight. ♪♪(music playing)♪♪ Volunteer:
It’s been really inspiring
to watch all these talented designers put this
plan together. We’re all volunteers,
we’re not paid. We pay for all of our
travel and lodging expenses. Volunteer:
I have been climbing scaffolding, I have been down on the
floor skirting trees, I have been organizing
floral arrangements, I have been placing
Poinsettias, everything and anything that’s asked. ♪♪(music playing)♪♪ The First Lady:
This year’s theme
is “Joy to All.” It celebrates the many joys
of the holiday seasons, the joy of giving and
service to others, the joy of sharing our blessings
with one another, and of course, the joy of welcoming our friends
and families as guests into our homes over these
next several weeks. Volunteer:
I can see why people really
want to come and visit the White House over the holidays,
because it’s really — it even takes on a more
magical experience. I’m in the Oregon
Air National Guard, I’ve been in the
Guard for 22 years, and I wanted to nominate my
partner to become a volunteer and thought, well, now that the
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy has been repealed, I can
actually write the letter. Before, I would never dare. The First Lady:
Throughout the holiday season,
more than 90,000 people will come from all around the
world to see this house, and I do hope that your
holiday season is truly special. ♪♪(music playing)♪♪

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