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Head To Head – Armpits Pt. 2: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

– All right, guys, You have six hours
to tattoo the right armpit. And your time starts now. – Yeah, like that.
– So look at me. – There’s a lot of strategy
in this competition right now. – Was that how they
placed it yesterday? – Yeah.
– If a team wins both their
head-to-heads, they’re
obviously gonna be in the top. There might be another
team that has onereally, really strong tattoo,
but if the other one loses,
they could be in the bottom.
– Rock and roll. – That outline
better be perfect. – Don’t stress me out.
It’s gonna be perfect. – Just make it perfect.
– It will be. It will be.
– Katie set the bar pretty high. So Erin needs to execute
this thing flawlessly. – This is [bleep] boring, dude.
– Welcome to my yesterday. Worst case scenario,
I wobble one line, done.Katie designed it.
Katie nailed the line work.
And if I do one wobble,
one transition,
one piece of saturation
not to the line…
That’s it. It’s over.
No line left behind. – Those are perfect.
It’s got to be perfect. – I know. It will be. – I feel like we should bring
that beard down a little bit
so it matches, right? – That’s the only
thing that I noticed. – I have never
tattooed the armpit.One of my biggest concerns
with this particular piece
is the straight lines
in the wrench.
They have to be so on point,
and one pass.
If I have any blowouts on it,
we’re gonna be ruined. I think my concentration
today is line work. Four hours to go, kids. Four more hours. – Did it line up okay?
– Yeah, it lined up great. – Cool.
– Erin is a great artist,
so it’s good to know
I have a good roadmap,
and I don’t have to worry
about anything being messed up. I didn’t realize that this would be directly putting us
head to head with Unkindness. – So at first I thought the
whole goal of the second tattoowas just to match the tattoo
that was done yesterday.
And then I kind of realizedthat me and Doom
are going head to head. Whoops. – What’s going on? – I used Tommy’s drawing
as a base, and I messed
with the shape a lot. – Why’d you use his?
– I thought that he’d drawn it to fit that space,
and he hadn’t. His side was super gnarly, so I wanted to make this side just a little gnarlier than what he had drawn it. – And now you’ve got
to keep up with that one. – Oh, I know. I am definitely
nervous about this tattoo.It’s a very high-risk move
on my part,
because it
is extremely detailed.
And I’m just worried
the judges are not gonna think
it’s dynamic enough
to compete against Marv’s. – Who do you think
looks the closest right now? – Closest to each other? These guys and them.
– Yeah. But it’s not about
who’s doing okay, it’s about
who ain’t gonna make it. – Eva’s still looks terrible.
– Yes. – So far, Ulyss’s outline,
it’s not looking too bad. – He’s killing it. It looks
better that Doom’s outline. – Doom’s outline is terrible. – Two hours to go. – There’s a couple
technical things, as far as, like, the lines. – This tattoo
is looking bad-ass.I don’t think this canvas is
anywhere near as bad
as Allegory was making it
sound to be. – I love how crispy clean
that is. I want you to completely
destroy this. – Well, what’s a better way
to get somebody than go right
at them at their own game? – That red is
[bleep] throwing me off. I might have you sit back down. I keep thinking
I’m done with this guy, and every time he stands upand I look at it in the mirror,I can see the parts
that don’t look finished to me. I’d have been done a while back if it weren’t
for the stretch marks, ,man. – I just like checking
out everybody’s setup here. – Noelin had a way more
simple piece. Bubba’s piece is way
more dynamic. – Sorry, man, I keep staring. – He could take
the win on this one. – Five,
four, three, two, one. That’s it. Machines down. Time is up.
No more ink. – Yeah, that’s it. – Check it out.
– Yes! – Nice. – She’s got it on the picture,
I was like, damn. – That outline’s [bleep]ed. – It’s gonna come down to teams and how they did together. The only one that I’ve seen that really blatantly
had glaring errors was Eva’s. 0 Did nobody tell her besides
me that it looked jacked up? – Pretty sure
I just kicked her ass. I don’t think there’s gonna be
any question when the judges
see me and hers together. I ain’t worried. No way.

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