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Here’s how you can purchase a plot of land in Scotland for cheap

[Music] sometimes it can be very difficult to shop for certain people but what if you could give someone the gift of land not just any land a plot in the Scottish Highlands that’s what you’re looking at on your screen right now well it makes this even better is that this unique gift allows participants to become a Laird Lord or lady and we just so happen to have one of the representatives from Highland titles Lord Steven Rossiter with us today on news 6 at 9:00 good morning good morning and thank you for being with us and if I were to be correct when we started I thought you were from here but you have traveled all the way here away from still be with us I know I mean this is a fantastic outfit – thank you very much I mean seriously this is the Highland titles Tarleton although we are commonly talk well we’re glad to have you here thank you very much yeah and so tell us about this whole this whole process I love this because it’s a gift that someone can’t return exactly give me a lot of that gift giver this could be good this could be good if you know if you’re struggling for the person who has everything this is great so Highland titles as you rightly say is a nature reserve it’s a conservation company the way that we get our funds is by selling the land a square foot at a time so you buy for just under $45 a one square foot plot on our Nature Reserve and you get the title as you rightly say of LED now LED means landowner is everyone in Scotland who has land is called a Laird only those with massive estates huge vast estates tend to use it but actually anyone can use it really so just because you own one square foot square foot plot you can still say I’m a Laird that then translates down to Lord the female equivalent being lady and so as a bit of a courtesy title when you buy these you make you LED Lord or lady of Glencoe cool I mean I just can’t even believe it I had no idea and this is what’s so fun about the giving season as you start to explore and find out different things that you could potentially give to someone tell us about the people who have come to see their fun well we have we have eight thousand visitors a year come to the mate reserve from all over the world from all over the States of American Australia from Europe and they’re coming specifically to find their plot and we’ve developed an app you can once you’ve got your plot download our app and that will tell you where the plot is from wherever you are in the world and then of course the closer you get to it you get a little compass and it tells you to go left to go right and then eventually you’re standing on it now if you can also view your plot from Google Maps you put in the the grid reference which we give you and you can zoom straight into it so that’s what we’ve done today for both of you so Lord from now on you can be known as a Lord adjusting well we’re gonna have to get that switch on the on the Chiron at the bottom on the sewers and Lady Kirsten from now thank you so much how many people have purchased a piece of land there where we’ve been going for 10 years now we’re not far short of 100,000 I believe so is we have a huge following every May we have a gathering of around a hundred we can only cater for a hundred people at the time but we a hundred people come again from all over the world to a hotel we have a three-day event where we do talks and have a nice meal together and that we go to the land and everybody sees that plot and we give updates where we’re going we have a Facebook page which will tell you everything that’s going on all the way on the honor the reserve all the time live camera shots you can also go to Highland titles com lots of information about the reserve there about the projects that we’re doing what the money goes towards and of course that’s where you can buy your plot from Highland titles calm and quickly give us a price so it’s just under $45 I think it’s 43 it’s linked to the pound so just there so it’s just it’s 43 dollars at the moment for a one square foot plot and but if you put in the discount box happy holidays just for watching News six at night just for watching you six or nine oh one more thing if someone buys a piece of land yeah what can they then do to that piece of land well effectively not a lot really yeah we don’t want you to build it is what it is all about on it is all about conservation right yeah but what people tend to do they come they come what what we want people to do is come and visit it obviously but not everybody can visit Scotland so it’s like having your own piece of Scotland with them to go there I mean a lot of Americans have got a lot of Scottish ancestry and Ellie and so this is part you know if you think you know someone who’s got that this is a great gift to give them find out what their heritage is in do you happen to find out that you have a little bit of Scottish why not give get a little bit of land absolutely so but we take care people a lot of people ask me other taxes or to pay how what about the maintenance and we take care of all of that that’s the whole point we have a lot of volunteers on the land who will do everything that needs to be done to keep the land going and the thing about it is well we’re getting a lot of the animals that used to be habitat they’re coming back yeah and we’ve seen red squirrels we we’ve got an osprey now nesting near a one acre lock on which we dug out two years ago again all part of creating this nature reserve school and school children they’ll come and do their nature projects on rank so we’re putting a lot back into the local community there but it’s involving people from all over the world love it that’s awesome thank you for letting me come here and share it with you thank you absolutely this is the first step in taking over house lannister housewarming anytime now so thank you so much for joining it well again we’ll have much more information on clique Orlando thank you very much well thank you

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This fuckwhit is giving away my land,
It鈥檚 my Scotland 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩.
I鈥檒l bet you don鈥檛 try and take it son. 馃馃徎馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩

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