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Haunted Apartment Update | Paranormal Story Time [CC]

hello welcome or welcome back to my
channel my name is Katie and I’m back with another spooky Tuesday, and it looks
exactly like one of my recent ones because hello I’m filming two in a row
while my roommate’s not here. Also I have to post one that I filmed while I was
still in England before I post this one so I apologize the timelines all over
the place but I really really really really really want to update you on
what’s going on in this flat because it’s freaking me out.
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Anyway I’m gonna stop rambling and get into it.
So I don’t know if I mentioned I don’t know if I talked about the creepy stuff
that happened in this flat last semester, I could go into more detail about it but
I’ll tell you now it was just the same kind of stuff that has been with me my
whole life. I heard shuffling on the floor, there was
a day where it felt like somebody else was pulling the door – and it was not my
roommate cuz she was in bed – someone else was pulling the door while I was trying
to close it and then they suddenly let go and it slammed – also, not windy! Stuff
would end up in weird places with no explanation and again not my roommate,
also this is the flat where the ghost radar said my friend’s name and jinxed my
friend – a different friend – that’s all in my ghost radar app video which I seem to
mention in every spooky Tuesday video but here we are. The vibe in here last
semester was weird and very off, always felt a bit watched, always saw like
shadows in the corner of my eye and stuff like that. And then I went home for
Christmas and I came back and my roommate was only here for a semester
because this is the International House and lots of people are just here for one
semester so I got a new roommate and for about a week maybe two,
everything was completely fine, the usual odd feelings sometimes because
hello it’s me that’s my life, but in general the vibe had lifted
and it was so much better and so I was like “maybe whatever it was came with my
roommate and left again” and I was happy with that explanation, that was fine. And
one night everything changed. I’m smiling because I’m mad about it because now
everything’s back to its creepy normal *muted* self.
I mean creepy normal self. Now everything’s back to being weird so let
me tell you why. So a couple nights ago I don’t know if it was like a week ago I
have no timeline in my head, I was sitting in the living room with my
roommate and we were expecting two different people separately to come over.
So we’re just sitting around waiting for them and there’s a knock on the door – two
knocks. And I looked at my roommate, I said “should I get it?” and she said “yeah”
because I was sitting closer so she heard it – I did not make up these knocks,
and I opened the door and there’s nobody there. So I thought that was really weird
and I thought somebody was pranking me, my first thought was knock-a-door-run
but you can hear the footsteps anytime anyone goes up or down the stairs
outside of my building and also in the time it took me to walk for about a
meter to answer the door there wouldn’t have been time for anybody to run down
the stairs. So I thought that it was one of our friends and I thought that he
must have been standing on the other side of the door where I wouldn’t have
been able to see unless I put my head out. I really hate the feeling of someone
knowing where I am when I don’t know where they are so I just slammed the
door because I thought it was my friend pranking me and I thought he would be
like watching me from somewhere and giggling and that freaked me out so I
just shut the door real quick and then I watched through the keyhole waiting for
my friend to knock again. No one was there no one left no one had been there
the entire time so I’m like, uh, what the heck there was a knock on the door I am
certain and no one was there but I opened the door. Usually
I would never ever open the door without looking through the peephole first but
because both of us were expecting people to arrive at separate times the
likelihood that this was one of our friends was very high and so I just
opened the door. Ever since I opened the door it’s been
weird again, stuff is appearing in places it shouldn’t. I have a rechargeable
Hoover because it was cheap and I kept the cable in the living room, I know
exactly where I kept it because I kept it right where the power socket is
in the wall, and we lost it and we needed to Hoover, and I searched all over and
found it buried right at the back of my cupboard under stuff that had been there
since before I got the Hoover, stuff that I would have had to take out to put that
cable back there and then put back in which I know I didn’t do. This is the
same kind of stuff that happened last semester for example I have my earrings
hanging on the side of a mug on my desk and last semester two of the same pair,
they’re not these ones but the dice, went missing so I was like, I know I put them
there last night when I went to bed so where have my dice earrings gone? I found
them, one inside the drawer under my desk inside it where it could not have
possibly fallen because the door was closed, and another one in the bin. In the
bin! And this was not my roommate’s antics because this happened overnight and I
guarantee I would have woken up if she was opening my drawer and putting my
earrings in the bin. And also she wouldn’t have done that because she was
not that strange. Weird noises, things moving, I actually was recording earlier
today and I stopped mid video or maybe it was in a snapchat I’m not sure it
happens a lot what I’m recording either with my camera or on my phone for a
snapchat or something, and I stopped and I’m like *gasp*… ’cause stuffs moving in my flat
and I can hear it and there’s no explanation, there’s none, the fan is
not on it is not windy! Also the static, my goodness, I – it’s gonna be static
anyway right it’s dry up here and it’s cold which means the heat is on which
means there’s even more dry air coming in so it’s gonna be static anyway but
before I opened that door there was none. I was experiencing none of it, no static
which is weird because everyone else was but nothing around me was static and I
had experienced it a lot last semester to the point where sparks come in
between my finger and the light switch, which scares me and it hurts. So I’m
enjoying my life not having this static problem but from the day I opened the
door everything is static and I’m getting shocks on everything that I
touch including my clothes, including the light switches, including other people,
it’s insane! And yeah like I said it’s dry as heck up here and that’s gonna
happen anyway but what’s so weird about it is that it wasn’t happening to me at
all until I opened the door. All of that weird stuff that happened last semester
and for a lot of my life especially in England where – especially in the house I
lived in last year which was really old and creepy and I did some videos in
there too – that used to happen there all the time. So yeah this was just a quick
update on what’s going on in my life especially in my creepy flat. I
accidentally let it back in so… yeah… perfect. Thanks so much for watching
thanks for being here as always I am so appreciative of every single one of you
individually and I really hope I see you again in the next paranormal video,
comment below what you want to see if you have any paranormal curiosities
questions interests I don’t know let me know because I would love to cover those
for you and I will see you in the next video I hope. *kind of sounds like furniture moving* This room is so creepy I
hate it. Alright, bye! Bye


