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Here is the Shop! Southern Doodle Dandy // Doggy Bandana Business // Owner Creator Designer

hey I am Rebecca Powell I am the owner
creator and designer for Southern Doodle Dandy if you do not know what Southern
Doodle Dandy is I suggest that you go to www.southerndoodledandy.com and go check it out right now.
it is a pet accessory website we are delightfully handmade pet accessories
and a little bit more so please check it out
we specialize in doggie bandanas and doggy hair bows they are also great for
any pet that you would like to put them on we have actually some kitty cats and
some bunnies that have modeled our pet accessories so we would love to see our
products on your pets if you have a pet that you think would make a great model
we would love to see your little pet so drop their name drop their picture below
shoot us a comment let us see them we want to see what you’ve got
so I want to show you kind of the shop where I do all my creating if you have
never purchased from me before like I said go check out the website now it’s
SouthernDoodleDandy.com so go check that out but in the mean time if you
have purchased from me you kind of know the jist of what I’ve
got going on so the bandanas are the main thing I
work out of my home office so this is kind of is where we’re coming from we’re
coming from the home office so it’s not super duper neat this is where we’re at
as we are at today so I want to shoot this around and so you guys can see so my
sister and I we actually made custom-made the desk that you see in
here and so that is my working station then I work off of and then I have gosh
I don’t even know how many I have already made here of some of the
different bandanas that we have these are current
ones that are on the site and these are separated by size and all of
the cotton ones are two-sided so they’re meant to be reversible bandanas where
you kind of fold them over at the top so that you see both sides when you do it
so it’s super cute I try to always have coordinating fabrics so that you can
wear them so that it’s folded over it both so you both patterns are showing
and then I also have a bunch of flannel patterns let me pull some flannels here
so you can see those as well so these are some of my flannels that I have and
this is not even all of them but this is some of the designs that I’ve got up
right now those are flannels so those are all just single sided and those run
a little bit cheaper right now we have a really great selection of some fall and
Halloween bandanas these are two-sided and so all of these cotton ones these
are all two-sided just a bunch of different things one of the things that
I do that’s a little bit different is I work with mud cloth I think that’s the
correct term for it so I don’t know if you can tell but this is a bit thicker
of a material and so I do work with just regular 100% cotton that you know
quilters work with but then the mud cloth is a bit thicker more durable
lasts longer and these run the same price as my other bandanas and then the
flannel the ones either ones are a little bit less expensive so we have
lots of Jem’s for whatever your needs are but
again it’s my messy little workstation of God some of my koozies up here some
of my pre-made hair bows I’m actually working on some more hair bows um I have
some pop figures because we collect them in our house there’s some aerial ones
there’s some more that’s I don’t know if you guys can tell if you guys can I
don’t know what the lighting is like on this but if you can tell me who this and
this are drop it in the comments below I will be super impressed if you can tell
me who these two pop figures are they’re in a movie together that’s all so she’s
in a movie that’s one of my favorite prized possessions right there but I’m
working on hair bows right now so I’ve got a whole bunch of that going on but
then also I have obsessed with succulents
so I’ve got lots of succulents going on in my office and then I’ve got my
website pulled up here but yeah if you’ve never been to it you’ll need to
go check it out right now if you have any questions for me please drop them in
the comments below let me know give me your thoughts your comments let me know
what your thoughts are on everything if you hear moaning and screaming at any
given point well if any of my videos it’s because I’m a stay-at-home mommy as
well and so I have an eight-year-old a four-year-old and a three-year-old
so you might hear them at any given point because it’s chaos that I live in
but again I am Rebecca Powell I am the owner creator in designer for Southern
Doodle Dandy I hope you guys love my stuff if again you have any questions or
anything just please let me know thanks so much

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