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You deserve wayyyy more subscribers! Can't wait until you blow up, your vids are so good!

Mr. Fantastic

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????????????????????? ??

Eric Johnson

Feb 2, 2019, 11:03 pm Reply

I think it'd be cool if you did a video on like monsters or urban legends. Love your current stuff a lot though!

Troy Erickson

Feb 2, 2019, 7:34 am Reply

I love spooky tuesday!! ???

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Feb 2, 2019, 11:44 pm Reply

I want ur accent


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You sound so much like Dodie

Absolute Monarch

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Invest in a K2 meter.


Mar 3, 2019, 8:04 am Reply

Hiii! I wanted to comment here bc it's your most recent video, not bc I'm watching it, (I'm trying to watch your videos in chronological order?) I just found your channel bc I was watching a bunch of random vids about people being followed and whatnot, (normal weeknight for me, I swear I have a life) and your stalker vid was recommended to me. I went through something similar when I was in high school. I relate to the feeling of anxiety, fear, and not wanting to attend. My experience overall, though not exact, was similar, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing. It's been about 5 years for me too, so I'm well over it, but it makes scared high school me feel less alone, and I thank you for that. Anywho, I'm incredibly intrigued by your content, as I've been searching high and low for paranormal experience videos, which you seem to offer in a healthy yet hefty amount (that sounded weird, but it's fine, lol). I subscribed because I genuinely appreciate your personality too. I've only just found your account and I already feel like we would be good friends I'm real life lol, but I'm not a stalker, I swear. Anyway, just wanted you to know how I feel and know that I'm about to binge watch your channel?


Mar 3, 2019, 1:17 am Reply

This was so interesting!! 🙂

Gabby Ruiz

Mar 3, 2019, 5:56 am Reply

You’re so beautiful ???

Rachel Hurford

Mar 3, 2019, 1:41 pm Reply

Subscribed a few days ago and I’m so in love with your videos!! Can’t believe you don’t have more subs! Keep doing what you’re doing, lovely xx

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